Love Birds (part-3)

They goes to restaurant.thapki sits near to bihaan.they ordered pizza and coke.thapki laughs at Sankara.she asks to that thapki why are you laughing at me.she says to that Sankara do you know how to smile?because of I do not sees your smile.bihaan looks thapki and smiles at her.coke falls down on thapki.she says excuses and goes to washroom for clean it.after few minutes she comes. her heal sandal was broken and she falls down.she screams.Sankara smiles at her.

bihaan sees her.he runs to her.he lifts her.he sees thapki legs gets injures and it has bleeding.sankara sees angrily and throws coke bottle.she goes to them.he says to that thapki to come home with me now. Sankara says that no bihaan now only we started to we has to complete this.he looks her angrily.he says thapki is most important to me not this outing.if you wants to enjoy you can carry on Sankara.he keeps thapki hand in his shoulder and makes her to sits in car.Sankara sees them.she thinks I won’t leave you thapki.then she goes.

thapki and bihaan reaches home.vasu and balwander sees thapki and they asks what happend to her.bihaan says everything.they gets worried.then they says to thapki to take rest.thapki tries to walks in steps.but she could not.hihaan sees her feeling pain.he lifts her in his arms and goes to her room.thapki and bihaan looks at each other.(ranjhanaa plays………..)

then he reaches her room and makes her to sits in bed. he picks the first aid box.he puts bandage in her legs.she feels pain.he holds her face and says I am always with you. dhruv comes in between them he says to bihaan maa searching you for some go to downstairs. he goes.thapki looks at bihaan.dhruv asks to that thapki are you alright now.she says I am fine and I don’t worry because of bihaan is with me.dhruv thinks thapki I am getting jealous when you are speaking with are always for mine.he tries to speak with her.but she says I am feel sleeping.he says OK take rest.he goes.

in midnight all lights are goes. some one enters to thapki room.thapki wakes and sees him.she tries to scream but he keeps cloth in her mouth.she tries to see his face.he lifts her and goes to downstairs.lights are comes again.that person removes cloth from her mouth.he removes mask in his face.its really bihaan.thapki gets shocked.she sees the decorations and smiles.everyone’s comes to thapki.they sings birthday song for her.that asks to cut the cake.she cuts and takes a piece.he feeds to bihaan.he feeds to thapki.dhruv gets jealous.vasu says bihaan dones everything for you.thapki sees bihaan.she gets teary eyes.she runs to him.she hugs him.he smiles at her.he wipes her tears.he gives gift to her.she opens and sees that’s really pink color lehenga.she gets happy.ahe says thanks to bihaan.dhruv comes to her.he wishes him.he gives gift to thapki.she sees the gift.its really a long blue color frok.she thanks him.vasu says to thapki evening big party has arranged by bihaan.she sees him.they have an eyelock.(ranjhana plays…………)

bihaan calls Sankara and tells that today evening have a big party for thapki you has to come here.she says OK.morning thapki comes to downstairs.bihaan sees her and smiles. she wears the lehenga.she says its very nice bihaan.I love pink color.he says you are are looks like a angel.he gets close to her.both are looks at each other.dhuruv comes and sees thapki.he asks why you are not wears that frok.she says I have already so many dresses like that but lehenga I am wearing now only in my life.don’t worry I wear this in party.dhruv smiles and goes.

thapki goes to bihaan and says I love your selection bihaan.he sees her maang tika doesn’t there properly.he keeps her maang tika in her forehead. thapki looks at him.they have an eye lock (ranjhanaa plays……).

sankara mixes some tablet in drink.she makes her to drinks her.thapki gets dizzy.Sankara gets happy.Sankara thinks that thapki attitude would spoil today.she smiles.


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