Hi guys…..this is me khushi here…back with first part of my ff LOVE IS BLIND

A tall and handsome guy enters the cclassroom all the girls kept staring at him …but suddenly the guy collides with a bench and was about to fall but a beautiful girl holds him and saves him from falling
Girl: hey dhyaan se where r u looking at least c before u walk
The guy was about to answer her back but was interrupted but a voice….
The other person: oye sumo…what r u doing there come na…
Yes the beautiful girl was sumo…
Sumo: coming karan wait
The other person was none other than sumo’s best friend Karan…
Sumo: (to the guy) and u plz take care and walk properly..and look before u walk
The guy: kash main dekh sakta
Sumo: what!!!!???
The guy: yes I m blind…. God gave me eyes but not the power to see???
Sumo: I m so sorry ….well anyway let’s leave the topic….my name is Suman…u can call me sumo also???
The guy smiles and says : I m shravan ( yes he is none other than shravan)
Sumo: nice to meet u
Shravan: me too… Well if u don’t mind will u plz guide me to my seat??
Sumo: oh sure why not??
Shravan: thanks
Sumo guides him to a seat and just then karan calls sumo again
Sumo: yr karan coming… Well meet him he is shravan
Karan: hi yr u new na ??
Shravan: yes

Sumo to karan : u go I will sit today with shravan as he is new.. So will help him out
Karan: ooh wow…atlast I will be free from u ??and shravan beware of her… She looks innocent but she is a total chatterbox…dimaag kha jaayegi tera iski shakal pe mat jaa???
Sumo whispers to karan: he can not see yr
Karan: what!! But then how will he manage here then???
Sumo: don’t know…but let just not discuss it here and make him awkward
Karan: OK guys u enjoy and shravan mark my words yr u will really suffer today???
Shravan : thanks for telling me yr I will take care of my ears??
Sumo: hawww u guys are making fun of me….saying this she makes a pout
Karan and shravan: aww no yr u r so sweet why will we make fun of u
Just then teacher enters the class….the day goes on like this and both shravan and sumo became good friends…
And atlast the days end….
Karan: hey shravan ….let me look at ur ears ….omg???
Shravan: what happened??
Karan: c ur ears have swelled…and are red with pain??omg sumo…..c what have u done very bad
Shravan : yes yr my ears are paining badly u were right she is a total chatterbox??
Sumo: u guys are so disgusting???? go I will not talk to you
Saying this sumo leaves the room
Karan and shravan: arre sorry yr we r so sorry …sumo..listen na wait ….
But sumo has gone
Karan : oh shit yr shravan bcoz of u sumo got angry
Shravan : bcoz of me??? It was u only who was teasing her bhool gye??
Karan : oh yr we should stop fighting… And think that how will we convince her
Shravan: hmmm
The episode ends with puppy faces of shravan and karan

Precap….shravan’s friends come to school….and a thing happens which leave sumo shocked

I know guys it’s not up to the mark but I will definitely try to improve my quality…. And all the criticism is welcomed…
And ya all the slippers and tomatoes are welcomed???

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  1. i think maybe shravan is not blind.. anyways.. nice start.. keep writing

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much sharman….and I will make sure I will write the next part long and good also

  2. Don’t worry Khushi it’s not a bad idaea of making Shravan blind but I liked it. I think Sumo will find out that Shravan is not blind in next episode. Am I right Khushi. Anyways keep it up you did a great job.

    1. Khushi

      Thank u shalini…wel u r right or wrong u will come to know when I will post the next part….well thank u yr glad that u r liking it

  3. I also think shravan is not blind..he is just playing a prank……nice one

    1. Khushi

      Thank lily…..I make sure the next part is good

  4. shravan is blind!!! i don’t think so maybe he is playing a prank with sumo…if it’s than sumo will not leave him also his ears bechara…he is blind is not enough that his ears also will be gone haha… nice episode update soon

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much SSS glad that u liked it just keep loving it and I will try to not disappoint next time also??

  5. well … m pretty sure it’s a prank!! its a good twist though!! laughed out loud .. !! well done..
    waiting for d next part .. make it more hilarious.. something like Shravan falling in his own lie … 😀 😛 😛 😛

    1. Khushi

      Thank u sumo di……ur comment bas boosted me
      And I will make sure to make it funny…..
      And do post next part of ur ff also…m waiting??

  6. Nice one yr bt i think shravan is nt blind his playing a prank wid sumo

    1. Khushi

      Thank u nayra….keep loving it

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow awesome and its really good keep it up

    1. Khushi

      Thanks Jo…..I m so happy that u liked it…

  8. LovelyLady

    very nyc epi…..,
    i wll not gss anythng to spoil your suspns
    ….. wll be waitn fr nxr epi

    1. Khushi

      Thank u lovely lady……I m glad u liked it….u all are so nice and ur comments always encourage me

  9. dont know abt anything else…but u wont make shravan blind for sure…..after all u r his cooool fan???

    1. Khushi

      Haha ireena….I may or I may not….for this u will have to wait for the next episode dear??

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