Love Birds (part-6)


This part is starting from thapki goes to rain.she dances in rain(barso re megha……song).bihaan looks at her.thapki pulls bihaan to the rain.he get shivering.he tries to go from there.thapki pulls again him o her.he comes closes to her.he hugs her.because of he feels very cool in rain.thapki smiles at him.they hugs each other. he sees her face.he feels shy at her.he turns his face.he leaves her hands.he goes.thapki pulls him on her very closely.he closes his eyes.she says to that bihaan very slowly I love you the same time heavy thunder sounds comes from he didn’t hears this clearly.rain has stopped.then bihaan opens his eyes.he asks what happend now to between us.what you says to me.she says to him really you don’t know what I said to you.he says to that thapki really I can’t hear.he asks to her what you says to me.she says to that bihaan nothing .she laughs at him.

dhruv gets tensed.he thinks about bihaan and thapki.Sankara reaches her house.she also thinks about the samething.she cries.she says I love you very much bihaan.pls don’t go away from me.I won’t lost you.

vasu comes to dhruv.she asks to him about his marriage.she tells to that dhruv what is your decision about your life.dhruv says now I am ready to get marriage. I saw a girl like an angel.I love her a lot.but still I am not confessing my love to her.if I confess my love to her once I will tell you surely who is that girl.vasu smiles at him.she says to that dhruv OK dear.I am very happy about you.I am always with you.dhruv smiles looks at her.then vasu goes from his room.

thapki asks to that bihaan she wants to drink cold coffee.bihaan parks his bike in coffee shop.they ordered cold coffee.bihaan thinks I know you loves me very much.but still why you not confessing your love with me.thapki asks to that bihaan did you love with anyone?bihaan says yes.she gets angry.she tells to him who’s that girl.she tells angrily.ha says I won’t tell you.but here also I am watching her face.she says is it where is she?he says to her she is sitting in front of me.she says to that bihaan what are you saying.he says no thapki.I mean she is always in my heart.he smiles at her.she says why are you smiling at me.he says nothing.but you know my Angel was very cute.he sees thapki.he says to her wow what a eyes.her eyes looks like a current shock for me.her nose is very cute.her lips is like strawberry fruit…her neck was so beautiful. he continues to tells to her.but thapki thinks he was admiring another she gets angry.she says stop it bihaan.enough.then waiter brought a cold coffee.they drinks coffee.thapki feels vomiting. she runs outside. she tooks vomit.he sees her.he gives water to her.she drinks and washed her dress.he laughs.he congrats her.she says thanks to him.then she realizes he was kidding her(about pregnancy).she says bihaan you are very naughty.she runs to catches him.he runs from her.he laughs at her.she catches him.she fights with him.he says OK OK relax thapki.I just plays with you.he hugs her.

Sankara thinks to kill thapki for bihaan.she smiles and she imagines her marriage is with bihaan.thapki and bihaan reaches home.thapki gets call from her father krishnakanth.she speaks to him.he tells to that thapki did you tell everything to bihaan.she says no dad.he says to her talk to him about your love thapki.she says OK.she cuts the call.bihaan comes behind to thapki.he ties a cloth in thapki eyes.she asks to that bihaan what are you doing.he says to her you want to know that girl name right.she nods.he says in this house I will hide anywhere you have to find me.if you find I will tell you the name.she agrees to him.he goes downstairs. he hides silently.he smiles at her.she comes downstairs.she searches him.but she couldn’t get him.she goes out from house.then bihaan hides outside infront of house.thapki goes to outside behind of that place there is a big well.but she ties cloth in her house so she doesn’t know .

she goes to that side.bihaan doesn’t sees her.he thinks where is she went.she goes slowly to well.ram pyaari sees thapki is going to well.ram pyaari screams.bawander hears ram pyarri is screaming somewhere here.he comes to outside he sees bihaan is hiding there.he calls him.he says to him I think ram pyaari is in hungry.give grasses to him.bihaan nods to him.he picks grasses and searches ram pyaari.thapki goes closes to well. bihaan founds where is that ram pyaari is screaming.he comes there.he sees thapki.he gets shocked.he throws the grasses.he screams her name.he runs to her.she keeps the steps to reach that well. he comes and pulls her on him.they falls down each other he lifts her.he removes cloth from her eyes.he says to her thapki are you alright.if I didn’t see you now I will lost you.he gets teary eyes.he says I done a big mistake.I won’t lost you.sorry.he hugs her.he kisses her.she gets teary eyes.she hugs him.they smiles each other they have an eye lock.(ranjhana plays……)

dhruv thinks about thapki.he says I will marry you surely thapki.thapki and bihaan comes to house.thapki days thanks to him.bihaan says sorry to her.they recalls about the incidents.thapki and bihaan becomes speechless.they tries to talk each other.but they gets shy.they goes to their rooms

dhurv thinks to tell his love to thapki.he goes to thapki room.he says to thapki I want to say something to you.she says to him yeah sure tell me.he says to her I like to do marry now.she says to him awesome dhruv.are you loving someone?.he says yes.she gets happy.she asks to dhruv to tell that girl name.he tries to says that’s you only thapki.but before that vasu comes and calls dhruv for some work.he goes with vasu .

(night) bihaan thinks about thapki and about all incidents.thapki also thinks the same.both are smiles.they recalls everything (ranjhanna plays)….

bihaan slaps Sankara very hardly.he says I love thapki.if you tries to do anything evil with her I will finish you.from today onwards we don’t have any relationship between us.Sankara cries. thapki gets shocked.thapki looks at him.

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