LOVE- A blessing [OS]


Hello everyone!?

This is the first time,i am posting anything on internet. So,i hope u all enjoy it. A one shot on swasan.

……LOVE~a blessing……

Swara,a young beautiful woman was sitting on a chair with a blanket wrapped around her. She was starring out of the window while sipping a cup of coffee on a chilly morning. She shifted her gaze from the window to her husband, sanskar who was cutely sleeping and cuddling on the bed. She smiled seeing his innocence and started remembering how this innocence and purity of heart made her fall for him,while thinking all this she got deeply engrossed in the past memories. She had always wondered how can a perfect person like him can love an imperfect girl like her who has lost her on the same dreadful night when he saved her from those goons,but it was too late. After that he took her to the hospital.

Even after knowing her reality he supported her,even after knowing how the society and her family abandoned her,he took her to his home and left no stone unturned to make her happy. Even after knowing she was a stranger,he helped her in coming out of the trauma and even after knowing that she was impure he fell in love with her. Finally,he confessed his feelings to her. He proposed her and with a heavy heart she denied because she knew he deserved the best. But he was hell-bent to make her accept her feelings and his love. While everyone badmouthed her, he kept on telling how divine and pure she was.

And finally she lost in front of him,his efforts and his true love. Yes yes, she also confessed. Still after one yera of marriage,she turned into crimson red whenever he praised her,her heart started beating faster whenever he touched her,her face glew whenever she sees him and so on… Still he keeps on trying to make her happy from his soothing words,silly actics and cute surprises. And all these things,again make her to fall in love with him yet again and again. Only beacause of him. She felt complete. She felt divine. She felt pure. This love felt blessed…………

So here comes the end. Please let me know how was the story. Coment and coment and pleaseee coment. If i will get good response. I will post my next 6 os and 1 ss. So, please if its even little good let me know. Negative and p ositive both are equally welcome.
So,this is SHUBHANGI SHARMA signing off.


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  1. Maryam

    Very NYC dear….It was really Interesting. ..A Pure Love short OS…It was Nyc. ..plz post you next work soon I know I won’t be able to read them but still plz post them for other Swasan Fans…
    N ya Sorry I Forgot WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. …..I hope you have a Good Time here..
    keep smiling N Stay blessed..☺?

    1. Shubhangi1

      Thank you so much

  2. Sooper. Short and sweet

  3. Savanshi27

    This was NYC dear… welcome to d world of ff’s… NYC start…

  4. Rabia0032

    Should I tell u truth I loved ur os but It was too short for me…

    U could have make little bit longer na but np I loved it was awesome to read

  5. ShubhangiRokxx

    hey its nyc where do u live???

    1. Shubhangi1

      Delhi and thanx

  6. Kaynatk01


  7. Shinchan1205

    It was really very sweet n lovely os….

  8. Sanswa

    Liar….zoothi….first time me koi itna achheee se kaise likh sakta he…???
    Well dear really amazing one…ur first try was super duper awesome one…keep writing like dis….?

    1. Shubhangi1

      Thank u so much

  9. Awesome…!! I think you can make it bigger even…!! But still it’s sweet..!!

  10. Srusti

    It was super dear and I think can u make it longer Na anyways it was short nd sweet and plzzzzzzz make ur next OS longer Na it’s a request from ur reader and r u from south or north?

    1. Shubhangi1

      Delhi and thanx

  11. Maryum

    Superb dear very nice and simple

  12. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…but felt it little short…

  13. Short and sweet

    1. Thank you to alll

      Why no one is commenting now silent readers plz comment

  14. I just loved it….. It was so simple yet beautiful…. ???????continue with another one

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  16. Vyshu10


  17. Praju


  18. Praju


  19. Nice

  20. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  21. JenniferAndrews

    It is really nice, but it would have been better if you could have shown some romance

  22. very awesome

  23. Simi

    Good moral.. 🙂

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