hey guys this is khushi here i know m disappointing u all by not posting regularly and posting short episodes so here is a surprise for u today it was rainy here heavily so i was not able to go school and was free so thought to write a long update and post it as gift from me to u all…..coz u all r my heartbeat i love u all so much plz keep loving me like this only
song enough of my bak bak lets get back to the topic so here is the surprise update for u all
ab gussa toh nhi ho na????
recap: sumo spoils shravan’s face and they have some cute fight sumo smell something between preekar and thinks of some plan
ab aage
shravan: r u sure this will work??
sumo:yeh sumo ka plan hai kabhi fail nhi hoga bas u execute it properly
shravan: ohk lets go
sumo: u go and do ur work and i will do mine
saying this she goes from there and shravan is lost
shravan: pagal hai yeh ladki and isne mujhe bhi pagal kar diya hai…(he comes in his senses) oye shravan concentrate nhi toh yeh ladki tujhe majnu bana degi chal beta agar kaam sahi se nhi kiya toh majnu chodo yeh meri bali chada degi…
here preeti is lost in her thoughts
preeti: why i always experience a shiver down in my spine whenever pushkar touches me??…why i always miss him ??… why have he become so imp in my life?? i have not experienced this before what is this ?? is this love???….nahi nahi love nhi ho sakta how can i love a boy….arre kya preeti tu bhi u will love a boy only not a girl
but the thing is i always hated boys coz they just use girls but pushkar is diift he respect girls and he is soo cute also…urrgghh this pushkar will drive me crazy what should i do sumo di ke pass jaun??..nhi nhi voh mazzak uadengi ohh god lets leave it dont think about it more preeti
sumo who was standing aside hiding was listening to all this coz our pyari preeti didnt realised that she was saying all this out loud and not in her mind…

sumo: acha beti ab apni sis se chupayegi dont worry beta ab toh tere muh se si bulvaungi u just wait and watch
she gets a phone and gets shocked and runs to preeti
sumo: preeti!!!!!!!!!!
preeti: kya hua di ?? why r u bearthing so heavily and why r u so tensed??/
sumo: voh pushkar he broke his leg..
preeti: what????
sumo: yes but r u so tensed?? u feel for him??
preeti: oh no no..di..ahh ahh why will i feel for him he is just my friend
sumo: ohh ohk chal lets have tea then
preeti: but di i think we shoul go and c him once….
sumo: no need after all it was his mistake only he was teasing a girl and she pushed him and he fell down i think he deserved it
preeti: pushkar and etasing not possible u must have misunderstood the situation
sumo: u r saying that m wrong and supporting and jerk..
preeti: di he is not a joke and m not saying that u r lying m saying that aapko galat fahmi ho gyi hogi he cant do such a cheap thing..
sumo: why not and how can u be so sure about it voh lagta kya hai tumhara why r u taking his side??
preeti: coz i love him di i love him very much….
sumo: han ab aayi na tu line pe…u thought that i will not get to knwo about this han??
preeti: matlab..?
shravan: matlab yeh ki this was all our plan to make u blurt out the truth…
preeti: di!!!!
sumo: what aise toh tu sach bolti nhi toh yeh sab karna pada
preeti: but di i dont know whether pushkar has feelings for me or not??
shravan: voh pta lagane ke liye i have a plan…listen…
itna dhyaan se bhi mat suno guys the plan is muted ofcourse abhi sab padh loge toh suspense kya rahega?? so wait….

arre khatam nhi hua hai abhi guys i said na it will be a long update so there is some more so keep reading love u all

at night…
karan: guys lets play a game i getting bored now…
sumo: ya ya lets play truth and dare…
shravan: yup lets start pushkar preeti come..
karan: firstly i want to introduce to u all my cousin vihaan
vihaan: hello guys i hope u dont mind if i also join u all??
sumo: no not at all plz join more the players more is the fun
shravan: so lets start the game u all know the rules we will spin the bottle and the player to which the cap pf bottle will point will choose and the player to which the other end of bottle is pointed will ask ques or give the dare…so here i spin the bottle
guys the sitting arrangement is sumo with shravan opp vihaan karan with vihaan opp preeti and pushkar with preeti opp shravan
they spin the bottle and it points towards pushkar
shravan: ahh mera bhai chalo choose truth or dare??
pushkar: umm truth
both shravan and sumo smile evily
shravan: umm ohk so tell do u love someone if not then why?
pushkar: i dont believe in love nowadays there is nothing called love all r selfish and it just look good in hearing that one shoul love heart not body but when it comes to implementing nobody cares everybody goes for outter beauty not inner nobody accepts ur shortcomings they just use u and throw i will never love someone and i can never love someone love is not made for me i dont believe in the system of marriage and love and i will never get married nowadays all want and love money this world is materialistic and i dont want my heart to be broken by a selfish girl…
preeti was shattered after listening this from pushkar she had tears in her eyes which sumo saw and even shravan was shocked to hear such an answer from his cute sweet brother
sumo: ahh lets leave it good answer pushkar but love do exist and u will get a perfect partner for u bas agar mile toh yeh galti mat karna and usse jaane mat dena…
shravan: ahh yes lets spin the bottle again
this time the bottle pointed towards vihaan
sumo: so tell truth or dare??
vihaan: i choose dare coz m very daring
sumo.: hm ok then u apply jam on ur one cheek and peanut butter on the other click a selfie and post it on instagram and facebook with a caption m a cutie with jam and peanut butter …all the girls plz hit like if u want to try..
all started laughing coz vihaan said dare with so much attitude and now sumo ne pungi bja di uski…
the end

precap: sumo gets lost in the jungle..

so guys how was it? i hope it was long and upto ur espectations
so guys the twist is up the sleeve so be ready and do tell me if u liked my surprise through ur comments love u all
do comment ha
and riya i kinda lost track of ur story plz send me the links of last 2 chap i will read and surely comment m sorry i couldnt comment plz forgive ur sis love u dear
and guys sorry to u all that i didnt replied to ur comments but i read them and was thinking to give u this surprise update thats why didnt replied hope u dont mind
love all

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  1. Marie

    Hey khush…. !! ???? how r u dear????
    Frst of all toh m nt angry i just miss u…..!!!! Cause u r also my heartbeat dear…….!! N i love u so much……n i really miss ur long.lovely.sweet cmmnts….hope u cm back like d prev khush………
    Now abt d ep…..yr wah wah kia kehna bhee tera……u r so talented….!! ????…..n i loved this ep….n kia mast suprise tha….!! Haha agr aisi baat hai phir toh barish hoti rehe….!!! Haahah anyways it was a dhamakedaar eo…hope u will give us beautiful
    ful surprises like this always….!!!!!!
    Love u uncountable sweetoo
    Take care ????
    urs n urs maria……………….!!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesomeness overloaded in one ep ??????????
    Love it to the core ??
    Nd the precap seems interesting ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

  3. Ariana

    Ohohoho….Such an awesome epi. Really Pushkar???? Oh yah Kamini left with Ramnath. jk. Preekar chemistry will b interesting. Waiting for tht. Idky I feel like Vihaan will b a kabab mein haddi on ShraMan stry. Idk just a quick guess. Anyways the epi was rocking. The precap!!! Super excited. Hero to the rescue girl…Waiting for ur nxt epi
    Post soon
    Take care
    Love u

  4. Neeti

    hey di, again me tapak pari….aur iss bar late bhi nai hui so no Leeti..:)
    super majeder dhamakedar surprise tha yeh…thank u di fr d super duper epi….ab return gift toh mere pas nai he bt jabbhi mere dimag me return gift ka koi idea ayega me jaroor de dungi, promise..
    hahahahahahaha Majnu bana degi…
    Preeti ko lage charsho chalish (440) volt sune se Pushkar se…sooo cute just like u
    hahahahahaha agar Shraman pagal ho gaye toh kya hum pagalo ka luv stry dekhenge ?
    Sumo ne sahi kiya us Overconfidence ki dukaan ke sath hahahaha jam peanut butter lagake fb aur insta pe hahahahahaha?
    aj mera pet phat na jaye haste haste?
    I genuinely loved it and got emotional by Pushkar’s answer pls make him fine..ap toh meri Khushi di hona aur ap mere liye itna toh karengina…
    pst nw di I can’t wait, even I didn’t go to schl bcs I’m sick
    luv u sooooooooo much???????- Neeti

  5. Nikita

    Oh di !! Mazza aa gaya !!
    But this Pushkar.. Show mei kitna supportive hai aur yaha,! Chalo koi nai.. I loved it bohot saaraaa
    Pos soon

  6. WeirdSister

    Oh khushi….do I need to tell u every time…that it was just amazingggggg…
    This time a bit intense…that pushkar scene….didn’t expect that to come….
    Hope preekar come together soon….
    Nd dying to c some romance between…Shraman….
    Good…keep posting like this…I love these kind of surprises…???
    Take care..
    Luv u…
    Post soon

  7. Sharmansangel

    Nice one yaar and I am angry from u nut please haan Di aise chodke mat jaya karo

  8. Khushi di…still a bit unwell!
    Amazing epi…loved it to the core…can’t say anything else…I dnt wanna get killed by my Mother’s hands…love u?

  9. pretty preeti

    Oh merit khush hr vari ki tarh this time also khush kr diya so lovely epi
    Pushkar bhi na
    It was lovely my sis
    Shraman me beech kya hoga tu jne
    I will wait
    Precap sumo ghum gyi hm SB ko dhudna padega
    Post soon

  10. Nice episode. Really liked it.
    Post soon ?

  11. Hahaha..
    Vihaan was the most will take dare in front of sumo..????
    Well..sumo thodi..simple so dare act dhi hai..Bach gaya vihaan..
    Sumo gonna lost in jungle..

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