LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….part 9 (1)


Hello guys…..khushi is back again with the next part of my ff…..I just hope u will find it interesting….I am really obliged now….I have never even thought that my ff would get such response…. U all are so good and supportive….. I have got another family here….my TU family and I really love u alot…all the readers as well as all the writers….I am so happy to have such sweet people in my life….
I think i have spoken alot???
Agar aur zayada bola toh senti ho jaungi…so now let’s come back to the story…

Recap: Shravan and sumo are told to get out of library and shravan tries to make sumo listen what he wants to say….

Sumo was running and shravan was behind her … last shravan manages to get hold of her and takes her into a room….
Sumo: shravan leave me I have to go..
Shravan : chali jaana but first listen to me…
Sumo: I don’t want to listen to you plz just let me go…agar kissi ne dekh liya toh problem ho jaayegi….
Shravan: sumo plz just listen to me once plz
Sumo: nhi shravan ab kuch kehne ke liye bacha hi nhi hai…main toh selfish and opportunist ladki Hun na…so plz don’t waste ur time on me and let me go..
Saying this sumo manages to free herself from shravan and goes towards the door and tries to open it but it is not opening…
Sumo: shit it’s not opening….??
Shravan: get aside….let me see..
He also tried to open it but the door is not opening…
Shravan: I think someone locked it from outside thinking that no one is here….
Sumo: what ….wth is this how can they lock without checking….
Shravan: I think even God wants that u should listen to me.. Plz plz sunlo yr
Sumo: OK fine speak…
Shravan: yr m really sorry yr…..I should not have talked to u like that….really I didn’t mean even a single word which I said they just came out of my mouth in anger those were not from heart ….
Sumo: the words which come out of mouth have a lil corner in brain also…
Shravan: nhi yaar aisa nhi hai….main gusse mein kuch bhi bol deta Hun…main toh pagal Hun….gadha Hun…stupid Hun…tum toh smart ho na plz plz plz mujhe maaf kardo….
Sumo: u hurted me so much yr how can I forgive u
Shravan: yr tum Jo bologi main karunga….dekho main kaan pakad ke sorry bolta Hun….sit ups bhi kar lunga plz maaf kar do
Saying this he start doing sit ups while holding his ears…and kept on saying sorry sumo…..
At last sumo melts and says
Sumo: OK OK now stop doing this I forgive u ….but promise u will never behave like this again…
Shravan: ha ha nhi karunga thank God yr tumne maaf kar diya ….nhi toh Maine apne kaan itne zor se padke the ki thodi der mein neeche hi gir jaate….dekh kitne laal ho gye hai…
Saying this he makes a puppy face..
Sumo: nautanki kahi ka…??
Shravan: voh toh main Hun…but now think how will we get out of this room..
Sumo: yes yr do something m not liking this place it’s very dirty….??
Shravan and sumo start hitting the door but nobody opened it….
Shravan: c bcoz of u we got stuck here….?
Sumo: ooooh not bcoz of me it’s bcoz of u ….it was u who came to this room…not me?
Shravan: han toh u were not listening to me at all…..if u would have listened then the teacher would not have sent us out and we would not have been here….so the mistake is urs
Sumo: acha if it’s like this then if u would not have said that stupid things to me and would not have behaved badly then there would have been no need of this all so the mistake is urs only… Huh
Shravan: tumhari galti hai
Sumo: tumhari hai
Shravan: urs
Sumo: urs
Shravan: mine
Sumo: no mine mind mine
Shravan: han dekha ab aayi na line pe tumhari galti hai..
Sumo realises what she said…
Sumo: hawwww tumne cheating ki hai
Shravan: kaisi cheating tumne khud kaha hai ki tumhari galti hai….
Sumo: huh…jao mujhe tumse baat hi nhi karni…???
Saying this she turns her face to other side and shravan smiles seeing her antics…..
Shravan: ( in his mind ) yahi ladayi karne ke liye main taras rha tha…ab lag rha hai ki humare beech sab normal ho gya hai…tumhari yahi baatein yahi attitude miss kar rha tha….pta nhi kyu but jab tum mujhse baat nhi kar rhi thi toh bahut adhura lag rha tha….jab sab mujhe blame kar rhe the toh dil bas yahi dekhna chahta tha ki tumhe kya lagta hai….pta nhi kyu but u really matter to me….I really care for u and u mean alot to me??
Sumo saw shravan staring at her and got a lil conscious and said..
Sumo: kya hai…ab aise kya dekh rhe ho…
Shravan: ahh voh kuch nhi…
Suddenly they heard a small sound and then looked at the ground and shouted…
So guys this is the first part of episode 9 I hope u will like it I will submit the second part soon… Love u all
And plz comment silent readers also…

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  1. Nikita

    It was really amazing.. Finally sab kuch theek ho gaya.. Post soon

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Niki…glad that u liked it

  2. Nice epi…

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot lily

  3. WeirdSister

    Wow amazing khushi…! Shraman r so cute…they fight to cutely…nd finally Shravan has started to realise his feelings….!! Loved it to d core…waiting ford next part…post very very soon…luv u loads nd loads….

    1. Khushi

      Aww thank u so much WS…yes our sharman are the cutest …..m so happy yr u made my day with ur comment what to say yr…getting praised by such an amazing writer like u really means alot….love u too that too loads and loads????

  4. wowwww…awesome episode…what an imagination yaar….kaise kr lete ho tum sb???? M kb se wait kr rhi thi tumare or sumo ke FF ka…mera wait krna waste nhi gya…thank u khushi itne achhe episode k liye or plsss agla part jaldi se upload krna mujhse to wait hi nhi kiya ja rha….. 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much ankita di….u r such a sweet heart di u had pprs na .??
      How were they???
      And di next part is already posted thanks alot di love u so much

      1. good…but baki result btayega…. 🙂

      2. Khushi

        Don’t worry di…aapka result bahut acha aayega??

  5. Prettypreeti

    Khush ladai kamal ki thk loved it a lot and post soon loved it and it was amazing as always
    From your preeto

    1. Khushi

      Haha Preeti thanks a lot….and yes I will post next episode soon…love u yr

  6. The cutest episode ever….!

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot laddoo….love u yr

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  8. Sharmansangel

    Amazing di

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot riya…??

  9. wowwww…awesome episode…what an imagination yaar….kaise kr lete ho tum sb???? M kb se wait kr rhi thi tumare or sumo ke FF ka…merawait krna waste nhi gya…thank u khushi itne achhe episode k liye or plsss agla part jaldi se upload krna mujhse to wait hi nhi kiya ja rha….. 🙂

  10. Nishu

    Suberb kushi….. I loved it…… Keep doing this amazing work

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot nishu di….m so happy to c ur comment… Love u di

  11. Marie

    Ooooy hoyyy khushi khushi yr tu toh cha gai yr…..!!! 😀 seriously ek ek word kamaal likha hai dear……!! Zabardast…… sweetoooo….
    Love u……!!

    1. Khushi

      Thank u Maria….love u yr….tu bahut zayada tareef karti hai…main itni bhi achi nhi…but agar tu keh rhi hai toh maan leti hun????

  12. Uff…yipeee..shraman k beech Sab teek ho gaya…its lovley..wts gng to b hapnd next..wait..I’m cmng to the part 2..!???☺?

    1. Khushi

      Thanks sona di

  13. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep ?

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Fatima

  14. Wow…. Its out of the world….sry I just read now…so commented late…. I am in live in this ff…

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot rosh….and no need to say sorry yr….I m so happy to c ur comment here love u yr

  15. Awwww….such a cute fight live u both and love u also khushi very cute epi

    1. Khushi

      thank u so much naina di u r a sweet heart…and love u too di <3

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