Love birds (part-24)


this part is starting from john coming to aditi.he shows something to aditi.she gets shocked.she says to him,I know this already.that why I called you here.she gets angry at Sankara.
Sankara coming to dhruv. dhruv gives gift to her.she says to him,dhruv what is this.he says to her,Sankara open it first.she nodes at him.she opens the gift.she sees big glitter heart and dhruv loves Sankara in that.she gets shocked.dhruv asks her about gift.she says to dhruv,yes I love it.then dhruv goes from there.Sankara thinks about bihaan and dhruv.she compares about dhruv love and bihaan.she recalls the moments about bihaan(she recalls bihaan raises his hands against her).she sees the gift.she smiles.

thapki does painting in room.she draws animals.later she realize bihaan is coming to room.she takes blanket and covers it.bihaan enters to room.he finds thapki hiding something from him.he goes near to her.bihaan asks blanket to her.thapki says to him,she gives another blanket to him.he says to her,thapki I don’t want this blanket.I need this.he shows that blanket intentially. thapki didn’t agrees with him.she says to him, bi…bihaan take this.don’t ask this.bihaan comes near to blanket.she holds him.she sees his eyes.bihaan tries to get that blanket.but she hugs him.she holds him he can’t get this.he feels at her.he hugs her.they sees each other.they have an eye lock(ranjha plays…….)bihaan goes to her closely.he goes near to her face.she gets shy.she closes her eyes.suddenly bihaan takes that blanket.he sees painting.bihaan asks to her,thapki did you drawn this.she says yes to bihaan.bihaan laughs.thapki says to him,bi… bi…

bihaan why are you laughing.but he didn’t stop his laughing. he says to her,what is this thapki.lion is looks like dog,this hen is looks sparrow,and giraffe looks like deer.oh my God…this is so funny.I didn’t see any painting like this in my life.thapki gets angry.she goes from there.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan leave my hand…he says to her,no I won’t leave.she gets tensed.he holds her hands back tightly.she says to him,bihaan what are you doing.bihaan hugs her from back.he kisses her neck.she turns and hugs him.he rubs her hair showly.she smiles.(na.. na ..naa….plays………)

john comes to hall.he calls everyone.everyone comes to downstairs. vasu says to him,why are you called us.did you finish all works.john says to him,madam I am not servent.everyone’s shocked

balwander says to him,what are you saying.aditi comes there.she says to them,aunty I will tell everything. actually john is not servant.he is my close friend.he was CBI officer.I thought there is some problem is there in this house against my di I called him here.he acts as a servant for me.balwander says to her,aditi what are you saying beta. aditi says to him,yes uncle.thapki gets accident before and goons are comes to kill in her marriage.its all happend by our one of family member Sankara. everyones gets shocked.dhruv says to her,aditi I can’t believe this.what is the proof. john shows his mobile.he shows images about Sankara and goons.fb shows Sankara calls to goons.she says to them,thapki and bihaan goes outside in you have to do have to kill her.after accident takes photo of her.send to me.the goons nodes at her.they does follows thapki.they does of the goon tooks photos from the people crowd.he send to Sankara.then she sends goon while thapki marriage to kill her.fb ends.

john shows the images to everyone.he shows the proof of mobile number.goons comes there.they says everything about Sankara.bihaan gets angry.everyone’s stares at Sankara.sankara gets tensed.dhruv goes to Sankara. he slaps her hardly.Sankara gets shocked.she gets teary eyes
vasu comes at her.she says to that Sankara,I didn’t see ugly girl like you in my are cheap.I don’t want this kind of don’t have rights here.don’t have place for you hereafter.go out of this house.Sankara cries.thapki looks on.bihaan comes to Sankara.he says to her,I am shame on you.I don’t like to see your trues to kill my wife thapki.dont come in front of me.
vasu comes to her.she holds Sankara hands.she goes out of house with her.vasu throws Sankara out of house.she says to Sankara,hereafter you don’t have any place in this house.Sankara looks at her.she gets shocked.thapki says to vasu,maa… please excuse her.vasu says to thapki,beta don’t support her.she tries to kill you.I won’t excuse her.

Sankara sees them.she cries.dhruv looks at her.they looks each other.dhruv goes inside of house.aditi smiles at her.aditi says to Sankara, actually we have to give complaint to police station.but if I do,this pandey nivas family get I can’t do this.go away from this family.everyone looks at Sankara very angrily.Sankara cries.she goes slowly out of gate.

everyone enters to house.aditi says to john,thanks for your help comes here for done a great job.thank you so much john.she hugs him.then she seperats from him.john says to aditi,don’t SAy thanks.we are friends.they smiles at each other.

bihaan goes to room.he gets angry on Sankara.thapki comes to him,she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan please excuse her.tell to maa about her again to house please.where she will go now.we are relations for her.bihaan says to her,thapki stop it.I won’t excuse her.I hate her.she tried to kill you know you suffered for coma few days.its second birth for you.god gives this life to you.if anything happend on that time…what I can do..she tries to ruined our life two times.and Sankara tries to insult you in house.don’t ask support for her.she holds bihaan hands.they sees each other.thapki says to him,but bi ..bihaan she is your friend…bihaan stops her suddenly.he goes from room.thapki gets tensed.

dhruv recalls about the moments with Sankara.he gets teary eyes.he breaks all the things in room angrily.he screams.vasu comes there.she sees dhruv States.she hugs him.dhruv cries.he says to vasu,maa… why this things happening only in my life.vasu cries.she says to him,beta god will give nice life to you.don’t worry.
vasu cries seeing dhruv.Sankara walks slowly in road.she cries.she recalls about dhruv.she thinks I am sorry dhruv.I made mistake.please accept me again.she cries.

bihaan comes again to room.he sees thapki sits in bed.he goes to her.he says to her,today climate is so cool.shall we go somewhere. she turns her face from him.bihaan holds her face.he says to her,thapki why are you not speaking to me.thapki says to him,don’t acts like innocence. we have to unite Sankara with dhruv. bihaan says to her oh…OK madam. I will do this for my cute wife.ok thapki smiles at him.she hugs him.they smiles at each other.(ranjhana plays. …)


dhruv searches Sankara.Sankara asks excuses to bihaan and thapki.

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  1. Vinni episode was so intrstng… its toooo goood… i like it… waiting fr nxt part… u can cal me as Sulbi…

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      thanks sulbi dear…nice name.

  2. Nice episode dear.Waiting for next episode.

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  3. You’re a good writer, Awesome episode
    Waiting for next episode… ?????

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      thanks a lot fitri dear…

  4. Again an awesome episode Vinolin dear… u always rock…

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      thank you so much Priya dear…

  5. Amazing …. Now John and Additi love story ❤ … How are u even able to carry on with 3 parallel tracks at a time … ??? And Precap is ?? … Plz continue … Waiting for the next one ?

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      thanks my dear naitan..

  6. superb i am ammu from thrissur

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  7. wao….great epi….three love stories…w8 for next ….

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  8. Alia919

    Wow …
    Nice update…
    Love the episode
    Cute thahaan scenes….
    Need more thahaan scenes…
    Waiting for next update

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      thank you so much alia dear

  9. pooja prabha

    Its a nice one dear.I would say to a big sorry because I didn’t comment the last 2 part…but I read was really nice.keep rocking dear.

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