Love from black hole raglak part 5

Laksh was looking at his mother shocked.Ragini blushed a little n said aunty we we….Lakahs mom said I understand beta.Leave it.Wait here one min.She went in brought rice pot n aarthi thaal.Laksh said mom you re misunderstanding ma.Laksh mom said chup beta ,I know everything.okk .She placed pot near door.She asked ragini to kick it slowly.Ragini too kicked n walked in.She was happy for an unknown reason.Her heart says that you belong here.

Laksh mom asked her to lit diya.Ragini was confused. She don’t know how to lit diya.she looked at laksh.Laksh saw her n understood.He too came,but his mother stopped him n signed what?? Laksh said WO ma diya she rag does not lit know.Laksh mom asked what r u speaking beta .ahsrah said Maa bhai wants to spend time with bhabhi,she whispered I’ll help you bhai. She said Maa that is both husband n wife want to lit diya together ,that is our tradition na n winked. Laksh Maa yes beti I forgot.You come here n pushed laksh towards ragini.

He stumbled n ragini holded him .Their eyes locked..

Arere ekkada ekkada ekkada ekkada ekkada naa pranam
Ee prasnakku nuvele samadhanam…

Ragini made him stand n Laksh held her hand n lit diya.Ragini was looking into lakshs eye.

Unnale mei marandhandhu nirena
Mai vizhiyil mei azhagu kandene

Idai vidadha nerukkangal thodaruma anbae
Mozhiyillamal thavikkiren mounamai Inge

Laksh was feeling new feelings in his heart.He was seeing ragini.Ragini was cut off from her dreamland.She smiled.Lakahs mom n ahsrah dragged her from there n ahsrah said bhai I posted urs n bhabhi pic in ur fb account.

Laksh hit his head.omg she would have seen it.I’m dead.He cursed his little sis.Ragini came to him n asked anything wrong.He said my girlfriend.
Ragini said GI RR lll fr eee non ii what does that mean.He said girlfriend my love.Ragini was sad,somewhere it pinched her heart.But she smiled n said I want to meet her.I’ll make her understand.

Here Laksh girlfriend was seeing pic n burning with jealously.He hit her lap screen n shut it.She received call from laksh to meet at park.She went there,n was more furious to see Ragini with him.She pushed her down,when Laksh caught her.He said

Screen freezes

Tadaa how’s it.Do u want to know more keep reading.I’ll update next part on Friday.pls support ur……

Precap: Laksh slapped ……..whom guess it???

This is specially for divz n all my Tu family n raglakians

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  1. DivzS

    Omg.. What an episodic climax!! Laksh slapped someone..! Plz try to update regularly.. At least when you give such cliffhangers

    1. DivzS

      Thank you for mentioning me.. And I guess it’s swara.. May be to cool her down because she’s not listening??

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    awesome dear…loved it alot…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

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    Lovely episode di and cute raglak

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  18. It’s outstanding episode dear ???? Raglak scenes are beautiful?????? I think the person who Laksh slapped is swara. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care ???????????

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