Our love is beyond this world!!!”The First Venture of Love-“(swaragini) Episode 1


Hey Guys!!! This is Soundarya.This is my 1st episode of this ff… I’m writing another ff simultaneously named “Together Forever”…Hope you all like this ff….In first few episodes,this ff will be in the form of a passage which will be said by two,one is Swara and other is Ragini… If 1st episode will be of Swara’s,then the second episode will be of Ragini’s…Now the first episode goes as Swara’s words…

I wake up from the bed early today to prepare for my parents 10th death anniversary…Ragini and only myself should complete all the works… Being my elder sister,she is totally different from me.Though we both are modern girls, she does a lot of works… She is my godfather… Because of her only, I have been able to achieve something in my life… She is my mom,dad and my friend… She is working as as IT professional… After the death of parents,I were just 15,and she was just 17.But due to her great scores in exams, she studied with a scholarship and I followed her… And I’m a journalist now… The great journalist of the press network 360°.It has been always my wish to become a journalist… We both always don’t need any mercy or attention towards us… We learnt how to stand on our own legs… Ma and Dad,after you left from this world, we promised each other that we will grow up as only achievers… And we are proud after the bitter ten years, we are here as achievers… Ma,Papa, bless us and always tell God to take good care of us…Oh I hear Ragini calling my name, she would have completed all the works…If I don’t go now, it is not right… Ragini comes into the room…

Ragini: Hey Swara!!! Sleeping still???It’s okay Shona!!! You sleep a while…After the priest comes,I will wake you up..

She is such a sweetheart…She always used to take such care of mine…

Me: No Rags!!!Already I had slept for a long time… Any more works remaining Rags??

Ragini: Every work has been completed Shona!!!Your only work is to take bath and get ready… I have kept your towel over there… I have switched on the heater too…

Swara: Thank you so much Baba!!! Love you Rags!!!

Ragini: Ok baba!!! Go and get ready…

Meanwhile, she pushes me into the bathroom and closes the door… I’m actually a lethargic personality…

But I always remember a strange thing,whenever this day comes… I can still remember the accident when my dad and mom died… We were with them…Our car was losing the control,the brake also didn’t work… Our car was about to fall down into the river from the edge of the mountain.and I can’t remember anything…I thought that I have died…

But when I woke up,I saw a handsome and Angelic boy in front of me…He was just a treat to my eyes…His eyes were a pair of greyish blue eyes…His lips had a few drops of water over it because he got into the river…I also could see his wet hairs…I was in a half-conscious state… Might be, his age would be as the same as mine ,or a few years elder to me because he seemed like that… My body was feeling heavy.He tied me to his back and he flied!!!Flied???Yeah we flied… Because I saw a lot of clouds around me… He had a pair of wings!!! I wonder why he had such wings and how could he fly… Nothing striked my head that time because I was bleeding, bleeding a lot… He took me to some forest and I guess he made me unconscious…

When I woke up,I saw Rags lying in the bed next to me…She had wounds and she was still unconscious…It seemed like a hospital bed…Yeah,it’s an hospital… “What happened a while after my accident??? Was that my dream??? Did I really fly???But before that, we both are here,getting treated in hospital..I could hear doctors saying to somebody else that Rags and myself are recovering… What about my parents??? Ma and Dad???Where are they???They should be safe..I’m gonna ask the doctor”I decided and tried to get up but my body was so heavy like my heart… My heart was continuously saying that they were no more I’m this world… Yet I tried to keep the bad vibes away from me…One of the nurses, saw me trying to get up, she rushed to me…I jst asked her,” Ma…Ma and Dad where are they?? Please let me know, where are they Didi???”.She was trying to comfort me from which I could clearly understand that my parents…Oh no!!!My parents!!! What would I do without them??? God,what’s all this game??? I cried a lot that day… Cried, cried and cried…My body became more weak…After more struggle, we both survived physically not mentally… Our hearts were longing for parents… Our relatives came and consoled us…They all tried to take us away but we denied to go away from our parents house… We actually stayed alone… Rags knew all the works at that age itself… Then and there,my relatives would visit us.. One winter evening,on a table,I found my lost silver chain during the accident, which was presented by my dad… I had many questions in my mind??? How did it come suddenly??? I took that chain.That day, Rags had special class so she arrived a little late… Then I did see a shadow on my wall,like a boy’s flying… The same boy who saved me… I rushed to outside but I could only see the shadow on the wall…The shadow told me that he flied a far away….

Whenever, I think of this, my heart gets heavy…Who was that boy??Is he alive now?? Did we really fly??? It was all a mystery… But one day, I wish to see him…Actually it’s my aim to see him… I will definitely find you,My Mystery Boy!!!! Oh God!!! I have to comb my hairs and go out… Rags and priest will be waiting for me… Thinking of this mystery man,I’m wasting my time……

Thank you,

With love,

Guys,if you like this, I will continue… Please do comment… Thank you???

Credit to: Soundarya

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