Our love is beyond this world-“The 7th Venture Of Love” Episode 7


Hey guys… This is the 7th episode… Spread love???

Swara’s POV:

The night was spreading its darkness…But I couldn’t sleep properly because of the memories of him-Mr.Sanskar… He was so perfect in all aspects…. Actually I had no idea why I liked him so much…. And about his last phrase that he would meet me at next day 6 p.m.,sounded crazy to me… I didn’t have his mobile number and even he didn’t have mine… We couldn’t contact each other too… Then how could we meet each other???We would meet because he is Mr.Sanskar!!!I slowly saw Rags…She was sleeping with her blankets covering her body… I got down from my bed and drank a cup of water…Again I laid down… God!!! That man was not letting me to sleep…I was thinking to teach him rain dance… It was too cute, right??? And I was also thinking, “When I meet him, I want rain because I wanna teach him rain dance”…My eagerness and craziness crossed all the heights… I definitely knew that my eyes would be swollen the next day, and I would not be beautiful in front of him…That thought to appear beautiful in front of him motivated me to sleep…I started backward counting from 1000….I totally covered myself in the blanket because I hate light during nights which would be a disturbance for me to sleep…..

Ragini’s POV:
My mind had been completely ruled by his thoughts…. Really, the voice of him I heard was absolutely same as the voice I heard the before day from a mystery man… Lucky was too lucky to be liked by me… Ha ha ha!!! I looked at Shona
She was sleeping sincerely…Shona really enjoyed the rain dance,taught by me, I mean, taught by him… Thank God!!! She didn’t question me from where did I learn that weirdo dance… I was thinking to get his mobile number the next day…. No,it wouldn’t be fair if I ask him…He should ask me, right??? No problem if I ask him after all ” Everything is fair in love and war”…What was I thinking??? Fair in love or war!!!Was that love or war???? What did this stupid heart really want????What the hell!!! That day my hairstyle was a total mess when I saw him.So the next day, I should comb my hair properly…I was scolding myself,”Seriously Rags!!!! You have crossed all your limits and this is the height of stupidity “…Then I switched on to the earphones to hear FM radio…. The sleepiness was ruling me and I didn’t know when did I sleep….

Swara’s POV:

When I got up in the morning, I was so eager to reach the time 6 p.m.I was gonna meet him… Yippee!!!That day, I think Rags was in a good mood… Her cooking usually tastes delicious that day, even more delicious…. I had my breakfast enough…I looked at my tummy… It was slightly bulged… What would he think about me if he saw my tummy??? He would definitely think that I’m fat… So l planned to quit the lunch afternoon…I was in a superb mood… I kissed Rags on her cheeks, saying that, ” The food is really like Woowww…Your man will be so lucky “…I waved her a good-bye…And I left to my office…

Ragini’s POV:
Shona told,” My man will be so lucky “…Lucky!!! I blushed and I thought to get ready…. I was wearing a white kurti that day with a pair of black jeans… I thought to make it simple because I look good in simple outfits…. I got ready and left for office… Suddenly I heard a horn sound..I went to see…I didn’t expect that he would be there… Oh my God!!! Was I looking good???He gazed at me and told me,” White really looks good on you… You are no more less than angels “…He said,” Angels… Like seriously??? “.I blushed which was clearly noticed by him…

Swara’s POV:
The time was moving very slowly… I was waiting for 6 p.m..But the time hadn’t crossed even 10 a.m…What the hell!!! Then the Manager asked me to do a work… At least that would take my time…I sat to do my work…

Ragini’s POV:
He was such a gentleman such that he didn’t ask me to get on his bike…. He waited for me to take my scooty… I took my scooty and we both together left to office but he,in his bike, me in my scooty… First, we had a coffee together… We were talking and were bursting out in laughs, so that the people in the cafeteria stared at us like anything…So sad that I wasn’t working in my floor!!! Then we planned to have lunch together and we got to our works…. Actually, I had more works and so I couldn’t go to lunch… I couldn’t inform him because I didn’t have his mobile number…. I was cursing my works…

Swara’s POV:
The lunch time crossed and my colleagues called me for lunch… I didn’t go…I had completed my works too…I was feeling damn bored…Suddenly I heard my phone ringtone… It was him on the other side of the phone…

Sanskar:Had lunch??? If not, go and have please… Don’t spoil your health… You are not that much strong…Go and have lunch first….

Wait…How could he know that I didn’t have lunch???

Me: How could you know that I didn’t have my lunch???

Sanskar: Because I just guessed it.You will be thinking of me… You will have forgotten your lunch… That’s why I guessed it…Is my guess right???

Me: Absolutely right!!!

Sanskar: Which guess??? You thought me of me such that you have forgotten about the lunch,right???

I blushed…

Me: I have many more works than thinking about you…

Sanskar: Ok first go and eat Swara… Go Please…

Swara: Okay Mr.Sanskar!!! Bye..

Sanskar: Bye!!!

Actually I didn’t have lunch because I had decided not to have… I would not change my decisions at any cost… And guess what, I got his number… I had to save it… Yippee!!!Wait, how did he get my number??? It was sounding really strange… He was definitely a mystery!!! I would find it soon….I would solve his mysteries soon….

Credit to: Soundarya

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