Hey guys khushi here…..bhool toh nhi gye…
Well m so sorry for being late I was dead busy so couldn’t complete it..and more over this is the maha episode and I didn’t wanted to ruin it in hurry so that’s why m late….
Btw how r u all???
All good??
Missed me??

So without wasting any time let’s start the episode….
One more thing guys the twist which I mentioned in the promo will not come in this part that will be a lil late coz I want to include some fun in this trip I hope u r ok with it??
So let’s begin
All the students were asked to report to the school at 8:30 sharp… As they were allowed to take one member of their family with them so sumo took her sister preeti with her and shravan took pushkar with him…

The buses were ready there were 2 buses…..pushkar and preeti Sat in the first bus and the bus started moving…
Preeti: Arre sumo di toh Abhi tak Aayi hi nhi
Pushkar: don’t worry voh bhaiya ke Saath second bus mein Aa jaayengi

Here the second bus was ready to leave

At the reception of school…
Sumo was finding some thing when shravan saw her he went to her
Shravan: what are you looking for ??
Sumo: Uff m looking for something very important if u want to help then help otherwise go don’t irritate me…
Shravan: Ohh gussa kyu ho rhi hai…I will help u out but At least tell me what r u looking for…
Sumo: I will not tell u just search
Shravan: how can I search when I don’t even know want I m searching for..??
Sumo: Uff its my lipstick
Shravan: what…u r looking for lipstick is that ur very important thing??
Sumo: yes now help..
Shravan: u girls will never change ..
Saying this he started searching…
Sumo saw him and thought something her eyes went wet but she wiped her tears and started searching..
Sumo: mil gyi..
Shravan: thank god now lets go..

Sumo: yup
They both went to the place where the buses were parked and they saw that there was no one there not even the buses..
Sumo: where r the buses ??
Shravan: Arre madam aapko nhi pta voh gyi hai aapki lipstick find karne
Sumo: gussa kyu ho rhe ho??
Shravan: so what else should I do…should I dance ??
Can’t u c the buses r gone and we left behind..just coz of u
Sumo: coz of me??

Shravan: yes it was u only who was looking for that damn lipstick.
Sumo: Ohh first of all say lipstick with respect and secondly who told u to help u should have gone so it was ur mistake
Shravan: yeah ab itne bure din Aa gye hai ki lipstick ko respect deni pad rhi hai…
Anyways leave it now think what we should do….
Sumo: the buses were to stop today at afternoon for lunch at Haveli…so if we reach there before they leave that place we will be able to reach them..
Shravan: good idea so lets go and Catch the local bus…

Sumo: ohk chalo
They both went to the bus stop to catch the local bus they way was not from the cities it was from the secluded regions like forests and jungles…..
As they were going through it the bus tyre got punctured…..
The driver checked the tyre and came inside the bus and said
Driver: we all will have to wait for the new bus…
Sumo: what…..don’t u have any extra tyre??

Driver: we have only one mam but 2 tyres r punctured…
Shravan: how much time will it take for the next bus to come??
Driver: it will take about 2 hours for the bus to come…
Sumo and shravan: what….but we have to catch the next bus in about one hour…
Driver: then u will have to go by foot there is a shortcut from the woods it’s safe also with no animals u can go from there and then u will reach before the next bus arrives and I will be able to catch the bus..
Shravan: ohk…sumo let’s go..
Sumo and shravan took the path told by the driver and started walking to reach and catch their school bus…
As they were walking it started raining…

Shravan: wth yeh baarish ko bhi Abhi hona tha….sumo we will not stop we will have to go only..
Sumo: Han ok who is saying u to stop….this all is happening bcoz of u only…U r a musibat for me jahan aate ho problems Saath le aate ho…
Shravan: Ohh hello madam this problem is created by u only … was u only who was looking for ur wrecked lipstick..
Sumo: Ohh hello just shut up u don’t know what it means to me….voh lipstick Meri fav hai usse lga ke main sundar lagti hun….
Shravan started laughing….
Sumo: why r u laughing?

Shravan was still laughing…
Sumo picked up a stick and said…
Sumo: chup ho jaao varna main maarungi
Shravan stopped laughing and said
Shravan: acha acha I will not laugh but what can I do u crack such good jokes that I can’t stop myself from laughing…
Sumo: what…..which joke I cracked??

Shravan : Yahi that u look beautiful…Abhi bhi pagal lag rhi ho jab lipstick lagaogi…toh bandariya lagogi????
Sumo: what…dekho bol kaun rha hai…huh apne aap KO dekha hai kabhi….bheegi billi ki tarah lagte ho…
Shravan: Ohh hello madam I m not any bheegi billi…nd pehle khud ko dekho chalta phirta radio ho tum….Saara din bak bak bak karti rehti ho….
Sumo: acha main bak bak karti hun Arre pehle apne hormones check karao….itni height hai phir bhi bhade jaa rhe ho…

Tum itne lambe ho ki agar ek jagah khade ho jao toh birds tumhe tree Samjh ke tumhare head pe nest bna le…abnormal ho abnormal…
Shravan: oh really then why r u wasting ur time talking to me…
Sumo: jao jao nhi karti baat mujhe bhi Koi shaunk nhi hai huh…
Saying this they both started walking but as they were walking they realised that they r not going on the right path they took a wrong turn while fighting…
Shravan: hey we lost the way
Sumo: I know there is no need to repeat
Shravan: urrgh this all happened bcoz of u stupid girl
Sumo: not me coz of u khambu

Shravan: hey don’t call me that..
Sumo: then what should I call …..chintu??
Haha chintu is good..
Shravan: shut up don’t call me that ok??
Sumo: u shut up and I will call u chintu only….huh
Shravan: don’t u dare say that word again…
Sumo: I will…chintu chintu chintu chintu chintu….chintu is mad chintu is stupid chintu is crack Chintu chintu chintu…
Shravan: urrgh get lost

While they both were fighting a person was watching them and was smiling evily….and says
Person: huh let’s c for how time this happiness and teenage energy stays u both will cry….cry alot and then will come and beg me for forgiveness…but I will not spare u ????

Precap: shravan and sumo spend night at a cottage in the jungle….

So guys who is the person watching them ??
What does he want ??
Why is he doing this??

What is he going to do..??
Will shravan and sumo be able to meet their school students??

To know plz keep reading love is blind love u all

So guys this is the episode how is it I know I have disappointed u all first posting late and then such a feeka episode but guys these episode about the trip will be interesting and plz trust u will like reading it

Love u all and thank u all for tolerating my bak bak.
And yes I was not able to comment on anybody’s ff m so sorry for that but firstly I was dead busy and then my browser was also giving some problem but I read every ff I suppose….
There r many new writers also hello to u all this is khushi here I hope u know me and if not I will love to become friends with u hope u will also be friends with me..

And Nikki Maria and WS aka niyati finally got ur name ws a big hug to u all I read ur ffs and m soo soo sorry that I couldn’t comment hope u will forgive me…love u my darlings…muah

Sumo di I have commented on your ff how r u missing u so much….post the next part soon di…

Pari di u r amazing I read ur ff di I think I commented on the first part but not second it was superb di plz try to post soon how r u??

And if anyone is on instagram plz do tell me ok??

Love u all and missing u all

And a very very very happy friendship day to u all
U all r my life if u all were not had been here I would have left this site coz of the busy schedule but its u all only that I myself crave to come here and talk to u all…..I just love u guys

I thanks god that they gave me such a good friends and sisters also….I can’t think to be away from u
On this friendship day I promise u all that I will be there whenever u will need me come what may and u will always have a special place in my heart love u guys muaah
Thank u all for making this stupid pagal khushi ur friend

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  1. Ufaaq

    Happy friendship day khush

    1. Khushi

      Same to u uffi….how r u??

  2. Prettypreeti

    Khush happy friendship day epi was damakedar and kamaaldar
    It was amazing my dear
    Tu iina aacha kaise likhti hai
    I m really very glad to read it
    Very nice
    Very nice
    Very nice
    Yup I m on instance
    Love u

    1. Khushi

      Same to u dear …
      Bas bas beta itni tareef nhi karni Meri…
      Love u preeto
      And yr plz pm me ur username of insta ok??
      Love u dear

  3. Finally…
    Khushi di, as always, ur FF brought a big wide smile to my face, and that too an endless one. Was constantly laughing. Couldn’t control the monstrous laugh that i just let out, resulting in my mother to scold me. Waiting for the next episode. Upload when u r free.
    Take care, love u loads,

    1. Khushi

      Aww thank u so much ishu ….
      Well u really praise a lot love u dear
      Ohh really I found the episode funny well m so glad to hear that varna I was thinking yeh Kya post kar diya Maine feeka sa thank u so much ishu
      Love u loads

  4. Hey….nice and funny update………loved it……. I was eagerly waiting for your ff ……. please post next part soon……..

    1. Khushi

      Hey Maya how r u??
      New reader I suppose??
      Didn’t saw u before anyways will u be my friend??
      Ohh really u were waiting for my ff??
      Thank u so much dear love u yr
      Yup I will try to post next one soon

  5. Hello my lovely…..sweetheart….!!!
    How r u…..????
    Missed u. ?? Uff kaisa faltu sawal hai ufcourse missed u yr….or vry badly…!!
    Hayyyyyyyy maar dala yr tune itna acha ep….. + itni achi achi baatein….. hahahhaha jan legi kya bacchi ki..?? 😀
    oooyyy feeka ep kis ko bola..?? Mai ne pakar kar marna hai agar..meri khushi ke ep ki feeka kaha toh… (aww plz dont mind 😉 )
    Yr to bht bht bht amazing likhti hai….!!!
    Happ happy happy…frndship day to my most beloved frnd here…thank u so much fr cming in my lyf my sweeto…..!!!
    May u live long wid health n wealth….
    May ur all wishes cm true….!!!
    May god keeps u happy always…!!
    Hahahah i dont knw any ans may by its lovely……cause bechara school se rustricate ho gaya tha na….
    Hahaha cmmnt lamba ho gaya….
    Chal okkkk byy
    take care…
    Love u infinite…….!!!!!!!!
    Or han missed u mostest…..!! 😀
    try to be reagular…
    All d best fr studies…!!
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    1. Khushi

      Ufff maro m died now after reading ur comment u always make blush like a tomato love u yr..
      Same to u dear
      I thank the holy god for giving me such a friend for life like u…
      Main uss pal ka shukriya karti hun jis pal hun dost bne the…
      Love u yr u have a special space in my heart and u will always be there I will never forget u and I will never let I forget me also…
      And guess ummm good guess yr dekhte hai Kya hota hai
      Love u Meri jaan

  6. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode di and happy friendship day to u too
    Lots of love???

    1. Khushi

      Thank u riyu love u dear same to u dear…
      I read ur ff also dear but was not able to comment it was superb u write with so much maturity dear love u plz try to post soon

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello !!!! Ohhhhhh God yr kitna bolti ho tm … hahahaha just Kidding ?? .. nd this ep was damn good .. awwwwesome .. luved it to the core … nd ShraMan fight … hahahaha .. that was hilarious .. nd CHINTU .. lol .. Shravan r CHINTU .. hahahaha ..
    Nd Happy Friendship Day to u too ..
    Nd I hv an account on Instagram ..
    Post sooooooon ..
    Take care ..
    Bye ..

    1. Khushi

      Haha u r right Fatima when the part got posted I saw it and said shit yr Meri bak bak toh part se bhi badi hai but I told before only that I speak a lot like more than a lot….
      Thank u so much yr I m glad u liked it nice guess dear let’s c what happens
      Love u

  8. WeirdSister

    Hey khushi….!!!!
    Happy friendship day….!.
    So good to hve j back after so many days..I was missing u nd ur ff….!!!
    So now don’t make me miss u more….
    Post d next part very very soon…
    That person is sahil…nd he is here to take revenge…!!!

    1. Khushi

      Hi niyati…how r u??
      Thanks a lot dear and same to u
      Love u yr blessed to have a friend like u dear…
      M glad u liked it I will try to make the coming parts more intriguing and funny
      Ohk ohk I will try to post ASAP
      Umm nice guess well let’s c what happens
      Love u yr

  9. Oh…god….???????????
    Kaunsa twist…aneywala hai..?????
    Kaun hai vo..?????????????
    Jisney shraman par buried nazar daali..???
    Aur kya hoga abh…????????
    Jaaney k liye..??
    Hum avashy tera ff padengey..bhalika..?????
    Well..miss u yaar khushi…pata nahi..hamari lovely lady ..ko bhi kya hogaya ..kahi dikhi nahi rahi hai..baaki..ireena..sumo..WS kabhi tho apna much..dikha rahey hai..??
    I too promise u dear..I will b there..till the end u r there..???☺☺☺????

    1. Khushi

      Hello Sona di how r u ??
      Missed u too di…
      Haha di yes chodna may usse jisne bhi Sharman pe buri daali…
      Di even m missing lovely di she is not here
      Anyways m glad u liked the part and even more glad that u r excited for the upcoming one love u di
      Yes di I know u will be there for me always and me too
      Love u my lovely Sona di

  10. awesome

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much dear

  11. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi khushi di! Well, glad that u r back? hope u remember me??? Well, I don’t have any answers for ur questions, because I am not able to think anything? lots of love di and keep writing dear.?? pata nahi non banda as gaya hain revenge me liye?? pls post soon

    1. Khushi

      Hello nandu….how r u???
      Sorry for late reply yr
      Of course I remember u kaisi baatein kar rhi hai hai how can I forget u
      Khushi never forgets her friends and u r more like my lil sissie I will never forget u dear…
      Thank u so much dear I m glad u liked the episode
      No problem dear I will surely reveal that person but u will have to wait for that dear…Love u loads nandu

  12. Nikita

    hey khushi dii!
    how are you? itna late kyu?? chalo koi nai
    “der aaye durust aaye”
    happy friendship day di!
    and the episode was mind blowing..!
    i just love shraman’s nok-jhok fights…
    and about the question..
    i think the guy’s sahil.. and maybe he wants to take revenge..
    and the precap.. gives me pheellllss..
    aur ab regular hona padega..
    post soon!

  13. Sumo

    hey khush!
    missed you a lot.. I hope you will be active from now on.. actually u have been such a great friend dat even if I haven’t seen or met each other still we have got a connection.. love you so damn much.. happy friendship day…
    n about the post I found it really cute.. I don’t know who d guy is.. but whatever I trust u it would be truly awesome… lotsa love.. ❤❤❤

  14. Sss

    pehlebhi kaha ferse happy friendship day really happy to have a sweet friends like you…
    yar just saw your massage on my wall thank you so much.for telling or else i would miss this supra dupar funny episode
    i am fine yar..
    after a long time reading this ff i won’t mind for your late as i was also much busy some time..
    episode amazing as nice sp funny superb yar loved shraman fighting so cute and their nickname so so awesome perfect for them..and suspense who is the person? well i think and i will be in thinking as so bad in guess..
    waiting for next part..

  15. Ariana

    Amazing!!!! It was sooooo good nd also funny. Loved it. Post next part soon

  16. Kush di u reminded me of Billu Shivaay hahahaha????? If Shravu is chintu then our Sumo is chinti(chiti nahi chinti) itni rat he upar se jor se has bhi nahi payi munch mein muskurana para are phone Ki battery low hein
    main janti hoon ap meri Bari di ho phir bhi….
    hassi ke sath love love love love???????? yeh cake pizza aur noodles ghar pe banaya Tha share kar rahi hoon bas apke sath-Neeti

  17. Oh wow it was sooooo awesome…. Amazing part…. I missed ur writings sooooooo much finally I read …. Sry dear for late comment….. A twist???? Oh waiting ur awesome love u dear….

  18. Finally u r back…nice epi…but u just left us with ques??…hope u post ur next epi soon….

  19. Kavina

    Loved it. So sorry for not commenting on the other parts.

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