Hello guys khushi is back m so sorry that I m late but Kya karun studies ka Bahut pressure hai and moreover the browser is also giving me lot of problems so guys m really sorry that I m Not able to comment on anybody’s ff but I read them all so I really feel bad that I m not able to comment I hope u all don’t mind….
So let’s begin with the chap

Recap: shravan and sumo r in jungle

Shravan: I don’t think that we will be able to reach Ebefore the bus after all its raining badly and moreover the sun is also going to set we have u find some shelter…
Sumo: yup we r already drenched let’s just quickly find something to hide in…
Shravan: tum toh chup hi raho this all is happening bcoz of u only u stand here and I will go and find a shelter…
Sumo: huh why will I stand I will also find shelter..
Shravan: u r afraid of staying alone..
Sumo: no in fact u r afraid that I might find a shelter before u huh male ego..
Shravan: whatever come now lets go ahead
Sumo: chalo….
Shravan: hey voh dekho there is a hut let’s go and c
Shravan gets no reply he looks behind him and sees that sumo is not there he gets worried..
Shravan: sumo….sumo Kahan hai yr
But no answer
Suddenly someone comes from behind and says bhoo
Shravan: aahhhh bachao bachao then sees the person and says sumo?
Sumo: hahaha aww chotu baby dar gya…?????????
Shravan: shut up…yeh Kya mazaak hai tumhe pta hai main Kitna dar gya tha..
Sumo: vohi toh darpok
Shravan: I was scared for u damn it agar tumhe Kuch ho Jaata toh…
Sumo: huh mujhe Kuch nhi hota Aur Vaise tumhe Meri itni tension kyu ho rhi..
Shravan: voh issliye…
Saying this shravan starts going close to sumo and sumo starts going backwards and then she realises that there is a tree behind her and she can’t move back
Shravan comes close to her she closes her eyes shravan goes for her lips but them diverts his way and comes near her ear and says….
Shravan: kyunki khule sand (bull) KO akela nhi chodna chahiye??
Sumo: what…huh Daffa Ho jao…huh

Guys they r doing all this in rain only…stupid ppl haina kher no problem love is stupid only…

Shravan: ohk now it’s quite late and we r fully drenched lets go inside the hut…
Sumo: yup…
They go inside the hut and shravan lights a fire and they both sit across it and dry themselves..
Shravan sees sumo while she was drying her hair he gets lost in her beauty and gets lost
Sumo: Ohh hello..Ohh
Shravan comes in his senses: Han
Sumo: aise Kya ghoor rhe ho
Shravan: umm nothing do it fast and sleep
They both sit to sleep but sumo was not getting sleep
Sumo: mujhe neend nhi Aa rhi…
Shravan: so what…let me sleep
Sumo: how rude
Shravan: don’t expect from me that I will sing a lori for u
Sumo: urrggh u can talk at least
Shravan: I don’t have any topic to talk
Sumo: topic is not needed every time
Shravan: ohk so do u know that mere head pe chot lag gyi…
Sumo: what …how when??
Shravan: Arre Abhi nhi jab main 2 years la tha tab lagi thi???
Sumo:what…u r mad lagta hai uss chot ka asar ab ho rha hai…
Shravan: whatever just go to sleep…
They both go to sleep and then comes the morning…
Sumo gets up 1st and sees shravan sleeping peacefully
Sumo: he looks so cute while sleeping don’t know what happens to him when he is awake…look mujhe neend nhi Aayi ache se and how can he sleep so peacefully …have to do something…
Shravan is still in tight sleep
He hears some noise…gets up and don’t find sumo…goes outside and sees sumo collecting sticks….
Shravan: Ohh madam we r not going to live here forever we r going ahead so no need to collect sticks…
Sumo: ohk that means I don’t want good I was collecting them so that we can light a fire and have some food..
Shravan: u know how to cook…I feel damn hungry…
Sumo: huh I know everything about cooking just light this fire and I will make something out the snacks we have with us…..
They both eat food and then go ahead…
After some time they saw their bus they were relieved
The teachers found out that both of them were missing so they stopped the journey and waited for both of them to reach
As soon as they reached they shouted out and everyone was happy but then everyone stood shocked and astonished
Here an unknown person is seen calling someone on phone
Unknown person: sab tyaari ho ready for tonight….
and then the person smiled evily

So why everyone was shocked after seeing shraman
Who was the unknown person
What was the plan???
To know keep reading love is blind…

Guys i know this is a lil short and I m late also this is coz the browser and studies..

So guys I have decided something I will post every alternate day i.e on Monday Wednesday and Saturday and if possible on Sunday but m not sure bout that
The episode will be a lil short only but I will be regular
So r u guys ohk with it???
Plz tell me through ur comments and now I have installed UC browser so I don’t think is will get that comment problem again
Love u all

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  1. pretty preeti

    Khush yaar kaisi hai
    Missed u badly
    Thank god u r here
    Epi ne dil jeet liya
    Love u
    Epi aaya meri smile aayi
    It was super nice
    Loved it
    Take care
    Love uuuuu
    So muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love love
    Post sooon

    1. Khushi

      Awww so sweet preeto m so happy that m back and even more happy that after coming back after so long u all still love me like before
      I will be regular dear love u muah
      Aur bta padhai vagehra kaisi Chal rhi hai??
      Tu Twitter kyu nhi chalati

  2. Sharmansangel

    Ohh I am so so so happy that you are back I missed you very much aab kaise gayi na toh main baat nai karungi

    1. Khushi

      Haha ohk my dear riyu ab nhi jaungi
      I will be regular love u dear…
      Keep loving like this only dear
      M so happy to get a friend like u Meri jaan
      An gussa mat hona bas mujhse
      Love ya

      1. Sharmansangel

        Love u too chalo nai hongi aur main aapse zada happy ap jaissi friend paake

  3. Marie

    Thank god u r back yr……..finally tune post toh kia m….sooo sooo sooooo dammmmmm happy now be regular accrding to ur promisw warna i will kill u fr sure samjhi…..!! 😀 now cm to ep omg yr it was dam awesome love their cute chemistry…..!! hahaha kiss hote hote reh gai…..hehe now i m being besharam….. 😀 😀 bt yr seriouslyyyyy loved it….u r tooo good posy asap asap or intezaar mat karana plzzzzzzzzz
    Love u itna jitne aasman mai taare hain now dont say taare gin 😀
    by by
    Take care
    n be back wid nxtttttt 1

    1. Khushi

      Haha oh ohk Meri jaan jaisa Tu kahegi vaisa hi hoga ohk ab Khush ??
      Love u yr ur comment always boost me up Tu na best hai
      Haha yes hote hote reh gyi but don’t worry kiss karwa dungi main bas Thoda sabar Karo madam
      Love u Mario muahh

  4. Angel_pari

    yeh mn kya dekh rahi hn omggggggggg khushiiii i miss u soooooo muchhhh

    where were u?????

    Dont go anywhere now ok….. I really got a back smile when i saw ur ff…….. Miss u miss u alot 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    good to see u back and how r u

    1. Khushi

      Haye rabba di u got a smile but main toh apne pure dant dikha ke has rhi hun after reading ur comment u make me feel so good
      Na na di ab kahi nhi jaayungi
      Missed u a lot di love u so much
      M fine di aap kaise ho??

  5. Angel_pari

    Aryyyy epi ka to bhool gai hahahahaha sharman yar yeah nh badlenge yeh or inka romance with fun hahaha loved it

    ohhh that is awsome post regularly…….

    1. Khushi

      Haha di no problem m double happy to c ur double comment
      Yes di that’s what I love about shraman cute romance with fun
      Yes di will post soon
      Love u di

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey khushi !!!! Ahhhhhh thank God k ap a gyi … was waiting for quite a long time for ur ff .. nd see finally u r back ..
    This ep was just amazing .. nd yeah m ok with ur decision of posting the parts ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Khushi

      Hi Fatima…
      So glad to c ur comment
      How r u??
      Yes m back finally how can I stay away from u all??
      Glad that u liked this part dear

  7. Main haar maanti hu
    Humour Queen koi ho toh sirf meri Khushi di hi ho…
    Haye I love uh for this
    Humesha mera dinn bana dete ho…that’s why I love uh soo much…muaah
    As for the episode?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Bass…aur kuch nii kahungi
    Love uh

    1. And ya…I didn’t miss u at all…
      Coz u were always there wid me…in my heart?

      1. Khushi

        Awww that’s so sweet dear…I re so guilty that m not able to comment on any ff but still u all comment here and shower ur love
        Plz apni khushi di KO maaf kar de ishu
        And Han Tu bhi mere dil mein rehti hai and humesha rahegi
        Love u Meri jaan

    2. Khushi

      Ohh humour queen??
      Haha well can’t say about that but yup u r mine queen di queen of my heart love u so much ishu and we toh even share a Nick name haha
      Awww m so glad that u get a smile on ur face coz of me
      And Han tera comment bhi mera din bna deta hai
      Love u so much dear

  8. WeirdSister

    Khushi..I was just missing ur ff like hell….!!!!
    I loved it as usual…
    Plz plz post regularly as u said….
    Luv u!!

    1. Khushi

      Hello niyati how r u??
      Yr missed u so much I love u so much
      Yes m back and will post regularly
      How u doin??

  9. Nikita

    Hey di !!
    Oh how nice of you to return !
    Alternate days with short episode is fine !
    Please don’t be irregular now..
    Amazing episode di !!
    I just loved it!!
    ShraMan adoring each other was the sweetest .. Maybe ShraMan were wet that’s why everyone looked at them.. I’m not sure about the person..
    Anyways, nw be regular..
    Loads of love to you,
    Nikita *_*….

    1. Khushi

      Hey Nikki how r u??
      Even I missed u so much my Nikki
      Haha ohk m glad u r fine with my idea and yes I won’t be irregular dear
      Hmm nice guess dear let’s c what happens
      Love u dear

  10. Aww khush di I missed u and ur ff so much??? lots of love. Keep writing. Waiting for ur regular updates? the episode was awesome as humesha?? post soon sweeto.

    1. Khushi

      Hi nandu how r u my pyari siso
      Missed u so much dear
      Haha yes dear I will post regularly now
      How r studies going??
      All well??
      Lots of love to u dear

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much kavina
      How r u??

  12. Ariana

    Oho the epi is soooo good. Beyond words!!! The epi was wonderful. Loved it from the core of my heart. Post next part asap. I’m excited for the new twist.
    Lots of Love

    1. Khushi

      Hi Ariana how r u??
      Ohh thank u so much M glad u liked it
      And yes will post soon
      Haha then be ready dear twist will be unfolded soon dear
      Love u

  13. Neeti

    Khushi di, u r back…. I’m so happy
    woowwww again funny epi….hahahahaha khula shand hahahahaha 2 years ka tha tab lagi thi……yo so funny
    u know di I was laughing so badly at d night time…if my mom waked up den she would have snatched phn frm me…
    plsss this time pst soonn..piliz, piliz, piliz
    luv u frm the heart- Neeti

    1. Khushi

      Hi neeti darling how r u??
      Missed u so much dear
      Glad to c that u also got registered its fun na??
      Haha don’t laugh so loudly dear I don’t want ur mum to scold u
      Love u dear m so happy that u loved it that much Ur comments r always special for me
      Keep loving
      Arey no need to say plz u can order me haha
      Yes I will post next one soon
      Love u so much

  14. Rukhsar

    Finally u r back khushi i was missing u alot btw i m naina i got registered so i had to change my name i hope u remember me well the epi was great superb it was really cute and funny

    1. Khushi

      Ohh hi Rukhsar m so glad u also got registered Meri jaan
      How r u??
      Haha naina m glad that u liked the episode
      Remember me??? What is this naina how can I forget u my siso aage se aisi baat mat karna ok??
      Love u dear and btw is rukhsar ur real name??

      1. Rukhsar

        I m fine khushi and and sorry agay se aise baat nahi karon gi and yes my real name is rukhsar

  15. Ruchi

    Hey Khushi..
    How r u yr?
    Missed u a lot..
    wow.. Epi was Amazing…
    take care…
    Lots of Love..
    Ruchi.. 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Hiiiii ruchi di
      Missed u like hell di
      How r u??
      Thank u di m glad u liked it
      Love u too di
      M fine di
      U also take care di

      1. Ruchi

        M also fine dear.… 🙂

  16. Hey. Missed your ff a lot. Loved this episode a lot ? Post soon please ?

    1. Khushi

      Hi zainab
      How r u??
      Thank u so much M glad u liked it dear
      I just love ur name yr…
      Of course I will post the next one soon tysm

  17. Oh..acha teekey…mujhey lava ki vo unknown person shraman ko jungle mey hi mil jaayega..its OK..abh tho sab log swath mey hai..peeekar bhi key swath hai..
    Well..khushi…that’s OK..if ur busy…buts its not OK..that ur not even commenting on wu of edkv..its hurting..try to do so..edkv needs u

    1. Khushi

      Haha don’t worry di Abhi thodi masti baki hai phir twist aayega tab tak keep laughing di yes ab sab Saath mein hai dekho aage Kya hota hai
      Love u di yes di was busy
      Ohh m sholy di ab se regular rahungi and I have commented also on the WU hope it get posted now
      Love u di

  18. Sss

    Hey khushi how are you ya..missed you and your ff much..
    About chappy its fabulous fantastic amazing mindblowing funny episodes really loved it as always..I am fan of your pranks seriously you are amazing at that..

    And coincidently I had the same problem and had to other browser..anyway glad you back abduction be regular whichever day..

  19. amazing story
    waise bhi khushi tumhari wrtng ki mai fan hu
    soooo good
    i hope u rem me
    i m ltl bit bzz in cllg so cnt cmmn

    yupp i m thinkng to post a new ff.
    i kn i hvnt cmplted my earlier ffs . plz firgv me
    n tell me wthr i shd strt or not
    ws lots of lv <3
    lovely lady

  20. Nishu

    Hey kushi…….finally im cmntng on ur ff…… missed u & ur ff alot dear……… now im very happy after reading ur ff…….. i really enjoyed… i always tell u, ur fab, amazing writer……. luv u dear?……. now i prom ill b regular…. n ll post my ff soon pakka

    1. Nishu

      probably today itself

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