Love Birds (part-1)

(morning 9 am.vasundhara talks in mobile)
vasu:when she was coming? today ah???but u said tomorrow!! oh….OK sure. (she smiles and calls everyone.)
bihaan: what happend ma?is there anything special?
vasu: yes.. bihaan.your uncle daughter was coming today from USA. so I am very happy today.
do you remember her?
bihaan: no mom.I didn’t …

vasu:her name is,dhruv and thapki are friends in childhood.and dhruv went office so can you go for the airport for her?
bihaan:I am sorry mom…actually I am going outing with my friend sankara.
vasu:pls my loves your mom know…so pls do this favour for me.
bihaan:OK mom.I am going for you only.

(bihaan waits for thapki.and he searches for her)
thapki comes to bihaan and says u am are bihaan right?
(bihaan shocked seeing her and about her beauty.she wears short skirt and looking very modern)
bihaan:yes.r u thapki?
(thapki laughs)
thapki:I told know already…I am thapki.

(both are reaches home)
vasu comes and tooks aarthi for her.they goes inside.vasu blesses her.

thapki: aunty house is very beautiful. its looks like a palace.
vasu:(smiles)let’s come I will introduce our family members.(balwander comes and he blesses her and asked how r u to thapki and she replies fine uncle)
thapki:aunty…I know them.its balwander uncle,he is bihaan.your younger son and where is dhruv?
vasu:he went to office.come with me I will show your room and says its your room.u will take rest here.

thapki keeps her luggage sees bihaan talking in mobile and she goes to him.
bihaan:(in phone)Sankara pls understand uncle daughter has comes I could not able to come with you I am sorry.
(he sees thapki coming to him and he says OK I will speak with you sometimes and ends the call.)
thapki:then….how r u bihaan?do you remember our childhood days?
bihaan:(he sees her eyes)he gets some fear and says yes………no…….yeah I know.
thapki:why are you stammering? are u alrigh?
bihaan:yes.I am OK.but….I don’t know why I am getting scared about you.
thapki:bihaan we are friends from please talk with me.don’t get shy and something.
bihaan:you are looking very beautiful and suddenly he turns his face because of shy.
(thapki smiles)
thapki:thanks.and vasu aunty said you are so naughty and it true?
bihaan:no no…its not true.I am very innocence.
thapki:OK then?
bihaan:it means???

thapki:tell me about you bihaan.(she holds his hands)
(he gets some shivering and says actually I am having some work so can I talk to you later?and he goes very fast.)
bihaan goes to his room.
bihaan:oh my god….what happens to me??why I am getting some shy and scared seeing her.why I stammers to her?she is doing something to hereafter I won’t go and speak to her…


  1. pooja prabha

    Vino…the first part is interesting ,its going on a very realistic keep going.if you can pls add precap.its my suggestion for your ff.

  2. Divyasri SivaKumar

    very nice dear..happy to see a new ff on thahaan..since suhana stopped..its really terrible to have nothing to read on thahaan..hope u can make all of us happy again..agerly waiting for next part

  3. Jacqueline Nicole

    Yea!! I agree with divyasri… we r missing suhana amd her story so bad.. but now ur here…. hope u also take good place in r heart as a super writer … nice epi but pls make it long next time. Thank you

  4. sadia

    hey…its a big relief to read a ff on thahaan..plz keep it up..ana where is suhana.juveria an other ff writters of thahan..plz come back soonn…

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