Our love is beyond this world-The 8th venture of love Episode 8


Swara’s POV:
But how did he get my number???My heart just wanted to see and ask him but my mind told me to work… Sometimes, I give respect to the words of my mind…I sat silently and engaged myself with the works… Finally, the wait was about to get over as the clock crossed 5 p.m..Then I decided for a hide and seek game… He told me that he would meet at 6 p.m.But what if he didn’t find me??? It would be such fun… No, why should I spoil our second meeting… I just sat in the office till 5.45 p.m.As usual, I stepped out of the office then…. When I was waiting for a taxi in the bus-stand,a grand and beautiful horse chariot which is normally used to carry the princess was standing over there… An old-man was with that chariot… The time was 5.50 p.m.Then I realised that he was just saying simply that he would meet me at 6 p.m.I was disappointed… And I was looking at the chariot…Suddenly, the old man turned over to me….

The old-man:Hey Ms.Beautiful!!My Chariot is waiting to be enriched by your visit… Will you please get into the chariot???

It was sounding like I was a queen there… Everyone in the bus-stop was staring at me and of course everybody was jealous…. But,I wouldn’t get rid of this opportunity… I looked at the chariot once…Then it reminded me of Sanskar’s statement… Might be, he would have sent the chariot for this queen… Whatever, I wanted to get into the chariot… I smiled at the old man…

Me:Of course Dadaji!!!

The old-man:Thank you so much princess…

He helped me to get into the chariot…I was feeling like a princess really…. I totally loved the ride… It was a royal feeling…The chariot was turning into a street…. I didn’t feel afraid because I knew that it was his plan… His plan!!!

Ragini’s POV:

I didn’t expect that he would come to me because I didn’t go to cafeteria!!! Wah!!!What a surprising presence that was!!!

Lucky: What are you doing here??? Lunch????

Me (with my mouth-wide open):Lucky???


Me: I have got many works… I’m not coming for lunch today Lucky!!!

Lucky: Rags, come on!!! You should not skip your lunch… I said just come on…

Me: But I have to submit these files before evening in front of our Manager…

Lucky: I will help you in completing the works… Now you have gotta come with me, my dear…

Me: But how will you complete???

Lucky: I will manage it, okay??? Now come to lunch…

Me: But…

Lucky: Rags enough!!!

He pulled my hands like anything and made me land on a chair in the cafeteria…

Lucky: What do you wanna have???

Me(in a kidding or idiotic manner): I want to have your mobile number…

God, what did I speak to him… He was shocked and then he laughed… Was that laugh necessary???I just longed for his phone number… He didn’t give me the number instead he was laughing… I stared at him…

Lucky:Okay okay… Save in your mobile….

He gave me his number and without hesitation, I saved his number and gave my number even… I was too desperate…

Lucky:Now what, will you have your lunch????

Me: Yeah!!! Ok..I will order for you…

He ordered some food for me…We had put lunch together as we planned earlier…

Then as he said,he talked something to my manager and he started working with me….

How did he manage to talk with my manager??? While the work was going on,I started talking…

Me: Lucky, I taught rain dance to me sissy …She loved it a lot..

Lucky: Wah!!!That sounds sweet Rags….

Actually, he was so keen on working but I was talking and disturbing him… For some work, i touched the mouse to click over it and he also came to click on the mouse… Unknowingly, he placed his hands over my hands…His warm touch generated heat in my body… He looked at me and then I looked at him….

Swara’s POV:
The chariot stopped,entering into a big palace like house… It was so beautiful… It was definitely Mr.Sanskar’s house….It’s majestic… The old-man helped me to get out of the chariot… A girl came to me and took me…. We both walked on a carpet… “A Carpet of Red Flowers”…My eyes were scanning for him…..Where was he???My eagerness crossed all the heights… He was such a sweetheart for me and will always be!!!

Ragini’s POV:
Oh God!!! He was damn brilliant… He completed the work so easily…. He looked at me… His eyes were so powerful…

Lucky: Rags, your work is done…

Me: You are really great, Lucky…

Lucky:Can you come with me now???

Me: Where???

Lucky: That’s a surprise… Can you please???

Awww!!! He was so sweet that I couldn’t turn off his request…

Me: Yes!!!

I submitted my work and asked manager that I should leave early… He also agreed… Then, I was super-duper excited to go with that man… Where would he take me??? Questions all over the mind… But my heart was ready to trust him and go with him… My heart was all ready to spend every time with him!!!!

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With love,

Credit to: Soundarya

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