Love beyond Religion
Count not the candles but the light they give
Count not the years but the life you live
Have a wonderful Birthday ??❤??
Hi guys I am back with a new Os I had promised it long back but I had many plots in mind on the same topic so I had to think about the best out of them then I decided to write both of them so here is the first one
Hope you like it ? it a very long story and I guess a …. boring one too

Let’s start :
Boys POV
I looked at these words written in my dairy by my lady love my love my life my Jasmin . I am Sidhant Gupta the son of a Hindu Brahmin he is among those who can never accept a Muslim not even in his college yes he was the Dean of the prestigious NANDA COLLEGE I wasn’t allowed to have a Muslim friend and falling in love with a Muslim girl was what my father had never thought of he was completely against mine and Jasmin’s relation
Flash back :
Kunj’s POV
“Today is my first day in college I am so excited I had decided not to join my father’s college because if I score good and get a scholarship they would think my father is biass and I I want this to happen Manohar Gupta isn’t biass ” my thoughts were broken when I banged into a girl all her books fell down “Ya Allah my books… are you mad can’t you see and walk… akhe hai ya button… first of all I am already late to class and upon that you made my books fall now I have to make some lame excuses ” she said in a go without stopping she looked so cute in her burkha I could only see her eyes which were so beautiful “Relax ma’am I am a new student here so you can tell your professor that you were helping me ” I said trying to ease the situation ” Hmm.. but I don’t lie ” she said in her honey like sweet voice ” Even I don’t lie and I am really a new student you can tell the professor that you were taking me to the dean’s cabin and because of me you got late ” That’s a good idea thank you so much …” “Sidhant ” I said ” Thank you Sidhant ” she said ” My self Jasmin ” she said while moving her hand forward It was a completely different feeling when I touched her hand a current passed through me that day she was saved from the professor and I found a new girl friend not that vala girl friend a female friend my first girlfriend that to a Muslim but it did not matter much to me we soon became so close to each other that we ourselves could not realise when our fiendship turned into love I was perhaps the only boy in college who had seen her angelic face was when a boy named Yuvraj my best friend proposed Jasmin that I felt a heart ache I did not want to loose her and the moment she said no my heart started dancing I could not see her with another boy and she too could not see me with another girl perhaps that is why she was,she is and she will be my first and last girlfriend aka female friend not in that way I decided to propose her but an unknown fear crept into my mind I felt that proposing her would make her move away from me strange right but I guess it was true the day I remember 6th of December, Tuesday she was waiting for me on the main road when I had sent a letter to her through a small boy she looked at the boy in a shock but then she took the letter and read it with each passing line she blushed but wait was there in it to blush I had just written that come to the college corridor the one which is always empty the one where we first meet its true girls are impossible to understand.
It took me an hour to decorate the corridor I did it all alone but it looked beautiful with white and red balloons and all I had brought a bouque of white orchids strange, girls usually like red roses… she likes white orchid… that is why she is different and that is why I love her.
She came there in her regular clothes in her burkha she had opened her cover ( I am sorry guys I don’t know what it’s called but as far as I know it’s a flap like thing which covers the face which can only be removed when no men or some family member is present)

Our name together it forms SIDMIN nice na, she made it. I bent on my knees in front of her bowed my head down…” My Jasmin a man bows his head in front of 3 women 1. In fornt his mother 2. In front of the goddess 3. In front of his love and I am bowing my head down in front of you to be the 3 rd women to witness this vowed head would you like to be mine??”, I asked my heart skiped a beat when I looked up to find Jasmin in tears I quickly got up and hugged her wipped her tears ” It’s… It’s .alright Jasmin I did not mean to hurt you …I…I.. am fine if you don’t say yes to me ” I said trying to control my emotions she stopped crying and looked at me she smlied and said “My future shauhar why aren’t you confident about me saying yes to you ” she said and hugged me tight I reciprocated the hug a tight one she tried moving back “Why” I asked “We are so close not even air can pass through in between us ” she said I tightened my grip ” I can’t let the air also to come in between us ” I said
Flashback ends
Papa asked me to leave my Jasmin I told papa that if I leave Jas I would die and I guess that made me loose my Jasmin forever and ever I lost her in the attack my father had done on her and her family you don’t believe it na but he did… he did this… that dreadful day I lost my love my… life.. my everything. 27th October just 9 days to go for mine and Twinkle’s 5 anniversary of being together in a relationship
Flashback :
Me: Jas today I feel somethig bad is going to happen
Jas:No Sid think positive nothing will happen when we are together even Allah won’t let anything bad to happen and by the way have you brought my gift
Me:(acts) which gift your birthday is already over and there is still time for new year to come
Jas:(angry) Sid how can you forget this ? It’s the 3rd time people are right every man is like that for the first few years he remembers very date but then he forgets everything even his lover
Me: Jas I am sorry I was just teasing you I did not mean to hurt you I am sorry (holsong my ears)
Jas: Hww …my cute Boyfriend
Sid: Jas I am not cute I am handsome
Jas: No you are cute
That day we fought on many funny reasons made up to each other people are right when you laugh so much it does not mean life is good with you but means that life is playing a dirty game with you making you laugh in the beginning and then snatching everything from you and that is what happened with mine
Flashback :
A house is seen it looks so peaceful
Man 1: Manohar sir has given this address we need to burn this house
Man 2 : Yes Burning a Muslims house is not considered as a crime
Man 3 : So why are we waiting here come let’s burn the house
Man 4 : Yes come fast the faster we do the work the faster we will wash our crimes (It is found that priests or all those religious men use religion as a weapon to scare people and not only scare people but also to make them do wrong work so it’s what I want to portray here Manohar is using his power to make Men kill innocent people )
The house is now seen in flames
The yellowish red flames used as a witness of the promise two individuals make during marriage which binds them together made me and my love go away ….
did love have to suffer why did Jasmin had to suffer… what was her mistake… what was our mistake the only person to be blamed is my father… no… not actual just him… all those who have the same ideology about religion about different castes hatred towards them are to be blamed
My love was pure I found my Jasmin back my love back 5 years later but I did find her maybe God wanted us to be together if she can fight death for our love why can’t I fight against people
Flash back:
A girl is seen she is in the hospital bed her body has many burns even her face but it isn’t damaged much A man comes there..
Man : Nurse I am Dr.Sidhant Gupta(forgot to mention Sid is a doctor)
Nurse : Dr. Ali had examined the patient and she need to undergo a plastic surgery we have her original picture from her mobile but her family is no more she is the only one left but in coma
Sid: okay keep her picture in my cabin I am just coming in an hour
Nurse: okay sir
In a grave yard- kabristan (okay guys I am sorry I actually am not sure how Dead Muslim people are kept but as far as I have seen in shows and read in books the are hurried in a coffin inside the Earth right I hope so if not then I am sorry )
Sid:( near a grave which has many flowers ) Jasmin see I have brought you your gift in advance but what about mine I remember the day I proposed you 6th Decemeber… Jas you remember ( he starts talking about their past memories when they used to have chat together where Did used to take a note from Jasmin’s plate and Jasmin used to get angry they used to eat a single candy floss …)
The same day at night the girls hand moves a bit
Girl:(breathing heavily) Sid….. was all that she could say
Sid: (he sees the pic if the girl seeing her pic he freezes for a second he could not believe it he ran to the patients room and hugged the girl tightly …. The girl was Jasimin )
Jasmin: Sid…. see I told you I can even fight death for you
That day I got my Jasmin back Papa or should I say Mr.Gupta was against our marriage but I did not care me and My Jasmin got married the next day itself 6th December.. the day I proposed her
I am now a social activist who works with a NGO love beyond religion not just religion in India even people belonging to different castes can’t get married so our NGO unites 2 lovers be different caste or religion as LOVE IS BEYOND RELIGION
Guys I know the Os was a mess it had to be one coz it’s written by me what to do.. adat se majbur I have no hard feelings against any religion and the religions used in the story were chosen as such because the religions I chose are among the common ones that fight with each other for every silly reasons hope you understand… and I myself am a hindu Sorry if I have hurt you
Sorry if I have hurt some one
Love you all take care ❤
From your CHILI ?

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  1. Chiku

    Woaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh myyy chilli ?. Ittss just amazing lovely????????????loved it sweetheart. It feel sso grt to have frnd like u. Thank uuuuuuuu soooo mich???????????
    I am soooo happy i cannot tell u. It feels awesome
    Really i dont have words
    I just wana say thank u soo mich
    Love u??????chilli

    1. Angel20

      It was amazing!

  2. Kruti

    Mili d os was just so unique nd Amazing…..loved it

  3. Hi sidmin….m silent reader of ur all ff….2 day m first time cmnting on ur writing….. But what can i do i can’t stopping my self for cmnting ur os….i had tears in my eye’s while reading this os….and m speechless…. U describe so well that Love Is Beyond Religion…..yeah it’s 100% true m also a Muslim……… m very happy because being a Hindu and muslim our thought r same but why can’t see these things this irritating people………..I don’t no be4 what ur writing piece but…….i saying just 1 thing ki This is a Masterpiece wala writing of urs….and….a standing ovation 4 u dear…..its very emotional and heart touching….. Luv it very much…..plssss write like more story’s…..keep writing and luv u…

    And and and…………….,,,,,,,

    **Many Many Return Of The Day
    **Happy Birthday To U** May god bless u and fulfill ur all wishes dear……stay blessed ,,,,,stay beautiful,,,,,keep smiling and Always be happy……..luv u dear…..,,,,,,,,,,,,***

  4. Sryyyyy bolna to bhul gayi ki yeh birth day wish chiku ke liye tha….he he he….once again Happy Birthday Chiku darling……ummaaaahhh…….luv u……

  5. Ramya

    Sidmin it’s beyond words I loved it to core n sry ki kya baat hai u just nailed it
    It was superb n I’m so happy dat sid n has have United
    Happy birthday chiku

  6. Roshini125

    It’s pretty nice

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow… was awesome….loved it to the core….amazing

  8. Malhotrarochika

    Hi yrrr…I just want to say that just like the title LOVE IS BEYOND RELIGION ..the concept was also BEYOND WORDS.u have written a perfect story of love which is beyond religion.sach me ,this story is for them who differentiate a girl from a boy on the basis of his/her today’s world also such kind of people are there.but they should know that caste doesn’t matter ,what matters is love and care for each other just like our Twinj!??? this was tremendously superb!?????

  9. Malhotrarochika

    And yeah happyyyy birthday chiku! May god bless u!? enjoy your day

  10. Ayu

    Howwwww nice!!!! Loved it shruti !!!??
    Meri pumpkin pie to bhutbfamous hai! ??

    1. Chiku

      ?? i made everyone write

  11. Sohi

    The os was beautiful don’t panic I am a Muslim so I will clear all your doubts the burkha cover is called face piece or naqaab and at time of death we are covered with kafan and buried in grave hope I have cleared your doubts keep writing bye

  12. Kritika14

    This was amazing! Keep writing more 🙂

  13. Adya

    Awwww that was superb…
    I mean such a great message was conveyed….keep writing more…love u

  14. Amazing… A great story and a message too… I love it… Please make these type of OS more….

  15. Hayeeee my Mili my lili….. what an OS yaar…. tu toh tallent ka bhandar nikli…. it was amazinh mindblowing…. I loved it n ya it was not boring get that…. the idea you portray in it was superb….. n I’m very happy that you didn’t make it sad ending…. pls write more os like this….

    Love you…..


  16. Aanya_pandey

    That ws really good!!!

  17. This was by really amazing…..and superb one…..Great concept…..???????????…… Aur burkha main face ko chupane wale kapre ko niqaab kehte hain….and when someone is dead…. Uss ko white kapre ka kaffan silwa kar, pehna kar…..we bury them in a dig…. Hope ur confusions are over…..
    This was really fabulous…..U managed to write on such a topic…..Great work….lady ???…..

  18. Hey mili,
    Kya likti ho tum.Too gud.Amazing plus awesome os.Aur kisne kaha ki yeh mess tha.Kisne kaha yeh boring tha.Yeh toh na he boring tha na he mess.Luv it n sry kyuki may tumare ff may cmt nai kar paungi coz aaj mera TU may akhri din hai.Sry.I will b back soon.Keep writing such os.Miss u n love u.

  19. Misha

    Hey SIDMIN.
    I have never ever came across such ravishing and a beautiful piece of work.

    The concept was really amazing. I loved the way you described each and every thing and the contrast between the religions , story and the relationship of it with the name was simply incredible.

    And you didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. In fact , this is so gooodddd.

    You know you can identify a good story really well and that’s when you are reading something and there is curiosity in you of finishing it and knowing what’s kept more.

    And yours is that one.

    Incredibly written it is!

    Do write more ❤❤❤❤

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