Our love is beyond this world!!!”The Third Venture of Love-“(swaragini FF) Episode 3


Hey guys!!! Spread love!!! Thank you for the comments.This episode goes as Swara’s words…

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Our love is beyond this world!!!”The First Venture of Love-“(swaragini FF) Episode 2

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Our love is beyond this world!!!”The First Venture of Love-“(swaragini) Episode 1

There is a special place in heaven for the one who tastes my noodles!!!Literally I mean it…Yuck!!! I tolerated my hunger and went to work… I don’t know how Rags had that noodles…

Then I went to my office…There, I was making ready for a new project based on a great businessman… I didn’t know him at all… But I was assigned to do that job as my manager found me perfect to that job… Really, it wasn’t interesting… I was feeling kinda bored on that evening, I had to interview him…First of all, they wouldn’t allow me to interview him so easily… I had to undergo many tests…And I had undergone through all…Many colleagues appreciated me that I had bagged a big opportunity… But I was damn uninterested in it… I didn’t know his name even… So I thought to go through his biography first… I had gone through his biography!!!

His name was “Sanskar”… Slowly, I gone through his biography… Suddenly my manager came to me…

Manager:Swara, you ought to be more humble towards him… Then, you are the only one person with him and you know what the interview will be held in our guest house only…..He will be coming on time… So please you be on time… It’s not a video-kinda interview and all… Like always, take your recorder with you..There will be none accompanying you…You are going all alone,ok???As they asked for only one should be present in that interview…Ask only the needed questions… Don’t ask anything more and don’t talk anything more… He is one of the youngest leading industrialists of this country… Remember everything, ok???

The first time, my manager gave me that much of instructions…As usual, I was so casual… When he gave me the more instructions, I thought to stop him first…

Me: Sir, okay cool… He is also a human like us,okay??? I will manage everything Sir… Can’t you trust me, Sir???

Manager:I have full trust on you… That’s why I have assigned this job only for you….

Me: Then why tension, Sir??? I have handled everyone…And I will handle him very easily!

Manager:Ok Swara!!! All the best…

Me:Thank you, Sir!!

The time was moving very slowly that day and at before 5.45 p.m.,I needed to be in the guest house… My hair was freely loosened… I went into the restroom, washed my face… I applied Kajal in my eyes,a light shade of red lipstick on my lips…I tied my hair very tightly like bony-tail…Then I looked myself in the mirror… The fringes of hairs which I had cut the past week were complimenting my look actually… A white full handed tops was tucked into my black tight skirt which stopped before my knees… I had an overcoat of black-colour…I took it in my hands… I went out… That was the time to leave from my office..I took my hand-bag and everybody came to me wishing,”All the best ” and all…I felt like I was going into my board exam hall… I ignored everything completely… I caught a taxi….

Sooner, I reached the guest house… The guest house wasn’t new for me at all!!!I had interviewed many personalities over there…Yet I was feeling new… I reached there at 5.30 p.m. itself… I messaged to my manager and I sat on a sofa… Except the servants and gardeners, none were there and it was his order… Who was he??? Was he showing off???I didn’t care… Sitting on a sofa for continuous 5 minutes was damn boring for me… He would arrive at only 6…So I were admiring the flower vases over there… The flower vases were not arranged so neatly… So I arranged it in an orderly manner… Then the flower vases looked even more beautiful..

Next, my eyes turned its sight to the fish tank… There were many fishes inside it… Yeah, I was not crazy for fishes… But there were nothing to care about…So I gone near to those fishes… I was so keen in feeding them their food… Actually I was smiling at their food-eating style!!! I were noticing it for the first time… Fishes were damn cute!!! I admired their activities keenly…

On the other side of fish tank, I heard a knock…And so, I looked there… First accompanying the fishes, I saw an angelic pair of greyish blue eyes, that I had seen before on that day… And a voice came, saying, “Excuse me??? Shall we begin the interview???”… I was looking at only those eyes…They were the same eyes, which I had seen 10 years ago… The eyes of whom I was saved by!!! Then my eyes scanned his whole face… His face made my heart think”Woww!!!He is such a fantastic art by God”…Suddenly, his lips moved… Yeah, he was telling something… I focussed and heard…He said, ” Shall we begin???” …My head shook in agreement without my knowledge… Oh no!! I had to start my interview as it was my profession-related stuff…

He sat on a cushion…I was standing opposite to him… He signalled me to sit down…I sat opposite to him on a sofa… Meanwhile,I noticed his crossed-legs…Wah!!! What an attitude!!!What a man!!!And he was also wearing a coat-suite of black-white…Even our costumes colour matched!!!!

What was I thinking??? About our costumes colour??? What happened to my stupid heart??? I needed to focus on my interview…I came to the reality freeing myself from those crazy thoughts…I saw his hands forwarded to me and eyes with a questionable look..

Oh he was about to shake hands with me for an introduction…. What the hell I was doing!!!

Me: Oh,I’m sorry… I’m Ms.Swara..Ms.Swara Chopra

He: Are you alright??? I mean are you comfortable???

Awwww!!! He was worrying for my comfortness…

Me: I’m okay… Mr…

Oh God!!! I forgot his name…

He gave a beautiful smile…

He: Mr.Sanskar!!!

Me:Haan!!! Ya Mr.Sanskar!!!!Am I doing weird things???

Sanskar:Yeah, but cute….

Oh,what did he say then??? “Cute!!!” I was on cloud nine nut controlled my emotions… Just gave him a smile like he smiled to me…I was blinking…

Sanskar: By the way, interview questions???

I took out the papers and asked him those unwanted questions… Actually I wanted that interview to be more personal!!! I think he was also not interested in giving answers… Yet he was a perfectionist… He answered everything patiently… Did I switch my recorder on??? Ya I had done it… Thank God!!!Finally, I ended the interview with my iconic words…

Me:It’s good talking to you… Thank you so much for answering my questions with such a patience….

Sanskar: So all your questions got over, right???


Sanskar: Can I ask you a question???

Me (with surprise):Yeah,of course!!!

Sanskar: Why did you look me like that??? Though your blinking was so cute, I want an answer from you…

Omg!!! He was asking for an answer… What would I say???? Ok,I would say the truth…

Me: Did you save me from the accident 10 years ago??? It was you and I’m sure about it…From that day, I have been waiting to see you my saviour!!! It was you, right???

Thank you,
With love,

Credit to: Soundarya

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  1. U just nailed it down.i am sort of words.i really don’t know ,how to appreciate your masterpiece work.all i can say for now , is i have completely fallen for it. Stay blessed dear

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    I read oly one ff here….but today onwards that will Bcom two…including yours….??
    And…soundarya….where are u from ?

    1. Chennai!!!

      1. Wow….I’m from Madurai

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    awesomwe episode

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  10. hey dear..such a cute intro for both of them…loved it a lot.you are the best dear..chanceless

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