Love Birds (part-5)

Sankara enters house to meet bihaan.she asks to that vasu about him.vasu says he is in his room.bihaan asks to that thapki so you are not having any feeling on me right?she says yes.but thapki smiles.Sankara reaches his room.she sees they are talking and smiles.she gets angry.thapki tries to go from him but bihaan holds her hand.he pulls her closes.Sankara get very angry
she goes to them.she asks to that bihaan what are you doing with her.he smiles and says we are just talking here.thapki and bihaan laughs.he says to that Sankara you know she had drinks yesterday.she says everything to me.but whatever I am says what she has done,but she is not believing me.Sankara asks what she says to you.he says its my personal and he laughs.Sankara thinks oh…you know already she has drunked but still you like her very much.surely I will ruined your relationship. I won’t lost you bihaan.bihaan asks what are you thinking?she says nothing.

then he keeps his hands in thapki shoulder.bihaan asks to that sankara anything is there very important. she tells why are you asking to me.he says nothing mostly you will contact me in mobile is early morning you came I just asked to you.she thinks I came here for you only bihaan.I came here for seeing you and thapki.I wants to see how you are hating her.but my plan is flopped. vasu comes to them.she calls them to have food.

they goes to downstairs.vasu asks them to have food.thapki comes.she says to that vasu wow…I love palak paneer.thank you aunty.she goes to vasundhara.she kisses her.vasu smiles looks at her.they sits in chair.Sankara and bihaan eats the food.thapki picks chilli sauce bottle.she tooks it.she pressed it very fast.chilly sauce goes to her eyes.she feels very irritating. bihaan sees her.he asks to that thapki what happens to you dear.she says chilly sauce goes in my eyes.its burning and irritating. he takes his kerchief. he wipes her eyes very slowly.they looks at each other. they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays….. ..)

dhuv comes there.he sees them.he gets jealous. he scolds bihaan.he says to that bihaan what are you doing with her.vasu says don’t shout him.chilly sauce goes to her eyes.she feels burning. so he was helping her.bihaan says to that thapki are you alright.she says yes bihaan.thank you.vasu sees them.she smiles.

after that Sankara comes to bihaan.she asks to him why are you avoiding me.he asks what? again she repeated the same question. he says what are you saying.she says you don’t like like thapki that you are always speaking with are getting close to her.he gets anger.he says are you many times you are asking same question. I said already to you.I am not avoiding you.thapki is my close relative.she is staying in same house with me.then how I can’t speak with her.if u asks this question again you forget about our relationship. I hate a person who tries to controls me.there is limit sankara.he continues his speech to her….he sees thapki comes to him.he tells stop this nonsense.and don’t share this to her.then she feels bad.thapki comes to them.they becomes silence.thapki asks to that Sankara why are you looking sad.she says nothing and she smiles at her.she thinks you are my problem.

dhruv goes to his room.he thinks about bihaan and thapki.he gets jealous.he gets angry.he thinks if anyone comes in between to me and thapki.I will finish them.I kill them.go away from my thapki bihaan.he scream angrily.

thapki says I love bike riding bihaan can you please take me in bike?Sankara sees bihaan.she acts to him to say know to her.he looks at her angrily.he says yes thapki.u will take you with me.we are going get ready.thapki gets happy.dhruv thinks about them.he comes to palcony.thapki and bihaan goes in bike.thapki holds him tightly.Sankara sees them very jealousy.dhruv sees thapki and bihaan from palcony.he gets jealous.

bihaan drives bike is high speed.thapki screams happily. bihaan looks her face in bike mirror.he sees her cuteness and her smile. he smiles at her.they goes happily.the rain drops are comes from sky.then rain comes very heavily.they gets wet in rain.bihaan sees the place for parking bike.he stops the bike.they goes to that place in road.bihaan feels very cool and shivering. he holds thapki hands.thapki tries to go to rain.bihaan holds hand and says don’t get wet in rain.then fever will come.she sees his eyes she says you are always with me I don’t care about anything.he sees her.both are looking at each other.(ranjhanaa plays).

thapki dances in rain.bihaan smiles looks at her.they gets closes.dhruv gets tensed about thapki.Sankara gets angry.she thinks about bihaan.

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    Awsm episode dear luv it your imagination fantastic really I like it a lot

  2. Nice epi bt I know kahani abhi bhi bhaaki hai mere dhosth …………
    ….story me twist n turns anewali hai
    .. N plss don’t drag it much dr…..n btw d story s too short n plss make it as long as possible n i luvvv dis epi very much…keep writing …waiting fa next epi.

  3. Vinolin.d

    thank you dear manish ki deewani.friends there is some corrections in today update.I will tell you that’s Sankara acts to bihaan to say no to thapki.and bihaan says to thapki I will take you with me. I forgot to check pls excuse me.

  4. Vinolin.d

    OK sush.I will finished this track very soon.there is wonderful twist in story.that’s y I add this.thank u for supporting me dear

  5. Garima

    g for gajab.

  6. Nice episode

  7. Wow… great dear… i luv it… u rockd it dear… n dnt be sry typos error is common v undrstod… so dnt worry dear… tc…

  8. Outstanding

  9. When I read this I just get a relief feeling…because the telly drama will going in a more complicated ways in day by day so at that time its willbe making me happy.
    Waiting for upcomind twists in your ff.

  10. Vinolin.d

    thank you my dears…garima,pooja,anchel,crazy girl,and dhivya…

  11. Garima

    hey violin d you reply it is easy for you kind knowledge you se in any name like see your name vinolin d below in black dark colour reply is Wright click on it if you know that already so please don’t be angry.

    1. Vinolin.d

      its OK dear.I don’t know full information about this page.thanks for this garima.

  12. Navami

    Hi vinolin drr it was an awsome epi really nice drr

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much navami dear.

  13. love this…keep writting….

  14. Awesome..

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