LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….part 8 (1)

Hello guys… here I am with the next part of my ff….I am so happy that u r liking it… I know it’s boring these day but I will try to make it interesting…. And sorry if I am boring u….and yes thank u for all the love and support….
Now enough of my bak bak….let’s come to the story I hope u will like this part…

Guys this is the first part of episode eight

Recap: truth came out…sahil got punished and shravan regrets scolding sumo and decides to apologise to her

Sumo was crying when Preeti came inside….she saw her crying and asked

Preeti: di what happened…. Why are u crying??
Sumo tried to hide her tears and said
Sumo: nhi yr voh aankh mein kuch chala gya tha…
Preeti: di don’t lie to me…I know that u r crying..
Sumo: voh shravan..
Preeti: shravan??
Sumo tells her everything… She became hell angry and went out of the room…

Preeti reaches malhotra house…..
( now u guys must be thinking how do Preeti came to know about the address of malhotra house… u keep thinking coz even I don’t know???……remember guys she is Preeti… She can do anything… So yeh address pta lagana toh kuch bhi nhi hai??)

So Preeti reaches malhotra house and started shouting…. She had a hockey stick in her hand..

Preeti: oye shravan ke bache bahar aa….andar kahan chup ke baitha hai…how dare u talk rudely with my di…if u have guts then come out and face me…then u will tell u what’s the outcome of talking rudely with my di
Come outside ???????
A person came out but Preeti could not see the face of that person and started beating the person badly….
Preeti: bahut zubaan chalti hai na…ruk abhi batati Hun….meri di ki aankhon mein aansun aaye hai Teri vajah se…ab tu bhi utna hi royega kaminey…

Then suddenly she saw the face of that person and was shocked ???
She dropped the hockey stick and said…
Preeti: PUSHKAR???…u…what are u doing here??
Pushkar: Preeti???…. oh Ya aur ho bhi kaun sakta tha aisa kaam aur kaunsi ladki kar sakti hai…I should have understood before only that if can be none other than u …what do u mean that what I am doing here…this is my house….aur tumhari mujhse kya dushmani hai Maine tumhara kya bigada hai yr……mere piche kyu padi ho…plz maaf kar do mujhe aage se tumko nhi bachaunga plz???

Preeti: u urself come inbetween yr….sorry…but what was the need to come outside when i was calling shravan and this is ur house??..but main toh shravan malhotra ke ghar aayi thi….lagta hai uss chuze ne galat address bta diya…abhi usse batati Hun…
Saying this she picked up her hockey stick and started to go when pushkar said
Pushkar: oh lady gabbar….ruk jaa meri maa…..ab uski hadiyan todne ka irada hai….meri Tod ke man nhi bhara..??
Preeti: sorry yr pushkar….but this all happened due to the mistake of chuza only….he told me wrong address
Pushkar: usne tujhe sahi address hi bataya hai…yeh shravan malhotra ka hi ghar hai….
Preeti: toh phir tum yahan kya kar rhe ho??
Pushkar: shravan malhotra is my big brother
Preeti: what!!!!
Pushkar: han main aur shravan bhaiya Bhai hai….vaise tum unko maarne kyu aayi thi??
Preeti tells him everything..
Pushkar: yr bhaiya is not like this…he must be feeling guilty right now….u come inside we will sit and talk
Preeti: andar…aise…
She said this while looking at her clothes
Pushkar: han inn kapron mein kya problem hai…tum yahi toh pehnati ho…
Preeti: han but yeh sneaker and shirt…tumhare parents kuch kahenge toh nhi….
Guys as humari Preeti tomboy types hai toh she wear clothes also like boys only…
Pushkar: oye tu rishta maangne nhi aayi hai…. Bas Milne aayi hai itna kyu soch rhi hai chal..
Preeti: han han theek hai…chalo…

They both went inside…
Preeti: u both live here alone??
Pushkar: nhi all have gone to watch a movie and bhaiya didn’t wanted to go so I also stayed at home to give him company…. Now only we both are here
Preeti was about to say something again when pushkar interrupted..
Pushkar: yr why do u ask so many questions??? Just keep quite now….not even a word…
They knocked at the door of shravan he opened the door and was surprised to c Preeti…
Shravan: hey Preeti u here??
Preeti didn’t utter a word..
Shravan: arre kya hua…chup kyu ho…kuch kaam tha kya…??
Again Preeti didn’t say anything…
Pushkar: kya hua Preeti bol kyu nhi rhi ho..??
Preeti again stood silently….

Shravan and pushkar were hell confused now…just then Preeti Storm passed shravan took a page and pen and wrote something and then gave it to shravan…he read it aloud..
Shravan: abhi iss kaminey pushkar ne kaha ki ek bhi word nhi bolna…iss liye chup hu…
Both shravan and pushkar gave her a “what the hell” look…and then Preeti started laughing????
Shravan: ho gya…ab batao yahan kyu aayi ho..
Preeti: yr tumhe gussa bahut aata hai…oye ek min…gussa toh mujhe karna chahiye tum kyu kar rhe ho…aakhir tumhari vajah se meri di kab se ro rhi hai ???
Shravan: kya ….sumo ro rhi hai….kaise hai voh Preeti??? kuch khaya usne??voh aise kaise chali gyi bina mujhse baat kiye…sab meri galati hai Maine usse kitna kuch keh diya…shit yr….ab main kya karun??
Pushkar: bhaiya aap tension mat lo…voh maan jaayegi..☺☺
Shravan: nhi yr tu usse jaanta nhi hai…voh sumo hai sumo..itni aasani se nhi maanegi…
Preeti: hmm tum itne guilty ho toh main tumhari help kar sakti Hun…
Shravan: han batao kya karun…main usse ek grand way mein sorry kahunga..
Preeti: uff aise toh voh kabhi nhi maanegi
Pushkar: toh phir kaise maanegi tumhari di??
Preeti: dekho di ko show off pasand nhi she will not like if u will say sorry to her in front of everyone…
Shravan: toh phir kya karun??
Preeti: di bahut simple hain…..bas jaake Jo sach hai voh bol do…voh tumhe maaf kar dengi…
Shravan: yeh toh bahut aasan hai..??
Preeti: ek problem hai…?
Pushkar: kya??
Shravan: han batao kya problem hai??
Preeti: she will accept ur sorry only when u will te her that how guilty u r….and to tell this u have to talk with her….that’s the main problem
Shravan: kya Matlab??
Preeti: Matlab yeh ki voh jis se naraz hoti hai uss se baat nhi karti…toh tumhe unko manane ke liye unse baat karni padegi Jo bahut mushkil hai uske liye tumhe bahut mehnat karni padegi??
Shravan: shit yr…but koi baat nhi main sab karunga…Suman tiwari kal milte hai…
Preeti: ohk then…I should leave now…. And if u have any problem call me?
Shravan: madam apna number toh deja..
Preeti: oh han bhool hi gyi thi…? but I would have got ur number from chuza….u would have to faced problem not me
Shravan: now who is this chuza

Pushkar: the person who told her our address
Preeti: voh mera khabri hai…
They all started laughing…and exchanged numbers… And after that Preeti left…..

Guys this is the first part of episode eight….the TU people rejected my ff thrice and this is the fourth time I am posting it….so some dialogues are in English… I just hope they will not reject it again…..fingers crossed… And yes the next part also I m going to submit now only…so stay tuned….love u all…

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Nice episode di loved it and u r fine now

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot riya…and yes m good now….thanks dear…..and yeah I must say u are a fabulous writer sorry I couldn’t comment on ur ff coz of illness but I read it when u gave me the u keep it up

      1. Sharmansangel

        Thanks khushi di love u too

  2. Prettypreeti

    Thank u khushi di for posting and who says this is boring. I loved it a lot and now going to read 2nd part loved it a lot

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot Preeti…m so happy that u liked it…love u deat

  3. Nikita

    Amazing.. Loved it khushi di.. Missed u a lot

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Nikki…missed u too??

  4. Frst of all toh ye bata ke kahan thi khushi tum….?? I m very sad dat u didn’t even comment got stuck in any prob….??
    Now come to ep: who said its boring it was very mast n dhamakedaar Frst prt yr u r awesome….!! 🙂 🙂
    Or sirf tumhare liay Maine EID ke Frst day is tym busy hone ke baad Bhi comment Kia dear…! 😀

    1. Khushi

      Ohh sorry sorry sorry Maria kaan pakad ke sorry…..I was really sick had high fever so mom took my phone…. So I couldn’t read any ff as I didn’t come here… But now m better so u will c my comment on all the parts of ur ff which I missed….and yes if still I miss out something like u sometimes write OS….plz then give me the links…
      Maaf karde apni stupid friend ko…love u

  5. Nai yr no prob!!! 😀 dear ye Batao pehle dat u r okay na bs itna hi kaafi hai
    Or Mai toh kehti hoon bht acha Kia aunty ne 😀 pehle rest bad Mai kaam warna be maar ho jao gi toh itne interesting ep ko like ga…?? 😀 😀

    1. Khushi

      Hehe OK Maria thank God ab tum gussa nhi ho….and thanks itni busy ke baad bhi u commented…love u yaar and have a blast and enjoy EID celebrations…. And han mujhe batana mat bhoolna ki kya kya kiya EID pe…..I will be waiting…

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    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot pari di❤❤

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    What a rocking ep ??? … nd preeti ohhhhhh she is such a bold girl .. really !!!!!!!! Too gud yr nd it is not at all boring??

    1. Khushi

      Thanks Fatima….will u be friends with me???

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Ummmmmm dear I don’t know u … that’s what why m feeling hesitation

      2. Khushi

        It’s ok Fatima …we will be friends when u will feel free??

  8. Preeti..the tom boy..loved it..nice episode khushi..?☺☺☺?

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much sona di??

  9. Nishu

    I loved it kushi……. Its awesome…… I enjoyed, especially that Preeti hitting pushkar wala scene

    1. Khushi

      Haha thanks dear…m so happy that u are liking it…..thanks alot yr❤❤❤

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