Our love is beyond this world!!! “The Sixth Venture of Love”(SwaRagini ff) Episode 6


Hey guys!!!Tomorrow onwards, I will post both Swara’s and Ragini’s POV’s in a single episode… And after a few days only,I’ll posting Sanskar’s and Laksh’s POV… Till that, don’t lose patience… Keep reading and keep supporting… Spread love???This episode goes as Ragini’s words….

After completing my works, I stepped into the lift to go home… My eyes were longing to see him again… Actually, that morning,we met in lift… So I expected it evening too…. The lift was about to start… And like I did in the morning, he ran and stepped into the lift as a storm… But he didn’t fall on me like I did….

I was about to collect the words and start the talk… But he started first…

Lucky: Hey Rags!!!

Me: Hi Lucky!!!

Lucky: Your office seems to be good… Ok then???

Always, the lift is not the place to talk properly… Holy Sh*t!!the lift landed on the ground floor…It could have been a little slow!!! Lift conversations were not enough for me…

Me: Hey!!!Wanna have a cup of coffee with me???

Lucky: Why not Ms.Gorgeous???

Even though, I’m not so gorgeous, but when he called me “Ms.Gorgeous”, I blushed for the first time…

Lucky: But not here!!! Nearby coffee shops, okay???

Me: Ok Lucky!!!

We both smiled…I took my scooty,followed his bike to a coffee shop… On the way to coffee shop, he checked on me that I was coming safe or not at least 10 times… Those ten times, I gave him a sweet smile…

In coffee shop, he pulled the door for me …We both sat opposite to each other…Always, he was the first to start conversations…

Lucky: Rags, where are you staying??? How many siblings or are you a single child??? And parents???

Me: Actually, my parents passed away…I’m living with my younger sister in a small-house…She’s a journalist…

He was nodding his head continuously while I was saying these stuffs…He was so cute and hot at the same time… I asked him about his family…Before he could reply, his mobile ringed…. And we talked about other things after he spoke in his phone… I forgot to ask him about his family….

When we stepped outside the coffee shop, we were surprised to see the heavy rain… My scooty and his bike were all totally drenched…We were waiting for the rain to stop,standing under the roof….But, it was raining continuously!!!He came in front of me and forwarded his hands..I was amazed by his action… He was getting wet because of rain…I pulled his hands to stand under the roof with me..But he was not coming,instead he pulled me out of the roof…. Then he told something… Because of heavy rain,I couldn’t hear it properly…..

Me: Huh????

He (shouting mode with a forwarded hand):Ready for a rain dance???

He was sounding damn crazy… Really, did he ask me for the rain dance… I laughed at him without no answer….But he pulled me…

Me: You’re an idiot Lucky!!!

He: Yep,I know it…

After saying this, he made a music with his qwt lips, “Toi Tang Toi Tang”… The music was sounding very funny…More than the music, his dance moves really gave me a stomach-ache… It was such a weirdo dance which has moves like raising the hands and legs,and turning around… It was such a crazy dance and music I couldn’t get rid of… I slowly followed his steps and danced like him… Actually,it was such fun..
We both danced like mad people…Till the rain stopped, we were drenching and dancing!!!Oh God, the very first day I had seen him, I was behaving like I crossed all the heights if craziness,it was superb fun though… After a while, the rain stopped… Then he signalled at me to get into the vehicle… He shouted,” 1,2 and 3″ and we both started our ride, me in my scooty and he,in his bike… First we reached my home… Shona hadn’t arrived yet!!! He didn’t enter my house… For a formality, I called him… But he,for a formality, didn’t come in,telling that he would come the another time… Actually, after doing those weird things together, there was no need of formality… Yet we behaved like that… Then before leaving, he showed his hands up and waved me a bye… I also waved him bye… After that, he wore his helmet in a stylish way… Oh God!!!He was damn hot… I was looking at his bike for a while until my eyes couldn’t catch the bike anymore….

I entered into the house…. I was damn happy because of this man…. My whole body was feeling heavy due to the wetness… By my heart felt light because of Lucky… And his rain dance!!! It was just awesome… He is
Mr.Cute Hottie!!Then,I got changed…I waited for Shona to arrive… I think somebody dropped her in a car… She was also so happy,like me… We both had such happy faces!!!Then, we both went to the terrace to inhale that cold and fresh air… Actually the rain started again… I got an idea of teaching her the rain dance after all she is more crazy than me… I taught her and she danced even more better…. She enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Thanks to Mr.Lucky!!!! Because of his rain dance,my sissy thoroughly enjoyed the rain……

Precap:Swara teaches Sanskar the rain dance…

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Credit to: Soundarya

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