Hey guys khushi is back so sorry I was supposed to post yesterday but the network was weak so posting today
Thank u all for supporting me a lot even though I post irregularly and don’t comment on all the ffs also still u all give me so much love thank u all
U all r my life I love u all so much
So now lets start with the chap

Recap: sumo and shravan reach others and all look at them shocked

Shravan: Kya hua aap sab mujhe aise kyu dekh rhe hai
Here sumo hides her smile
All start laughing seeing shravan..he finds some thing fishy and gets irritated
Shravan: what the hell what’s going on why r u all laughing pagal kutte ne kaat liya hai Kya ya phir daura ( hallucinations )
Pad gya hai

Preeti: humpe kyu shout kar rhe ho jaake pehle apna chehra dekho….
Shravan: my face what happened to it
Preeti: go and c
Shravan goes near the bus and sees his face in the rear view mirror
Shravan: what the hell what is this…
Actually his eyes were filled with kajal and liner and his lips with lipstick and moreover he had a bindi also on his forehead and sumo had done this so smartly that shravan didn’t even had the slightest idea about what was going on with him…

Shravan: sumo yeh tera hi kaam hai na
Sumo: Han tum Bahut bol rhe the na mere makeup ke baare mein and Kya keh rhe the khula saand hai na ab lo Mazza
Shravan: sumo to Ruk main tujhe batata hun….
Saying this he started running after sumo saying her all the threats while sumo was laughing uncontrollably
At last they both got tired and stopped
Pushkar: yeh le bhaiya take this water and wash ur face

Shravan: thanks bhai u r the best
Shravan starts washing his face and then asks pushkar whether it got cleaner or not but he was not getting cleaned
Pushkar: bhaiya yeh saaf kyu nhi ho rha
Shravan: Han yr rub kar kar ke mera face red ho gya but yeh saaf nhi ho rha hai…
Sumo: hoga bhi nhi imported makeup hai beta…
Shravan: toh isse saaf kaise karun
Sumo: mere pass makeup removal lotion hai uss se hi hoga saaf
Shravan: toh do…
Sumo: na na itni easily nhi beta pehle kaan pakad ke 20 sit ups karo…
Shravan: what no way
Sumo: ohk then forget it…
Pushkar: bhaiya maan jao izzat toh Bach jaayegi At least nhi toh aapki jhand ho jaayegi ab aap sari trip aise hi thodi rahoge…

Shravan: ohk fine m ready
He starts doing sit ups and sumo is taunting in between which is irritating shravan like hell….
At last shravan completes his sit ups and ask sumo for the remover….
Sumo: Han ok wait I will get my bag and then give it to u after all u have worked so hard for it na
She goes and starts fiddling with her bag
Shravan: do it fast sumo
Sumo: ya ya wait na m finding
Shravan: jaldi sumo m not tolerating this makeup a min more now..
Sumo: issmein toh hai hi nhi..
Shravan: what do u mean??

Sumo: Arre I think when I was doing ur makeup toh shayad jungle mein hi Kahin gir gya it’s not here…
Shravan: what sumo I will kill u
Sumo: makes a puppy face and says ab main Kya karun Meri Kya galti Maine nhi toh apna remover khoya hai na
Shravan: do hell with u and ur remover I just want my face to be cleaned
Preeti: ohoo shravan chill yeh lo remover
Sumo: yeh Tere pass tha??

Preeti: yes di aapne mere bag mein rakha tha not urs
They all laugh on sumo’s stupidity and then help shravan in cleaning his face…
Pushkar was roaming here and then when preeti who was running without seeing bumped into him
Preeti was about to fall but pushkar hold her from waist and preeti felt a current in her body with the touch of pushkar
They shared an eye lock it seemed as if the time had stopped and they both r just drowning in each other’s eyes
Pushkar came into senses and broke the eye lock
Preeti: m so sorry voh I didn’t c

Pushkar: its ok
Saying this he goes from there
Preeti: isse Kya hua why so rude
Here a pair of eyes was looking at them
Those were of sumo and shravan
Guys twist aane KO Abhi tym hai har baar unknown person nhi hoga jo dekh rha hoga….
Sumo and shravan : yeh Kya tha
Sumo: inke beech mein Kuch toh hai…
Shravan: hmm and don’t they look good together
Sumo: yes surely I think we should di something
Shravan: like what??

Sumo: I have a plan
Sumo tells shravan her plan and they smile evily


So done with the episode m sorry for the late update guys I hope aap phir se mujhe maaf kar denge coz u all r the best
Plz do tell me how was the episode through ur comments
Silent readers plz u all also do comment

And guys do anyone know where is our sumo di she is not seen here since long ???

Love u all

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Khush Di aap aise mat kaya karo I always wait for your comments on my ff and u get disappeared but Jane do episode was mast as always and love you

  2. Marie

    Hey khushhhh….!!! So happy to c u back with d dhamakedaar..n funny ep…..!!
    This ep was mast….!!!! As usual sorry cmmnt chat hi kar paooon gi mama battery is going down down……..
    So post ASAP ASAP se bhi jald….!!
    By by
    Love u soooooooooooooooooooo much se bhi ziada….!

  3. Nice episode khushi..
    Enjoyed it??

  4. Nikita

    Khushi di !!
    You’re back !!
    Such a hilarious episode yaar !!
    Loved it so so much. !!
    And no idea about Sumo di..
    Excited about the precap, post shoon..

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey khush…now what should I say…it was as usual…amazingggggg…but too short..
    Post soon..
    Love u..??

  6. What an epsiode khushi. Really amazing. Loved it a lot. Post soon. xoxo

  7. pretty preeti

    Khush it was so good it was very funny as always I was laughing and laughing and at last their evil smile mind flowing
    Loved the epi
    Post soon

  8. awwwwww khushi dear
    u always stole my heart……
    it was realllyyyy fab
    loved it to the core
    aur batao sab kaise h
    maria sumo angel preeti sona WS niki khushi
    n all my old frnds
    guys i reallyyy miss u
    i cnt msg on all ffs bt still u all r very close to my heart
    n i hope u all guys kn it
    aap gussa hoge na sab bt plz forgv me
    n love u allllllllllllllllll

    1. Angel_pari

      Miss u lovely hope u r doing good 🙂

      1. i misss u too angel

  9. Khushi di
    Aapki Ishu bimar hai?
    Par tab bhi aap se bohot pyar krti hai na…☺?
    Episode bohot acha tha…I loved it…funny bhi tha…chalo thoda khulke hasne ko toh mila…?
    M very lucky to have a dii like u…love u?

    1. Angel_pari

      Get well soon doll

  10. Angel_pari

    Awwwww sharvu hahahaha loved it khushiiiii…u r amazing loved it……..sumo??? Sumoo????
    I also dont hv any idea

    take care post soon bye 🙂

  11. Ariana

    Awww such a sweet epi. The Shravan’s make up part…ROFL!!! I was laughing so hard trying imagine his face. K I’m still laughing while typing… U nailed it. Its gd to see some PreeKar moments after sooooo long. Post next part sooon.
    Take care
    Lots of love

  12. Neeti

    Hello my Khusi di,
    sry I’m late cause I’m a big Leeti (Late+Neeti)
    hahahahaha makeup part awesome tha,me abhi bhi itna has rahi hu ki mere ashu jharne suru ho gayee…hahahahahaha?
    agar Shraman ko lagta he ki Preekar ke beech kuch chal raha he then unko nai lagta unke bich bhi kuch chal raha he?hehehe…
    even I’m missing Sumo di nt only Sumo di mujhe Lily di, Lovely di (Lovely Lady) in logo ki bhi yaad a rahi he….where are dey, unhone aise mor par chor diya jaha sirf suspense ki barsat he…pls dis agar kisi ne bhi unhe dekha ho toh mujhe bataye….me intezar karungi…
    and Khushi di apne toh dil khush khush kar diya…
    di ab jaldi upload karna thik he aur 1st Nov toh karna hi karna warna me rooth jaungi ha….
    luv u bye – Leeti

  13. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Mind blowing fantabulous fantastic spectaculous ep .. ab r kya tareef me kahun apki ..
    U r just mind blowing writer ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

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