Our love is beyond this world!!! “The Fifth Venture of Love”(Swaragini ff) Episode 5


Hey guys!!! This is the fifth episode!!! Want more response…This episode goes as Swara’s words…..

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I asked him from the bottom of my heart… I was waiting for his reply…He didn’t respond anything…He was simply staring at me as if I had asked him a tough question…Then, finally he opened his mouth!!!

Sanskar: What do you mean??? I don’t understand anything….

I don’t know which made my hands to land on his cheeks…I was cupping his face and looking deeply into his eyes…Each and every words of mine was so delicate, which could be heard by only him….

Me: Sanskar,I knew it!!!You were the one who saved me,right??? These greyish blue eyes,and this Angelic face are enough to identify you,my boy…And we flied,right??? You were my saviour, you were my angel!!!After all,I was searching for you, my saviour!!! I was waiting for the moment when I see you… I was waiting for the moment to thank you!!! If you hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t have survived in this world… I had no idea that on this day, I will find you…This is my favourite day in my life… Tell me one thing… How did we fly???Are you a superman?????

Then I realised that I had placed my hands on his cheeks… And his gaze at me!!! What would he think of me??? I couldn’t understand anything from his gaze…He was a man of mystery!!!Then I took my hands off his cheeks…He gave an unexpected reaction,which was totally annoying me…He laughed like I was cooking a story to flirt with him…That really irritated me a lot…

Me(in angry mode): You are laughing, as I’m telling you a fake story..You are thinking that I’m searching for a reason to talk with you, right??? And you know what, I’m not that kinda girl…. And thank you for all the answers and sorry for talking unnecessarily!!!I shouldn’t have been personal to you… After all I’m an interviewer…Bye!!!!

I cursed myself for talking to him like that and left from the room in rage… I didn’t care what he would think of me… Actually, he was following me….
Sanskar: Hey please you stop!!! I was just kidding yaar…

No,I didn’t utter a single word even!!! It was my dream to find him… But he was laughing as if joked… What the hell!!!

I was waiting for the auto outside the guest-house…It was raining heavily… Thank God!!My overcoat was with me, or else I would have completely drenched in rain…. He took his car and stopped near me…. He was ready to give me the lift…I just turned my face…

Sanskar: Actually, your angry face is even more cute…

Oh really, he was enjoying my expression…I turned my face as if I’m not interested in listening to him.He came out of the car….

He: Ok,I shouldn’t have laughed like that!!! Please my angry bird, don’t ignore my kind help… Get into the car!! You are drenched,angry bird….

Me: Thank you for your help!!! But I will catch an auto and leave!!! You may go now…And the time is only 8.15 p.m..

He: Angry bird, get into the car… Don’t be adamant!!

Again,I was falling for his words… I asked a childish question..

Me: Ok,I will get into the car if you answer my question…Deal,ok???

He: Again, questions??? It’s okay ask me quickly!!! We are getting drenched in rain…

Me: Did we fly???

He was about to laugh but looking at my stare, he stopped…

He: Might be, it was your dream right??? We didn’t fly and all…

I wasn’t satisfied…

Me: It’s okay, I will go by an auto!!! You please leave Mr.Sanskar…

He: Okay, we flied… Happy??? Now get into the car…

I don’t know why was he so adamant to drop me to my home… Was he caring for me?? Yeah, he was…

Me: You don’t say “we flied” just for the sake of my satisfaction….

He: This won’t work out for sure…

Me: Yeah,you may leave…Bye!!!

But again I didn’t expect his reaction… He lifted me inspite of my stubbornness, and made me sit in the front seat near him…I was about to talk something… But he was not ready to listen…He shut my lips with his finger and made
me wear the seat belt!!! Then he sat in his seat…And our first journey in his car started…..

I stared at him angrily… He was laughing silently…

Me: Actually,Mr.Businessman, what you have done now is not lesser than kidnapping…

He(in a kidding mode): Oh, is it????

I again angrily stared at him…He asked me the direction to reach my home… I stayed silent!!!

He: Ok,if you wish to stay with me,then no problem!!!

Me: What???

Then I told him the address…

He: Look at there below the music player!!! You will find a surprise…It may cool you down, angry bird…

Then I looked at there and was really happy to find a big cadbury’s chocolate over there…

He: I’m sorry for laughing at you!!! Now have that chocolate and forgive me, please…

Awww!!!He was sweeter than the chocolates… I should forgive him, right???

Me: Forgiveness granted!!!

Then he signed me to take the chocolate and eat… I took it and had without even asking him to share with me… After all,I’m damn crazy about chocolates…Then I noticed him…so I asked him whether he wanted it…He just nodded in a “no” and enjoyed watching me eating chocolate… Then my house came!!!

He:Okay bye!!! Take care… See you tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Me:Bye, thank you…

He left and I suddenly noticed his saying,”See you tomorrow at 6 p.m.”… We did’t have each others numbers too… Then how would he see me tomorrow at 6 p.m.I was like, “Let’s see tomorrow… Let’s wait for the surprise he is gonna give me tomorrow!”…. Rags had opened the door already… Then I went it with superb mood and greeted her happily… I had no idea why even she was so happy!!! We both had such happy faces!!!!!

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Credit to: Soundarya

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