LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….prologue cum intro


Hey guys this is khushi here….. I m writing an ff on ek duje ke vaaste couple sharman…
This is the first time I m writing an ff hope you will like it

Shravan: a bad boy…loves to play pranks…but have a major problem….. U get to know about his character as the story will proceed

Suman: a loving girl….sweet natured.. Very emotional and helpful..she is very selfless and loves her family alot

Dimple…..Karan….Parth…and Arshi are friends of suman
Kashish…..samy……sahil…and lovey are friends of shravan


Shravan and his friends have to change their school and are now coming to suman’s school they all belong to rich families
First day of school
A guy with tall stature enters the classroom all the girls are watching him with their eyes open….but suddenly he strikes with a bench and is about to fall but at the same time Suman comes and holds him…..
Suman asks the guy that whether he is OK or not and tells him to be careful
The guy then says something …..that makes all of them shocked….even Suman was left spellbound……

So who that guy is????
What did he say that all become shocked????
To know more plz do read the ff LOVE IS BLIND
Plz do tell with ur comments that whether u like it or not….I know I have not explained much in the prologue but it is very imp for the suspense you will get to know everything as the story will proceed…so plz tell me that should I continue with it or not???
And should I write it in English or Hindi???

Credit to: Khushi

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  1. m wondering wat he must have said.. waiting for the 1st part.. 😛 its amazing

    1. Thank u di… I am writing the part and will post in 2 days I suppose coz the network is down here??

  2. Nice start.. Pls continue

    1. Thanks sharman…hope u will like as this is my first ff

  3. nice start bt in starting u already kept suspense so would like to go with the story
    keep going dr
    n plz write in English add 2/3 line in Hindi if u want
    i thing u r the khushi from ekdv page right?

    1. Thank u SSS…….I know I kept suspense but it is necessary u know???
      And yes I m that khushi only..from edkv page??

  4. Nyc… keep it up…

    1. Thank u bhoomi?

  5. Write in Hindi as well as English .
    That is shravan I think so…BT wht did he said .I m excited to know that what he said n is he really a bad boy .

    1. I will write in both sanjyoti……and shravan is a bad boy ..I mean he don’t care about anybody’s feelings except his friends…. But he will definitely change u know??

  6. nice start..

    1. Thank dear….

  7. shiza fahida

    Nice….plzz update soon I want know. what he said…….:-)

    1. Thank u shiza….I will try to upload but I have an exam day after tomorrow…. So I think I will not be able to post till then but will surely post on Saturday at night be ready???
      I know I m keeping u in suspense for so long…..but plz try to understand and I will surely upload on Saturday… Pakka promise???

  8. Shravan a bad boy??? ….ur too good…keep it up..

    1. Haha Tanya…..I thought bahut hogya goody goody shravan ab naughty and baddy shravu ki baari????
      And thanks for ur appreciation it means a lot???

  9. Definitely the tall guy is Shravan. But it’s difficult to think what Shravan would have said to Suman. But I really liked your ff. Keep it up Khushi.

  10. And yes please write it in Hindi and English both.

  11. Nice start.plzz write in english



  13. Shekhar.yash01

    Short but excellent.
    It’s like the story of professional
    Ends in suspense.
    On all very good

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