Love Birds (part-7)


The next morning thapki comes to downstairs. she sees nobody is there in home.she asks to servent where are they.he says they went to temple for some arrangements for to do puja.she nodes at him.she searches for bihaan.he was not there in house.she gets sad.she again asks to servent about bihaan.he says to her five minutes before I saw him here.but I don’t know now where he goes.she gets upset.she thinks where are you bihaan.I wants to see you now.pls god show him infront of me.bihaan comes to her suddenly.he says to that thapki why are you looking very sad.are you looking for me.she says to him no…I am not looking for you.I just…. I mean….I missed my ring somewhere so I am upset.he thinks,I know you are lying to me.I will find the truth now from you.he shows some ring to her.he says,I saw this ring in outside of house.I saw this already in your is this yours?.

she says yes.thank you bihaan.he laughs.he says to her,oh you lost your you are saying this is yours… actually its my ring.I know you are getting upset without me.she doesnt agrees with him.both are argues.thapki goes from him.she wears backless short frok.he sees her.he sees in her dress that neck lace not is becomes tightless.he calls her.but she goes angrily.she doesn’t listen to him.he runs to her.he holds that neck lace.she gets tensed suddenly.

he puts a not in lace.she closes eyes. she gets shy.they looks each other.they have an eye lock (ranjhanna plays. … ..).then he says to her in your dress neck lace is becomes I done this to you.she says thank you bihaan.she smiles.she runs from him.he asks thapki why are you running.but she runs again.Sankara enters the home.she sees them.bihaan runs to catches thapki. she gets angry.she thinks today is a lastday for you thapki.she smiles.bihaan sees Sankara.he comes to her.thapki sees her.

thapki comes to Sankara.she hugs Sankara. then vasu and balwander comes to house.vasu fills kumkum in thapki forehead.she blesses her.vasu says to that thapki I want you to become as my bahu.she smiles at thapki.Sankara hears this.her temper becomes very high level.vasu calls them for having food.thapki and bihaan says we are not feeling hungry maa.we will eat later.vasu agrees to them.bihaan gives dairy milk chocolate to thapki.she opens it.she says to him its totally melted.I don’t like over melting.he says yes I know.don’t think I gives this for eating.he smiles.she asks it means…he suddenly takes that chocolate from her.he applies in her face,neck,and dress.she says to him bihaan stop it please.but he didn’t leave her.he applies full chocolate to her.she runs from him.but he holds her.Sankara shouts bihaan.she says to him what are you doing with her.

I am standing alone here.they sees her.bihaan says to her,sorry sankara I forgot you.I thought you are not here .thapki blames bihaan.she says to him you ruined my face and my dress everything . he says to thapki no problem you go and change dress .thapki goe from there to her room.after few minutes thapki comes to them.bihaan sees her.bihaan says to sankara,thapki is so hot…Sankara does fake smiles at him.thapki says to him she is feeling hungry now.bihaan says let’s we will have a food.bihaan takes food himself.Sankara suddenly comes to thapki.she gives food in plate.she says to that thapki its for you.I know you are feeling I keep food already.thapki thanks to her.Sankara smiles at her.flash back shown Sankara takes some foods in plate.she adds poison in it.fb ends.thapki starts to eat food.but suddenly thapki hears her mobile is ringing some where.she says,I will bring my mobile and I will eat this.she goes to her room.sankara gets upset.she moves chair very angril.thapki keeps her plate in dinning table doesn’t suddenly the plate falls down and breaks.bihaan sees this and asks why are you moved this chair like this.he shouts Sankara.rat comes to food.rat eats the dies because of poison.thapki comes and sees it.she screams.

bihaan asks to thapki what happend to you.she shows this.bihaan gets shocked.he says to her,how it will happened I am also eats the same food it means in your food someone mixed poison. he looks at Sankara.he asks to her about it.but she doesn’t accept her mistake.bihaan slaps Sankara very hardly.she cries.she says to him,I love you bihaan.this thapki makes distance between I hate when I am seeing her.I wants to kill her.she talks like crazy.bihaan gets angry.he slaps her again.he says to her,I love thapki,if you tries to do anything against her,I will finish you.from today onwards we don’t have any relationship between us.he holds thapki hands .he goes with her .Sankara cries and goes from there.

thapki says to that bihaan,do you love me bihaan.he says to her why are you asking this question. I love you so much,you are my angel,you are my life,you are everything for me.I can’t live without you.suddenly thapki hugs him.she kisses him…they looks at each other.they dancing together(sasume Teri……)they have an eye lock.dhruv comes there
he sees them.he hides behind the door.he gets angry.he gets teary eyes.then he goes to his room.

thapki comes to bihaan room.she sees the room decoration. she gets happy. thapki and bihaan telling about their love to vasu and balwander.they gets happy. dhruv gets shocked.

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