Hello guys khushi is back
I know I promised u that I will post on 5th but my bad luck
As I told u before that I was ill but I thought that I will be fine after 1 or 2 days but that didn’t happen
I was having dengue so was suffering from high fever and so much of weakness that I just opened phone and use it for 5 mins and then go to sleep again
That’s why I didn’t even replied to ur comments so sorry about that guys

So lets leave everything and come to the story

As u all know shravan gets drowned in the sea and A LEAP OF 3 YEARS

So here I introduce some new characters to u but before that lets c what happened to our shravan

As shravan got drowned the flow of water took him to a difft place
The place was Kolkata
The big waves of water threw his body on the shore of city in kolkata
That was a basti of fishermen
Shravan was not dead he was alive his head was bleeding due to colliding with a rock his heartbeat was slow body was faint but he was ALIVE

A woman saw his body the women was a widow without any family and was living alone
Her name is Anjum
She took shravan to a hospital paid for all the expenses inspire of being poor
After about 3 months shravan was perfectly fine
He had lost his memory he don’t remember anything about his past not even his name he was completely blank
Anjum gave him a new name and kept him with her
Anjum named him Adil

( guys I am using the name Adil coz that’s the name of namik paul in his upcoming web series so I thought it will be relatable guys u plz tell me any other suggestions if u have )

So now shravan became Adil and he started living his new life happily

Here in delhi
Sumo was disheveled
Shravan’s mom was crying like mad and so did his other family members apart from.his father who was again drunk and not in his senses

Days passed but shravan’s body was not found police declared him as dead

All were gloomy
Sumo finished schooling and was totally changed

She was no more the naughty smart and lively sumo
She has become arrogant with lots of attitude she didn’t had many friends except pushkar and preeti

She hated every one she stopped enjoying her life and was gloomy every time

All used to try things to cheer her up but she never even smiled after shravan was declared DEAD

Here in kolkata
Shravan I mean Adil was happy
He used to call anjum Tai
Anjum was also very happy to have someone with her she used to take care of shravan like a mother she was very nice by nature and very helpful

As time went shravan took admission in a law college at Kolkata that college was very famous and reputed every student who aspired do law wanted admission in that cllg
And our shravan being super intelligent got a scholarship and easily got admission in that cllg

Shravan was very lively and happy soul
He used to crack jokes play pranks and was full on masti type and used to keep every one around him happy….
He never used to get angry he helped others and was very nice by nature every one loved him all the teachers class mates everybody liked him

The one weakness of him was that he was short tempered he couldn’t hear a single word against anjum who he considered as his mother

Here sumo also got admission in the same cllg of kolkata…

U all must be thinking that she was interested in cooking then how come she is in law cllg

Well this mystery will unveil acc to the time….

Meanwhile pushkar and preeti…they started hating each other …why this will also be revealed later….

Here is a brief summary of the lives of all after shravan’s supposed death…

Guys m just posting this coz I know I took a long break and many of u must have forgot all bout the story…

So guys if u have any queries plz tell me I will clarify all ur doubts

I love u all so much and yeah plz plz forgive me and shower the same love on my ff as u did before

Missing u all
Ur stupid pagal

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  1. Tiara

    Khushi it was a nice one. But pls let sumo n shravan meet soon…. n pls give me a short recap as I forgot

  2. Khusi this is awsm

  3. hey khushi its quit interesting after the leap.
    & ya I was little bit forgot so please give a short recap.
    the episode is just too good.
    please post next epi asap.

  4. Hey I am from Kolkata ..epi was great. Update soon

  5. Beas

    Hey Khusi di
    WHAT!!! You caught dengue ?….I hope now u are fine. And this chapter was superb. Just loved it. So many mysteries!! Post the next one soon if possible. Take care di!!! Love you ?

  6. Rukhsar

    Welcome back khushi how r u now….hope got well now……well i wanna say that ur story has taken an amazing twist i m loving it but plz now don’t get disappear again post next part soon take care of ur health bye love u

  7. Ariana

    Dude finally u decided to post!!! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo happy n dead at the same time. Happy coz u let out the mystery of tata-bye bye of Shravan but then dead too coz u brought up a 100 more mysteries 🙁
    But u r there to solve all these so better post soon before eating up my brain
    btw I’m not scolding u or ordering… it’s just I’m too dumped with mysteries n still thinking of How Sumo will meet Adil n how r u fixing PreeKar stry
    oh yah this epi was blob! amazing!!!!!
    love ya
    take care
    happy new year in advance

  8. WeirdSister

    Omg khush..hope u r fine…!!!!
    I missed u so so much man…!
    And now u hve come back…only to give me loads of excitement…nd eagerness..
    Hope u will be able to post regularly now..
    The epi was as usual interesting…nd intriguing…!
    Love u loads..
    A very happy new year..
    Take care..
    Stay blessed!!

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey khushi !!!! Glad u r back !!!! This summary was great …. i really lykd it .. nd em very desperate to know what’s gonna happen next … soo plzzz plzzz dont kept us waiting for sooooooooooooooooooooo looooonnnggg again … Post as soon as possible ..
    Take care 🙂

  10. Ruchi

    Hey Khush !!!!!!!
    Sorry for the late cmmnt…
    Missed u so much dear…
    u r back with mysterious …
    The epi was intresting…
    m very much curious to know what will happen next …
    take care
    post soon
    Lots of Love

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