Our love is beyond this world-The 9th venture of love Episode 9


Hey guys!! This is the 9th chapter. Thank you all for your support.. Keep supporting. Spread love!!!

Swara’s POV:

I entered into a big hall which was full of darkness. The girl who came with me made me stand there and went away. I wasn’t damn afraid because I knew it was him-“Mr Sanskar”. He was the one who made me fly in the air. This surprise wasn’t so difficult for him. Suddenly, an electric rope which carried a plate of food appeared in front of me. That plate had all my favourites, decorated with candle lights all over. More than the candle light, I could see a bright light, which was none other than the light of his eyes. His greyish blue eyes. There my man came. He cleared his throat and the lights got switched on(maybe it was a coincidence). Then I saw him, wearing black and white suit, but was different than the other day. Then I looked around. The hall was something like a heaven. It was a paradise on earth. The wall painting, the interior decorations and everything was so rich and marvellous. After all it was his bungalow and his choice. Definitely, it would be marvellous. I was staring at everything including him. Actually I was so stupid, he did this for me but I was just staring. The only simple one present there was “me”… I prepared myself to talk. But he started first…

Ragini’s POV:

It was just a day since I met him but my trust for him was great such that I went with him, without even asking him a question. He took me on his bike. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but on being with him. I felt so protected. While driving,he started talking with me…

Lucky: Do you have any idea where are we going???

Me: You didn’t tell me right??? Then how will I know???

Lucky: Okay fine….

Me: But I need to reach the home sooner. Shone will be waiting for me..

Lucky: Okay madam for sure….

I smiled and he also smiled back. After reaching a particular place, he stopped his bike. He forwarded his hands…

Lucky: Do you trust me, Rags???

Me: Lucky, more than myself. But where are we going???

Lucky: Rags, come with me. In a few minutes, you will come to know..

Me: Okay fine lucky….

We both started walking. He was taking me into a dense forest. Forest?? Really??? I hate wild animals and I am scared of them.. But he was taking me into the forest.. Had he lost his brain???

Me: Lucky, let’s go back please.. I hate wild animals.. What if they come and attack us?? Have you lost it???

Lucky: oh come on Rags!! You are scared.. No need of fear when I am with you, okay????

Me: Okay but….

Lucky: But, what??? Just forget the fear. We are gonna enjoy now, Rags…

Me: Enjoy????

Lucky: Yep!!!

We both talked as we were walking into the forest. He was taking me even deep into the forest. I was feeling both safe and unsafe. I felt safe because he was with me and unsafe because we were going to a forest…

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Credit to: Soundarya

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