Hello guys…..first of all so so so sorry for being late… Really sorry but I was waiting for sumo di to come back and moreover I was busy in writing my os also….thanks alot guys for liking my OS I got 102 comments I can’t believe this really m obliged thanks a lot and keep loving me and my ff love u all and again sorry for the delay…
So here comes the episode 10 of love is blind

Recap: shravan and sumo resolve their fight and becomes friends and some preekar scenes…

So guys as majority of u wanted preekar also so m including them…now plz don’t ask how will I include them…. Coz even I don’t have a particular reason but no problem this is my ff and I can do anything in it????

Shravan and Suman become friends and sumo goes to the classroom whereas shravan is standing there with the peon
Shravan: thank u so much Bhaiya u locked us on my insisting thanks a lot..
Saying this he takes out some money from his pocket and gave it to the peon
Peon: beta aur bhi koi kaam ho toh plz tell me I will do it
Shravan: sure Bhaiya thank u
Yes it was shravan who had told the peon to lock them inside the store so that he can talk with sumo…
So shravan then reaches to the class it was painting class and the teacher was new…
Teacher: so students draw a scenery …a Nice one with greenery all around..
All started making their painting but shravan was not able to draw coz he was very poor at drawing all the teachers knew it but as this one was new he came to shravan and started scolding him
Teacher: what r u doing I told u to make scenery what is this…
Sumo was standing there and she didn’t liked the way teacher was scolding shravan so she came forward and said
Sumo: sir voh actually he cannot listen properly
Shravan was shocked to listen this and was about to say something when sumo winked at him…he understood that sumo is up to something and said
Shravan: yes sir she is right

Teacher: so how come he listened what u said just now
Sumo: actually sir he can listen only when someone comes and speaks to him by coming close to him and u were saying all this from far so he was not able to listen…
Shravan: yes sir
Sumo: sir plz don’t shout at him or u will lose ur job??
Teacher: what but how??
Sumo: sir actually he was perfect before but then a teacher shouted at him….so after that he was not able to hear properly and his father made his teacher jobless…he is a powerful man..
Sumo winked at shravan who was controlling his laughter with a great difficulty….
Hearing this the teacher went to front of the class quietly
Shravan thought to have a little fun
Teacher: students remember that u don’t have much time

Shravan: what sir….u don’t have a tie??
No problem sir I will give u mine here take this
Saying this he removed his tie and gave it to the tteacher
Teacher didn’t knew what to do so he just kept quite
Teacher: listen carefully I want a beautiful scenery
Shravan; what sir….u want sunny Leone…. Chi sir kaisi baatein kar the hai aap
Teacher ignored him and said
Teacher: the class is over I hope u have a good day..
Shravan: what sir….u r a gay!!!???
Now whole of the class started laughing madly and the teacher went out embarrassed..????
Sumo: haha shravan tune unki bolti band kar di
Shravan: haha but the idea was urs only??

Karan : u guys r insane…main toh haste haste pagal ho gaya??
They all went to their class and then the tteacher came and told them about the trip
Teacher: students the school is organising a trekking trip for u all you can take any one member of your family with you must remember only one…we will leave tomorrow so be here at school at 5 am sharp…and yes u just need to bring it clothes everything else will be provided by the school only….have a great time…

Shravan: wow it will be amazing I will take pushkar along
Sumo: yeah and I will take preeti
Karan: ohk them I will take my cousin rishabh
Guys this is the same rishabh who misbehaved with preeti…
They all go home and prepare for the trip…

Here in Preeti and pushkar school
They both r sitting together
Preeti: yr I m not able to understand even a word yr pushkar let’s go out..
Pushkar; out but how mam is teaching
Preeti; aise…
Saying this she gestured towards the window near their seat…
Pushkar: no no
Preeti: yes yes come…

Saying this she goes out from the window and pulls pushkar also and they sneak out of the corridor to the canteen..
Pushkar: pagal stupid idiot khud toh maregi mujhe bhi marwaegi..??
Preeti: ooh hello nothing will happen just chill and order something m starving…
They oorder pizza and were eating it when pushkar saw that something is stuck on her mouth
Preeti tries to remove it but is not able to do so….
So pushkar comes forward and removes it with his hand…. A light breeze starts blowing they both get lost in each other’s eyes they r just looking at each other just then the bell rings and both come into their senses….
Preeti: uff thank God chutti hui…mmm bbye c u tomorrow
Pushkar: yeah bbye take care and han ab kissi aur ko mat marna raste mein??
Preeti: huh whatever??

The episode ends…

Precap: the trip and lots of twist and turns to come

I know guys this one was boring m really sorry for that I will try to make the next one very interesting thanks a lot for reading it and bearing with me

Guys this is the 10th chap…and it really means a lot to me…I never thought when I started my ff that I will get so much of love…but u guys r soo amazing thank u so so much
Love u all thanks for always supporting me and liking my the stupid things and stories I write really this is the best family and people on the TU site ACC to me….

And yes guys one more thing….
The prom will happen after the trip so plz dont be angry the prom will surely happen….I hope u will like it
And guys plz if u have any suggestions and complaints regarding my ff or my writing style plz do tell me….it will help me to improve
All the criticism and jutte chappal are welcomed….
Love u all

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  1. Hi khushi di it was amaizing ?? iam a silent reader I comment very less sorry sorry whoms ff I have not commented? But keep it up people i wil try to comment on all ff’s

  2. Marie

    Hello ji…!! I would lyk to through chappalsmn n Han complain Bhi hai…..!! Or ye dono ek hi cheez ke liay cause u r crazyyyyy…..ufff yr itna mast ep liken ke baad Bhi pochti hoo ke thank u fr liking my stupid stories?? Hadddd hai….ye stupid hai toh phir stupid kya hota hai??
    Mai toh hans hans kar hi mar gai khaas tot pr us hearing prob scene Mai ?
    Kya khooooob likha hia yr…..
    N yes dear we r always their to support u after all tu hai hi itni cute funny…!!
    Or ye kya itna short kyun….!!! I want to read more more n more….!!!!!!
    N Han chalo ab likha hai so likha bt next jaldi se jaldi post Karna okkkkk
    Love u soooooo soooo much se Bhi ziada dear…!! May god always bless u..!! 🙂 🙂
    Take care…!!

  3. LovelyLady

    really missed ur ff a lotttt……
    excited fr d school trip….. n overexcited fr d twists n turns in upcmng epi……
    khushi congrats fr cmpletng 10 epis…….
    love u a lotttt…..

  4. It was not at all boring khushi di and i seriously forgot but ab iske baad hee sumo will get lost in the jungle kya? And yes heartly congratulations for ur increasing comments.

  5. Sss

    nice awesome very funny that teacher part lol..thank god you came back missed this ff much their prank all that and preekar also here wow its gonna be more fun…waiting for next part add some funny scent ok i know you just reminding you as you are vest at that btw i think you have many experience like this type of pranks right?

  6. Sweet epi

  7. Oh. My. God. Khushi di…..aap har baar ek dhamaka kaise kr lete ho? I mean har episode mein main hanste hanste pagal ho jati hu…..zameen pr lot pot jati hu…..aur aap tab bhi hansaana band nhi krte….aur os ke 50+ comments? Tab to aapko bohot khushi ho rhi hogi….oops….aapka naam hi to Khushi hai…anyways di….aaj kal maine zyada lambe comment krna chhod diya………………pr agle epi mein main itta bada comment marungi ki aap dekhte reh jaoge….tab tak ke liye take care nd love u???

    1. Aur di….kya? Joote? Chappal? Boring? Di main maar daalungi aapko….ye aapko ho kya gaya hai? Aapne aisa phir se kaha toh….toh….toh main punjab pahuch jaungi aur phir aapke ghar pe raid?….waise bhi meri didi wahin rehti hai….for her clg u kno….so I dnt mind going there….toh ab aap soch lo?

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ohhh M G !!!!! Khushi !!!!! Today’s ep … it is just amazing superb duperb awwwwesome one … ?? … nd that scene when ShraMan insulted teacher … hahahaha that was tooooooooooooo guddd dear … u r such an awesome writer … nd one more thing …. apny ff ko boring kehne k siwa r koi joke nae aya apko … it was hell guddd .. don’t u dare to call it boring … understand???? … BTW plzzzz plzzzz post ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP … ???

  9. Ruchi

    Hey Khushi…
    R u joking ?
    it was sooo funny…
    The epi was superb…xcited for the trip…
    try to post nxt epi soon…
    Lots of love

  10. Prettypreeti

    Boring pagal hai khush I was laughing madly tu yar kaise likti hai and Congo for ur ff century kr li virat kohli jaise
    Yaar tu mujhe apna dewana bana rhi hai itne aache ideas
    Shravo was laughing with great difficulty but I was laughing like a mad
    idea aacha hai kisi teacher PR tune apply toh nhi kiya yaar I m still laughing
    Khush likti reh aur hum sbko hasati reh
    Eagerly waiting for next part
    Post soon khush
    And it was again a kaint ff

  11. Prettypreeti

    Ho han phir se dp changed thik ja ek PR kitne try krne hai

  12. ooommmmggggg!!!! Kya episode hai yaar….i cant stop laughing… was sooo niceee…dat teacher wala scene????????…khushhiiii…post next partz soon.,,n ha dis time try to post long epi…

  13. WeirdSister

    Khushi… I guess u want to kill me….I m so very sure abt it now…nd d cause on my death certificate would be…..died of laughing….????…it was just sooooo amazing..loved it….??
    Nd luv u…???

  14. This is not fair yaar..khushi..hamarey had dosth ki ff pey ..kehtey..ho…who said this borrowing?..aur tuney dhaat they bhi..ho..abh khudh hi aise baarey karney lagi ho..?chill..☺☺
    Its a Nice one…??

  15. Nikita

    It was really amazing.. Loved sumo and shravan.. Btw, di I have a suggestion n an request.. Can you include ShraMan in the prom? It will be fun.. But it’s your ff… Whatever you’ll write, it will be amazing.. Love you

  16. Hy khushi how r u???? The epi was amazing really funny shraman part was too good mera b karan wala haal tha ma b has has k pagal ho gai thi is was really funny i enjoyed it alot lots of love from me to u. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ take care

  17. Devi

    Osm! This was hilarious! Khushi di! I will read all ur Love is Blind epis!

  18. Sumo

    the as usual blast of happiness khush,! hilarious as well as composed… m really impressed!! ???

  19. When are u posting ur nxt part

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