LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….part 9 (2)


Hello namastey to all….khushi is here again with the second part of episode nine…the first part is already posted
Here is the link of that episode

So this is the second part of episode 9 I just hope u will like…it and guys just trust me the coming parts are full of romance and masti….u will definitely like it till then bare with me….??

Recap: shravan says sorry to sumo they get locked in a room and c something on the ground and shout..

Shravan and sumo: ahhh rat….???
Saying this they both jumped on a chair…the room was a kind of store room and there was only one chair so both were standing on that only..
Sumo lost her balance coz of lack of space and was about to fall but shravan holds her from waist and pulls her close to him….they were quite close and had a eyelock…
Shravan: sorry ah u would have fallen so had to hold u…
Sumo: hmm I understand it’s OK
Now they both tried to shoo away the rat..
Shravan: choo choo jaa na rat…choo chal bhag..
Sumo: he will not go away like this he is not afraid of u…??

Shravan: acha OK then u try….??
Sumo: han han now u c how I will make this rat go away from here…rat ji…plz yahan se chale jao humein bahut dar lag rha hai plz aap chale jaaye..
But the rat came more close to their chair and both hugged each other….
After some time they both come in their senses and broke the hug…
Shravan: c instead of going it came more close….huh??
Sumo: han toh communication problem ho gyi hogi u try now…
Shravan: shravan looked in his pocket and got a chocolate wrapper and showed it to the rat and threw it away…
But still the rat does not go..
Sumo: haha…usse bhi bewakoof bna rhe ho…khali wrapper…??

Shravan: huh??
Sumo: arre rat ji voh dekho vahan cheese pda hai…dekho dekho jao jao…
This time the rat goes away…
Shravan shocks and sumo rocks
Shravan: yeh kaise ho gya…..he really went away….??
Sumo: dekha….this is called talent??
Then they both started laughing and got down from the chair…and then the peon also comes and open the door..
Sumo: bhaiya how can u lock us like this u should have checked…
Peon: sorry beta dhyaan nhi rha
Sumo: it’s OK but plz be careful next time…
The peon leaves
Shravan: so now leaving the fights can we become friends???
Sumo: I have a better idea…agar ladai chod di toh main kisske saath ladungi??
Shravan: acha so what idea do u have madam

Sumo: seize fire…?
Shravan: oohk done seize fire..☺☺
Saying this they both shook hands and went to their class
Here Preeti also got ready and went to her school.. In their school they were going to have a prom night and boys were trying to ask girls to be their partners
Just as Preeti enters the class a boy came and asked in style…
Boy: hey Preeti I don’t think that u will miss the golden opportunity of going to the prom with me….so at what time should I come to pick u.?????
Preeti: ohh over confidence….. Huh I don’t like such people…. Try on someone else…
The boy was left shocked…
Boy: she rejected my proposal….rishabh singhania ka proposal…..??
The boy was a spoilt brat of a rich family…rishabh…
He again went to Preeti ( bechara jaanta nhi shayad ki humari Preeti kaisi hai??)
Rishabh: hey beautiful why r u getting angry come with me ur standard will increase…..??
Preeti was hell angry now..
Preeti: arey ek baar mein samjh nhi aata I m not going to prom night with u just get lost …before I lose my patience??
Rishabh: u will repent for this…u really will??
Preeti: whatever??
Preeti was talking with her friends when I hand touched her shoulder… She thought that it was rishabh
Preeti: ( in her mind) urghhh he came again and how dare he touch me now i have to show him my style…??

Just then she turns around and slaps that person….
Preeti: shit…not again ….PUSHKAR??
Pushkar: han main….not again yr… Tum apne haath chalane se pehle dekh nhi sakti that whom r u going to hit…
Preeti: m so sorry pushkar..??
Pushkar: now can I know whose share of slap I have got now…??
Preeti: voh batmeez rishabh …..he was irritating me alot I thought it’s rishabh so…..m sorry yr…??
Pushkar: so tumne bina dekhe thapad maar diya….yr u get only me to try ur karate skills on..??…I think u have some misunderstanding i am PUSHKAR not ur punching bag yr….I think next tym se mujhe Puri security ke saath tumhare aas pass aana chahiye..
Preeti: sorry pushkar ab aur kitna guilty feel karayega…I promise I will not do this again pakka…first I will look who the person is then I will hit ….
Pushkar: it means u will never stop this maar peet
Preeti: hehe..kabhi nhi??…vaise tu iss school mein padhta hai??
Pushkar: han issi school mein aur idsi class mein bhi
Preeti: ajeeb baat hai main bhi issi class mein Hun phir bhi hum kabhi mile hi nhi…
Pushkar: school aaogi toh milenge na..
Preeti: han voh toh hai..

Pushkar: vaise aaj aap ne school ko darshan kaise diye..??
Preeti: yr voh kuch weeks ke PTA hai na…so main nhi chahti ki meri mom aaye aut teacher se puche ki how is she in the class and meri teacher kahe ki I have never seen this girl in my life aur phir meri pol khul jaye??
Pushkar: u r impossible Preeti??
Preeti: han voh toh main Hun??

The episode ends

Precap: pushkar propose Preeti for the prom night…( bas prom night ke liye guys….bas aapne dimaag ke ghode bhgana band kar do??)
And a school trip in shravan and sumo’s school….some light moments??

So guys done with it…I hope u will like it…plz do comment and tell me..howz it
And all the ssilent readers u also plz do comment I will wait for ur comments….
Love u all ????

And yes all the slippers and tomatoes are aaccepted…
P.S oops no no no slippers and tomatoes today …coz m wearing new dress…???
We will do this job of throwing next time???

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  1. WeirdSister

    Oh my god khushi..I loved it like hell…I was laughing so hard…poor pushkar…it was just so hilarious…shraman moments were just so funny…!!!????
    I think that if I continue reading ur ff…I will die of laughter….!!!!?????i loved it so much……rat scene was amazing…..nd yaah ur dp is just over awesome…I love ranvir kapoor nd he is looking damn handsome in ur dp….!!!!????

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot WS…m blushing now…u r so sweet yr….and tension mat lo aadat ho jaayegi hasne ki u will not die??
      And thanks for liking my dp yr.. Even I love rk and this is my favourite picture of him…thanks WS…love u alot

  2. Prettypreeti

    Loved it khush wah kya baat hai and loved that rat very much from ur sweeto preeto

    1. Khushi

      Hate meri sweeto Preeti khush kar dita…love yr ….keep reading and supporting

  3. LovelyLady

    awsm epi… full entertainmnt package…. jst loved it….

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey lovely lady….u did not comment on my ff from many days….so I guess u were busy…but plz take out some time nd read them….ur views matter to me a lot…u r one my first plz read nd comment….sorry khushi I m writing this on it ff page…I hope u don’t mind….!!

    2. Khushi

      Thank u lovely di….u don’t know what a relief it is to c ur comment here and find that u r back….and don’t take tension di we understand…. But di ab aap kaise ho???

  4. No words for u di…u r jus too good….di what is seize fire?

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot laddoo….and seize fire is to stop the fight for sometime…and not forever…

  5. LovelyLady

    Me: Hi guys… lovely lady here…
    I kn it very well that i am culprit of all pf u guys. I was not cmmntng on any ffs….. i m really sry fr that….
    I had gone sm whr so i was in train for sm days n when i returned from there i fell ill…so mch of sardi n fever ki kya kahu…..
    So,yar i cnt cmmnt on any ones cmmnt…..
    Bt guys i was regularly reading all of your ffs…..
    Train me mai bs phn ki battry isliye hi save kr k rakhti thi ki aap logo k stories pdh saku………
    N jb se bimar hu tab se ye stories hi h jo mera mn lgata h…….
    I m really sry fr being silent readers fr sm days……..
    I wll be bck wd latest epis of my ffs……….
    Once again sry to all of u my frnssss.
    I m really sry lily, angel, ufaq, maria, khushi, pretty preeti, sumo, sona, afa di ,niki…… any all others whose,name i hv missed to mention…..
    N ya one thing more i was,reading the cmmnt box. N loved that… knock knock mario….
    N khushi i loved that neend wala prt in wch preeti acts so good ki sumo di hs,rhi h beach pr… i was cntrolling my laughter in train..
    N maria what to say abt u… u r queen of OS…..
    angel dear u r sch a sweet heart…. n ur ffs r awsm…..
    I will try to be regular now….. bt cnt post for some more days……
    I hope u guys will forgive me… n ya i missing u all badly……….

    sry khushi i used ur cmmnt box fr posting it.. bt what can i do .. tu walo ne post krne se mna kr diya….. aur mujhe sab ko sry khna tha…
    plz dont mnd abt this…

    1. Prettypreeti

      Aapko bhi mana kr dia mujhe pehle kia tha and take care love u and happy u commented

    2. Khushi

      They didn’t allowed me also….no worries di why will I mind…u r my sis and u can comment here anytime and anything… And di take care of urself I understand even I was not well for many days…hope u are well now…
      And thanks for liking that neend wala u di

    3. Marie

      Thank god u r here lovely di !! I WS worried fr u… I got to knw that u were ill frm angel di… So how r u now r u fyn’?? N thank u fr praising me this much hahah queen of OS …… 😀 n no need to say sorry okkk it WS not ur mistake that u felt ill…,

  6. Nice epi….

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a ton lily

  7. Sharmansangel

    Amazing work di please post the next one ASAP

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much riya…..and yea I will post u yr

  8. hahahaha….kya baat….kya baat….kya baat….super duper funny episode….

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot ankita di…..thank u so much m so so happy that u liked it

  9. Nishu

    Kushi this is fab yaarrr…… Ur amazing writer, & our Preeti is juzz mindblowing………. Keep writing & keep making us happy by such funny scenes…… Love u dea

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much nishu di…..yes I think Preeti is my favourite character in my ff???
      And di m not that good….and u don’t forget di u r no less such an amazing writer u r I want the next part of ur ff soon di…love u

      1. Nishu

        Tq so such kushi…….. But trust me ur ttly fun loving writer…… Love u & ur ff alots dear

      2. Prettypreeti

        Really I m ur fav character wow khush itna pyaar rolaegi kya pagli just joking I also love preeti a lot in ur ff and I love myself and u too

      3. Khushi

        Thank u so much nishu di….u r so sweet ….thanks again…love u di

      4. Khushi

        Haha Preeto u r mine fav character in my ff and yes I love u too dear

  10. Man u r damn funny!!!preeti is too hillarious????….keep gng

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much shiny it’s always a pleasure to get such good comments from u people…. U make me feel blessed love u yr

  11. Marie

    Hahhahahahahahahahah ooh my god I was laughing soooo hard while reading dis preekar ufffff kitne funny hain yr tu toh saccha Mai entertainment ki dukaan hai bheeeee…!! 😀 seriously I have no words teri tareeef ke liay……!! Bs khushi rahe tu hamesha ye meri dua hai……! God bless u dear… 🙂 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Aww thanks Maria….main bhi khuda se yahi dua karungi ki tu humesha khushi rhe and Jo tujhe chahiye voh tujhe mile…
      U don’t know yr it’s a bliss u read ur comment I m always waiting for ur comment…. Love u yr….tu bhi jaldi post karna apne ff ka next part….suspense PW choda hai…plz asap

      1. Marie

        Hehe thank u dear…!!! N Maine kardia hai post …..pata nai page pr kab hota hai..??

  12. DevSona

    Awsssuuuumm Khushi 🙂 Amazingly written. Loved it to the core!!!

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot devsona…..m so happy that u read it and commented really thanks a lot…
      And ur dp is so beautiful… Erica is looking so cute na…

      1. DevSona

        pleasure is all mine Khushi 🙂 and yeah sona looks so cute in this pic 😉

      2. Khushi

        Yes it is?

  13. That’ pushkar ka kuch nahi ho sakta..bechara..hamesha ..preeti maar khatha rehta hai..jab my ye story pad rahi tho ..mujhey hamarey..serial Cali pushkar ki hi..puppy face yaadh aa rahi thi..???
    And lovley..we really..miss u and ur ffs..terey bina..TU family..suna ho gaya hai teek ho jaa..aur jaldhk vapas aa jaa..☺☺

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot sona di…u loved it …it’s a very big thing for me and yes di u r right without lovely di it seems adhura adhura come back soon di

  14. Nikita

    Amazing episode di.. It was hilarious.. PreeKar are so amazing.. I just love the Preeti in this ff.. And ShraMan part was amazing.. I mean ShraMan are so great that even a rat can be a cupid to them.. Wow..Prom Night n school trip.. Postsoon..
    And sorry for the late comment as I just read the part n fell asleep I woke up n realised that I have to comment.. Hehe..

    1. Khushi

      Thanks Nikki….Preeti is mine fav too
      Thank u so much se bhi zayada Nikki….and yes I will post the next one soon and no need to say sorry dear I understand…. Coz I sleep alot…in fact alot se bhi zayada I m a total sleepy head

  15. Dimple

    awesoma yaar…actually i never comment…i am a silent reader…ur ff is amazing…i could not stop laughing..preekar scenes are very funny…keep it up

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot dimple….I love ur name yr…u r so sweet glad that u r liking it…and thanks for commenting also….can we be friends??

      1. Dimple

        Sure y not….actually my real name is Akanksha…

  16. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fantabulous ep ??????

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so so much Fatima

  17. It was so funny…. I especially liked shraman rat scene superb Khushi….ur u so nice writer …. Love u dear…

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much roshini…keep loving like this only

    1. Khushi

      thanks alot kavina…

  18. Well done khushi another cute epi…..bichara pushkar hamesha preeti se pit jata ha hahahahhaha

    1. Khushi

      haha thanks naina….i was waiting for ur comment dear….
      and as u said before that u r in 12th…so may i call u di??
      and m in 11th di..
      plz do tell me that can i call u di??

      1. U can call me any thing khushi pyaar se jo b bulao gi mujhy acha lagy ga

  19. Angel_pari

    Khushi khushi seriously tmne kuch chora e nh kehne k liye epi was amazing haste haste thak gai mn to hahahaha poor pushkar hamesha mar khaega….. Loved it

    and rat part was so cute hahaha sumo rocked

    post next one soon

    1. Khushi

      Awww thank u so much pari di…love u alot and missed u also….glad u r back….and I will post one soon…
      Btw when r u going to post the next part of ur ff???
      M damn excited di

  20. Sorry, commentimng too late- atleast for me. And theres no need to tell u d same thing again n again but still loved it especially the rat scene which was not too romantic – i meant aise situation mai some writers could have made it too ramntic. Anyways, keep going and writing more n more stuff. Lots of love,

    1. Khushi

      Haha thanks alot nandu…yeah first of all no need to say sorry second yeah I also think it was not romantic… But kya karun I m not at all good in romance yr…..issliye I added what I m good at that is humour….I hope u liked it….I will surely try to add more romance the next time….thanks again dear…love u alot

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