Love Birds (part-4)


This part started from they started to celebrate the party.vasu looks for thapki.but she was not there.vasu calls bihaan asks about thapki to him.he says I will come with her now maa.he goes to her room.he calls her name.he enters to her room.he sees her in blue long frok.she smiles at him.he goes and one kneel down he tries to propose her.he becomes speechless. he gives a pen to her.he thought thats flower.she laughs. she asks bihaan what r u doing.then he wakes up and says sorry.I did this by mistakenly.actually I don’t know what I done.he gets tension.she says OK down.shall we go now.he says ok.then they goes to downstairs. everyone’s looks at them.they sings a birthday song.she cuts the cake.she feeds to vasu and balwander.bihaan feeds to thapki.dhruv comes to thapki.but vasu feeds him cake.he gets worries.then dhruv says thanks to everyone for coming this party.let’s start to enjoy this party.this is for our thapki….cheers…all are says cheers…everyone’s had a drinks.Sankara enters to house.bihaan asks you r u late sankara.she says to that bihaan has work.she comes to thapki and hugs her.she wished thapki. then she goes alone she adds some tablets in drink.she makes her to drink.Sankara smiles and says thapki its my gift for your beautiful attitude will spoil..

then songs plays.everyone gets pair for dance.but thapki didn’t get a pair.Sankara thinks to dance with bihaan.she tries to go with him.but before that bihaan goes to thapki.he gives his hand to her.she holds his hands.Sankara sees them.she thinks wow… thapki you makes my work is bihaan will hate you.she smiles at her.they are dancing together.(ranjhanaa plays……….)

they have an eye lock.she gets dizzy.she tries to dance with him.but she couldn’t.bihaan sees her.she falls on him.he holds her.he asked to that thapki what happend to you.are you alright?.she says nothing.then he realizes her.he holds her with him.he goes to her room.she asks him to leave her.she tries to scream.but he keeps his hand in her mouth.she bites his finger.she smiles.he looks her.he makes her to sits in bed.he says you are not well now so go and sleep.she says to that bihaan no I won’t sleep.sing a song for me.I will sleep now.he gets tensed.he says I don’t know about singing.she screams like a child.she says no I want song I want song.she started to cry.he says OK don’t want song right?.she says yes.he sings a song.but she does not sleep.she asks to bihaan why you are getting shy at me.why are you going away from me.I love you so much bihaan.I came here for you only.then she shows a chain.she says its your chain when your at 7 yrs old.still I am having thisi love you so much bihaan.she pulls him closer.she kisses him.bihaan gets shocked.he becomes speechless.then she sleeps.he sees her sleeping.he smiles at her.he goes to his room.then he recalls about her words. he gets happy.

The next day morning thapki comes to dinning table.bihaan looks at her.he laughs.thapki says why are you laughing at me.he says nothing.but again and again he laughs.thapki gets tensed.she asks bihaan what’s wrong with you
he says nothing.I gets all information’s about me from your heart yesterday night.she says nothing is there about you in my heart.he laughs.he goes.thapki runs to catches him.he runs to his room.finally she catches him.she asks to that bihaan,what are you saying.he explained everything to her.thapki says she hates drinks.he says maybe you drinks it by mistake.she nods at him.but she doesn’t belive what he says to her. she gets angry.she tries to go from room.he holds her hand.he gets closes to her.she says bihaan…leave me..I have so many works.she’s stammers to him.he says why are you stammering.your lie also beautiful. they sees each other.he asks to that thapki so really you won’t believe don’t love me right?she says yes.

thapki says to bihaan I love bike riding.they goes in bike.Sankara sees them.dhruv and Sankara gets jealous.

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