Hey guys……I m back with the next part of my ff…..I hope u will like it and plz if u don’t like then do tell me…..I will try to improve….
Well coming back to the story
A lovely morning….. And a new day in the school….. Karan was walking to and fro in tension….. He came to school early and was thinking that how will he convince sumo…..just then shravan comes…..Karan guides him to his seat….
Shravan: hey yr karan how r u??
Karan : till now toh m alive but don’t know what will happen when sumo will come… He makes a puppy face

Shravan: yr why r u so tensed…. We will cconvince her na don’t worry
Karan: don’t worry???? U don’t know her…..when she gets angry she don’t c anything else…… Pta nhi humara kya hoga….
While they were talking sumo enters the class and goes near karan and raise her hand for a hi five…. But karan covers his face with his hand thinking that she is going to slap her????
Sumo : hahaha….tujhe kya laga main tujhe maarne lagi hun….
Karan : no…no…(fumbles a little)…woh there was something on my face just removing that I m not afraid of u huh?
Sumo : now u say what u want but u got afraid only haha????…and hey shravan whatss up .. How r u ??
Shravan: m good ….and u r not angry with us????
I mean karan was saying…. (Just then karan interrupted)
Karan : voh…I …I …I ..was saying nothing… I think we should have a seat yr teacher may come at any moment….
Shravan was going to say something but again Karan interrupts.
Karan : chal yr bhai kitna bolega…??
Just then 2 boys entered the class and shouted the name of shravan…
1st boy: hey yr hum ek din late kya hue tune toh naye dost bna liye….
2nd boy: and u also forgot us….very bad???

Shravan: it’s not like that….how can I forget u my partners in crime???….
Sahil and lovey….
Yes they are shravan’s friends… From his previous school….
Just then 2 girls also enter and hug shravan…
Girl 1 : oye….we r also here…
Girl 2 : hmm and don’t u dare to forget ud..other wise???
Shravan : chill yr I have not forgot anyone…. And tumko kaise bhool sakta hun meri chammak chalo…kashish and a walking make up shop samy..
Yes they are samy and kashish again his friends from previous school
Shravan: oye kashish….. How u got slim that too in one week only…
Kashish: shut up …I was slim only before also..
There sumo was smiling seeing their bonding but just then something clicked her mind
Sumo: wait a minute…. What did u just say??? She asked shravan
Shravan: I said that she got slim…can’t u hear once???
Sumo: excuse me don’t talk like this with me…..and btw u r blind na so how do u come to know that she got slim and all
Kashish: hey I was slim only….I was never fat??

Sumo: just shut up I m asking something important here ??…she then turns to shravan… Tell me u told u were blind then how could u c her??
Sahil: shravan and blind.. Hahaha…. U silly girl can’t u understand that he played a prank with u ??
Lovey: lolzzz shravan tu abhi se shuru ho gya…..first day and first prank not bad dude???
Shravan : thanks yr….and u sumo…or whatever… friends were not with me so I thought to have a lil fun….and it was just a prank so chill baby???
Sumo: u ????

U don’t even dare call me baby….and u call it a prank??…u played with my emotions damn it and u say it’s a prank???
Shravan : how dare u shout on me….I m shravan malhotra …so think twice before u raise ur voice in front of me..
Sumo: I don’t care who u r …..and it will be better if u stay away from me….and as far as talking with u in a raised voice is concerned… I will do as I wish ….I don’t care about u …..huh…
Saying this she goes to karan who was standing at last bench and was listening the whole convo..
Here shravan was shocked to listen such an answer…. Coz in his previous school nobody dared to talk with him like this…

Sahil: dude she answered u back….I mean just look at her guts ??
Shravan: just shut up…
The teacher come in the class room and all take their seats

During the class….
Shravan was staring and sumo angrily…. Which was noticed by her… And she too stared at him……which frustrated shravan and he slided his stare….
Here sumo writes a note for karan and throws towards him as he is sitting a lil far and not with her….this time the teacher notice them talking with gestures and tells them to go out of the class…. Sumo readily and happily went out but karan was sad as he was a brilliant student and didn’t wanted to miss the lecture… But sumo took his arm….and dragged him out of the room
Sumo: thank u mam i really needed a break which u gave us thank u??
All the students started laughing….and even shravan had a lil curve on his lips..whereas the teacher was standing there shocked…..
Outside the classroom..
Karan : sumo yr…bcoz of u I have to miss my lecture??
Sumo: oye don’t do nautanki now….u know what that shravan… Again Karan interrupts… ( he is really fond of interrupting ppl??)
Karan: is not blind… I heard the whole convo…
Sumo: (while thinking something…)..hmmm

Karan : what hmm….what r u thinking
Sumo: yr let this shravan should also get to know that with whom he has taken panga..???..
Karan: one second… What r u going to do.
Sumo: just thinking to give him the taste of his own medicine…
Saying this she smirks evily ??
The scene freezes on sumo’s smirking face

Precap: sumo’s plan for Shravan… And an angry and disheveled shravan

So….done with the next part of my ff…..plz tell me howzz it….
And ya again all the slippers… Tomatoes…. And criticism is most welcomed???


  1. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    your wrtng is jst fab……. it was cite nok jhok between shraman……..
    n whn u say in last that all slipperes n tomatoes r acceptable is sooo cute n lovely……..

    u wll always get love n support frm your readers…
    love u
    btw i hv started a new ff Together – Forever…. plz read,n cmnt

  2. maria

    love it love it..!! love it..!!!! brîlliañt…!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 plzz post next part as soOn a§ possible…!

  3. sss

    awesome episode….
    yaah shravan to geya..
    sumo ka plan waiting for it..
    allover good episode but still u have offered us slipper,tomatos and criticism with love how can i let that go well i will do that with tomatos my fav what say???

    • Khushi



      Thank u so much SSS…..u love tomatoes???
      But I hate them….buy still as u r giving me with so much love I will accept….just keep loving my ff

    • Khushi



      Thank u ankita…..and aap kis liye thank u bol rhe hain???
      Thank u toh mujhe bolna chahiye….aap itna like karte hai meri ff ko and apna tym Nikal ke read bhi karte hai….thank u so much

  4. Lado

    Hey khushi….sorry couldn’t comment before….but I must say u r a very good writer. ……keep it up
    And I know u will become a fan writer one day….loved ur ff….I was smiling continuously??
    Loved it….keep it up

    • Khushi



      It’s OK lado….aap ne meri ff padhi and u liked it that is enough for me….no need to say sorry….and thank u
      Writer banungi ya nhi yeh toh nhi pta but try zarror karungi??

  5. Nicky

    Let me know if you’re looking for a author for your site. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please shoot me an e-mail if interested. Kudos!

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