LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….part 8 (2)


Hey guys this is khushi here back with the second part of episode eight…the first part i have already posted hope u will like it and plz tell if there is any confusion….this is the second part of my ff love is blind episode eight

Recap: Preeti comes to malhotra mansion ….pushkar Preeti and shravan talk…..

Next morning nirmala comes in sshravan’s room… and she is shocked
Nirmala comes and checks his forehead while shravan is all confused..
Shravan: mom….kya hua.?
Nirmala: are u ok beta??? tujhe bukhar toh nhi hai…??
Shravan: nhi mom m fine aap kyu puch rhe ho ??
Nirmala: nhi aise hi pehle toh tu kabhi jaldi school nhi jaata tha humesha late hota tha aaj bda jaldi tyaar hoke jaa rha hai…..aakhir baat kya hai??
Shravan: mom plz kuch nhi hai…bas kuch kaam hai issliye jaa rha Hun…
Nirmala: I don’t know why but I feel but this work is related to some girl??
Shravan: nhi mom aap kuch zayada soch rhe ho (saying this he blushes which is noticed by nirmala) bye m going
Saying this he leaves but then comes back kisses his mom and goes..
Nirmala: (smiling) pagal kahin ka….
Sharavan reaches the school and searches for sumo but couldn’t find her….
Shravan: yr agar yeh sumo aaj phir nhi aayi toh…….no no yaar she will come… Wait I will call and ask Preeti about it..
He calls Preeti who was sleeping at that time….so she picks up phone sleepily
Shravan: hello Preeti..???
Preeti: nhi Teri maa…?
Shravan: excuse me..yeh kya bakwas hai
Preeti: aapne kisko phone kiya hai?
Shravan: Preeti ko
Preeti: toh Preeti hi bol rhi hogi….issmein puchne wali kya baat hai??
Shravan: oye lady gabbar chill and tell me whether sumo is coming to school or not??
Shravan: hello Preeti… Hello..
Preeti had gone to sleep but then again wakes up abruptly ..
Preeti: how would I know
Shravan: go and see her in her room na
Preeti unwillingly gets up and goes to another room and then comes back…
Shravan: han bta ..
Preeti: ek min main doosre room mein jaake kyu check karun….di aur mera room toh same hi hai..
Shravan: kya….toh phir tu kyu gyi thi doosre room mein..
Preeti: kyunki tumne kaha tha…
Shravan: oye meri mata…tera apna dimaag kaam nhi karta kya…
Preeti: ek toh tum mujhe subah subah pareshaan kar rhe ho upar se aise baat kar rhe ho…??
Shravan: acha acha sorry ab apne aas pass dekh sumo hai ya nhi…
Preeti looks around and says..
Preeti: han hain…
Shravan becomes sad and says..
Shravan: acha…what is she doing??
Preeti: smile…..she is smiling
Shravan: what Matlab she is not asleep..
Preeti: nhi yr beach pe jaake kaun sota hai…idiot
Shravan: han…..(then realises what she said)…kya kaha tumne beach…ab yeh beach kahan se aa gya…??
Preeti: aaya nhi hai…hum gye the beach pe vahan ki pic hai….sumo di bahut sundar lag rhi hai…
Shravan: what u were talking about picture ???
Preeti: han tumne pucha tha na ki sumo di aas pass hai ya nhi toh Maine bta diya…
Shravan: arey meri maa tu na sooja apna bhi tym kharab kar rhi hai mera bhi.. Good night
Preeti: good night???

Guys during this convo Preeti was sleepy coz shravan ne usse neend se utthaya tha…that’s why she was doing all this stupid things…. This happens with me alot…I usually speak or do something really stupid when I m sleeping and somebody calls me..??
Do this happen to u also…if yes then do tell me….now coming back…

Shravan cut the phone angrily
Shravan: yr ab kaise pta lagaun ki sumo kab aayegi..?
Just then Lovey comes and says…
Lovey: oye what are u doing here??
Shravan: dance kar rha Hun…dikh nhi rha..khada Hun yr ek toh main already itna tensed Hun tu dimaag kharab mat kar…
Lovey: tensed??….but why??
Shravan: yr Maine uss Preeti ko phone kiya tha sumo ke baare mein puchne ke liye….dimaag ka dahi kar diya usne..
Lovey: arre sumo se yaad aaya main yahan tujhe yeh batane aaya tha ki sumo aa gyi hai….she is in the class with karan…I came to tell u this and u started shouting on me..
Shravan: kya????
Sumo aa gyi…kya news di hai tune mere Bhai…saying this he leans to kiss Lovey on his cheek…
Lovey: oye yeh kya kar rha hai….jaake kissi ladki ko kar…meri izzat mat loot…chi chi..tu aisa hai Maine nhi socha…tha..??
Shravan glares at Lovey but then runs back to the class…
Shravan tries to talk to sumo but sumo was ignoring him and was not ready to listen… Then comes the Library period…
While shravan was going to library a teacher asked him to keep some books in the staff room…
Shravan (in his mind): yr agar yeh books rakhne gya toh sumo ke saath karan baith jaayega…nhi sumo ke saath main hi baithunga…ab toh uss se baat karke hi rahunga..
Shravan looks on the other side and says
Shravan: good morning principal
The teacher looks at that direction and shravan runs away…the teacher got scared listening the name of principal but there was no one there ….so she left angrily….

Here in the Library sumo was sitting alone when shravan comes running and sit beside sumo…
Sumo was reading a book so she didn’t saw that it was shravan she thought that it must be karan…
Shravan: hi babes…??
Sumo: tum?…what are u doing here get up from my seat…?
Shravan: yeh tumhari nhi hai…
Saying this he starts looking for something then says
Shravan: see even ur name is not written here…??
Sumo then gets up to go to another seat but the teacher tells her to sit there only
Shravan: sumo plz meri ek baar baat toh sun lo…
Sumo: it’s Suman for u…not sumo?
Shravan: acha OK OK Suman plz meri baat sunlo
Sumo: I am not interested to listen anything
Shravan: arre yr plz I am really sorry Sumo…ah mera Matlab Suman..
The teacher sees them talking and tells them to go out of the class…
Both are standing out of the class
Shravan: huh yeh teacher kitni khadus hai na…itni si baat pe class se hi bahar nikal diya …
Sumo didn’t wanted to talk with him so she goes from there..
Shravan: satya naash???..
Saying this he also goes behind her….

The episode ends….
Precap: shravan and sumo gets locked in a room…both become friends and some peekar moments..

I hope that u liked it….I know it’s boring but I will try to make it interesting… Thank u all for reading this….love u all

And again m really sorry for the late update….I had written half of the part and decided to complete and post it that day only but in between I got fever so my mom took my phone and I couldn’t write…. So sorry guys and I will try to post the next part soon…love u ❤❤❤

And guys as i said that I was not well I was not able to read any ff….so plz do provide me with the links of ur ffs guys.. Plz it’s needed…thanks alot

Guys this is the fourth time I am going to submit my ff…I just hope both the parts get posted soon….and sorry for the delay…guys..and yes plz do give me the links..

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  1. WeirdSister

    Amazing khushi…loved it eagerly waiting for d next epi…I guess u r busy nowadays….but plz if u hve time read my epi 9 nd comment…coming back to ur epi..I loved it…especially preeti is so damn funny…!!??

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot WS….and dear I was not busy I was really sick….my mom took my phone… So couldn’t even read a single ff…m really sorry for that…don’t know how many parts u must have posted in my absence… I feel really sad but don’t worry I will read all…hey can u plz give me the links….I will PM u then plz give me the links
      Really sorry and love u alot??

  2. Di…u know what…throughout both the parts I was rolling on the floor laughing…I mean each and every dialogue….everything was fantabulous…no wrds di…and di if u r unwell, then get well soon. And if u r well, then also get well soon??! Aap soch rhe ho main ye kyun keh rhi hu? Meri bhi aapki jaisi aadat hai…neend mein kuch bhi keh dena…abhi mujhe zoro ki neend aa rhi hai….kal raat sahi se nhi soyi na…hehe….amazing di….bas hume aise hi hasaate rho…

    1. Khushi

      Aww really ishu….thank u so much…m so happy ki meri vajah se tumhare cute se face pe smile aayi…and yes m better now…and u take proper rest and sleep tight… Good night dear…love u
      Oops forgot to say ….same pinch we both blabber anything in sleep gosh I must say I always tell my family to beware of me when I m sleeping??

  3. Prettypreeti

    Oh khushi di lady gabbar part was just superb and hope u r fine now.thank god tu accepted this nhi to chalo leave I loved ur ff a lot and if u want to get link of my ff then I can give it to u love u and ur ff

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Preeti….yeah m better now…
      And u know what they didn’t posted my ff so I mailed them asking about it….they said that u should use less Hindi then I told them ki I have already cut alot of Hindi dialogues….. I requested them to just play it this time coz m tired of posting again and again and they accepted my request…. Thank God.
      Really thanks to the person from the TU team who accepted my request….
      Love u Preeti dear

  4. Nikita

    Very amazing… Thank you for posting..
    Loving the ff really…. Waiting for more. Parts….
    “Tumhare liye sumo nhi suman hai”
    Aww shravan baby…
    Preekar scenes wow..!! sun

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a ton Nikki…..and I will try to post asap…love u dear….and u also post soon m waiting

      1. Khushi

        And yes thanks again for giving me the links of ur ff??

  5. Pehle toh ek bat ke mafi not needed…..!
    Then I want to knw dat if u r fyn now….?? 😮 I was confused u sudden disappeared..?? 😀 now I knw…… I hope u r fyn now dear…..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    N yeah mere saath Bhi aisa boht hota hai when someone wake me up when I am sleeping 😀 😀 I do such crazyyyy things 😀 ………..
    N yeah where is lovely di do u knw …..??
    N happy EID MUBARAK I knw EID is tommorow in india….
    Love u tooooo

    1. Khushi

      Yeah m fine now Maria….and okok I will not say sorry….thanks lot dear….tera comment itna acha hota hai ki u always start blushing yaar….u r the best… Love u

  6. Nice epi, I loved it…..

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot lily….hey lily will u plz give me the links of ur ff…as I was absent last 3 days so missed some parts

      1. hey ,i provide links in epi you can get previous epis link on my ff s last part………….

  7. N yeah yr I don’t knw how to send links…….. Extremely sorry fr dat
    N I just started another ff “pyar ko ho jane do shraman ff” but I gave its intro n I will gave another intro cause my prev ff ” hate to luv a shraman ff” will be end soon but I will not post any article related to both ff’s till Saturday or Sunday because it’s EID n some of our frnds r busy ri8 now so I will post when all will come n u also get totally fyn….!! 🙂

    1. Khushi

      No problem dear…I will read both…aww u r ending ur previous ff…..but anyways m happy that u are back with a new one…really excited…. And yes
      A big hug for u….and koina tu aaraam se EID ke baad post kar dena…love u

      1. Awwww thank u soooo much yrrr i will definitely post after EID but do u knw where is lovely di…??

  8. Nice episode…
    Continue soon….

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot meera…love u dear??

  9. Khushi

    Hey guys as I said earlier that u was having fever so I missed many ffs… plz all who had posted any FC whether the old writers or any new one…plz do tell me and if possible plz give me the links also….I don’t want to miss any ff plz it’s a request

    1. Khushi

      It’s I was having fever not u….sorry typo mistake

  10. Angel_pari

    Khushi khushi….what to say u r amazing yar pata h today i was hell tired becoz of eid masti and all and ab itna hansi hn tmhara ff parh ke k phocho e mat hahahaha sari thakawt bhag gai thanku for this loved it….. And madam plz t,c of ur self say final bye to ur fever than only come here its order of ur di…..

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much pari di…u don’t know how much I missed u…..thank god that I m back…..EID MUBARAK di….love u and yes yeh sunke bahut khushi hui ki meri ff se aapki thakaan dur ho gyi
      Love u di❤❤

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwesome ep ??? .. nd as I said earlier it was not at alllllll boring? … keep posting … u r doing an awesome job ??

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot Fatima…glad that u liked it….hey do u write any ff??

      And yes EID MUBARAK dear

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Ohhh ff naaaaay … mere pass us level ka mind hi nae hy jitna ap sb k pas hyy … ????

      2. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Nd u too Eid Mubarak ??

  12. Loved it!!!n am laughing like hell????…lady gabbar??…very nice…n its not boring at all….plz make nxt episodes also funny like dis..

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a ton shiny….and yes I will try to make the next episodes as funny as I can…thanks a lot
      EID MUBARAK dear

  13. Sumo

    So u r back wid dis dhamakedar ep.. Yaar tu achank se gayb ho jati h samajh hi nai aata… But loved dis part a lot .. Preeti is amazing… N pushkar too????pr itni v kya masti khush ki tbiyt bigad jaye.. Take care .. Love u.. ???

    1. Khushi

      Here I am di….missed u alot….kya karun gayab hona pada had fever but anyways m fine now….thanks alot di…love u
      EID MUBARAK di

  14. Hey Khushi yr ek help chahiay register account ke liay
    Ye Maine boht try Kia lyk 1000 times but kuch nai ho rai I am not getting dis i really wanna talk to u guys through msgs but yr kya karrroooon
    Just asking ur help plzzzz If u don’t mind Maine har tarhaan se try kar lia
    Even sumo di ka Bhi dimagh Kha chuki hoon she helped she told me but kuch nai horaha 🙁

    1. Khushi

      Maria u give ur valid email ID and then don’t forget that capthcha dear…u have to prove that u r not a robot then only u will be able to get registered…. And if u are still having problem tell me I can get u registered and then u can change the password of ur ID here….ur wish dear

  15. Ruchi

    Hey Khushi…
    How r u dear?
    plz take care of urself…
    First get completely well den upload ff… We can wait for ur ff …
    So coming back to ur ff… It was dhamakedaar…
    I like the way u have shown Preeti’s Character…
    Amazing …Loved it… 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Hi ruchi di….m fine now di quite well and c back again to disturb u all??
      Thanks alot di glad that u liked it…. And di u know what Preeti ka character is my favourite…bcoz I have portrayed the character thinking about myself I always feel that girls can take care of themselves and are independent
      Love u di??

      1. Khushi

        P.S EID MUBARAK di…

      2. Ruchi

        Haha… Khushi yr tum hume disturb nhi krti ho…
        Even i also feel the same… Girls now a days should be like dis only… 🙂
        £uv u 2 Sis… <3 <3 :-*
        nd tumhe bhi Eid Mubarak… 🙂

  16. Hey khushi dont think that we are getting bored we r enjoying it very much i m not sure about others but i m truly liking it and when i was reading the convo b/w shravan and preeti and shravan and lovey i started laughing out loud and every started staring at me that was really funny but u r too good i wish i was with u while reading so that i could give u a tight hug love u alot ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Khushi

      Awww thanks alot naina….u made me blush but no problem we can share a virtual hug dear….and may flying kisses?????
      And can we be friends dear???
      Plz do reply
      And yes EID MUBARAK dear

      1. Eid mubarak dear and sure we r frnds love u ❤ and lots of virtual hugs and flying kisses to u ???????

  17. Nishu

    Hey kushi this is not at ol boring, its very interesting, I’m ttly enjoying it………. I loved preeti’s character…… Amazing epi…… Waiting for next epi….. Tc

    1. Khushi

      Thanks nishu…u r a sweet heart and yes mind it u have to tell me if u write any ff OK??
      Love u yr…keep reading and loving…
      EID MUBARAK dear

  18. Arey..khushi..we understand ur situation..
    No need to say sorry for anything..
    And its not at all boring to me..
    In fact it refreshed my mind with all the past parts of this ff☺☺????
    Its very nice..and preeti sleepy condition lol..???

    1. Khushi

      Thanks sona di for understanding….. I knew that u all will understand… Love u to the core di….and the sleepy condition of Preeti is inspired by me di???
      EID MUBARAK di….love u

      1. Yeah ofcourse u can get me
        registered..!! I trust u dear… So do u need anything..??

  19. woo………. the episode was awesome…….. I totally loved it……. hey dear its not boring… don’t dare to tell like that…… I am love with ur ff……….. n yeah I have posted my ff…….. 🙂


    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much yr…I will surely read it….and I think I missed the part 4 also but no worries I will read it also…love u yr and u will c my comment on ur ff dear

  20. I mean an email or anything??

    1. Khushi

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  21. Shalini Naicker

    Loved it. Yes Khushi I am having the same problem when someone asks me anything when I am sleepy I do stupid things sometimes.

    1. Khushi

      Hehe thanks shalini and same pinch….I think all have to beware from us when we are sleeping what say?

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