hey guyz !!!!!
I am rithi . Rithi Arora and the younger sister of Tripthi arora.she too writes an ff called hum dono and now shes not feeling well . She actually has fever since her revision exams got over . I am new to this ff writing and I would accompany my sis when she reads the ff and I am a great fan of naveena , queen , tisha , surbhi and many more. I luv all of ur ff’s and I need ur support guyz so pls shower all of ur luv for me !!!!!!


Ram Kapoor – he is the head of the family and of family and has two children . He is one of the famous industrialists of Mumbai and owns 23 companies.
Priya Ram Kapoor – wife of Mr.kapoor . She is a professor in an IIT institution despite her husband being an industrialist she teaches children .
Abhishek Kapoor – eldest son of the kapoors. He hates studies bunks classes but becomes a top ranker and he is waiting to join IIM Ahemedabad. He has an ardent desire to become a rockstar
Bulbul Kapoor- youngest member of the family. finished 12th and is waiting for her college. she luvs studies and is passionate about dance and goes to some dance classes with her friends
Daljeet kapoor(dadi in kkb )- eldest member of family. Mother of Ram _Mother- in -law of Priya and dadi of Abhi and bulbul

Guys I’ve watched some of the hindi serial in tamil along with my akka and I am using those name an I would mention their hindhi names within brakets along with the short form of their serials

(Neil Nicheket Khanna)Naveen Kumar(iknmp) : He is a leading industrialist in Chennai but still lives in his traditional house with his family. He has two children . He too owns 23 companes (guys I don’t like inequalities so he too hs 23 companes )he is officially called neil
Ragini Naveen kumar(iknmp) : wife of neil and she has a traditional designing company which designs traditional dresses and she is an extremely good singer and is so traditional

Tanushree Kuma(kkb)r : (guyz I know her face does not suit in this family but anyway I didn’t have any other idea ). She is a model in Chennai and does modelling assignments all over the world she also works in her mothers company and her parents are so happy about her profession and she loves her younger sister very much
Pragya kumar(kkb ) : she is the youngest daughter of kumar family and she is also traditional like her mother in behaviour but is modern in her attitude and style of dressing . She is vey keen in her studies and she has chosen IIM Ahemedabad for her higher studies .


Dr Aman Malhotra : he is a famous cardiologist and he resides in US along with his wife and children. He is a close relative of Ram Kapoor
Niveditha Aman Malhotra : she is the wife of Dr Aman and is the sister of Ram Kapoor. She is a famous criminal lawyer in US
Purab Malhotra : he is the eldest son of Malhotra family and he has just started his college in US and he also runs a private dance club along with his friends. he is a simple and decent guy
Aliya Malhothra : she is the little princess of Malhotra family and is studying 12 std . She is a tomboy like girl and she loves adventures.


Vikram shergil : he is the head of the family and he is a famous textile merchant and the owner of a fashion designing company headed by his wife . He has a son
Neha Vikram Shergil : she is vikrams wife and is the the sister of ragini . She married vikram and turned to be a gujrati . She also heads her husbands fashion designing company which designs modern outfits
Neel takur shergill : son of vikram and Neha. (guys in my ff when I mention neil it is neil Naveen kumar or neil nicheket Khanna when I use neel it rrefers to neel takur). he is an independent guy who studies in London law college and he is so young and is so tanlent . Due to his talent he got admission in London law college immediately after finishing his 12th

guys I wish to proceed my ff like this and it is gonna be a pure love story with less twists and turns . And one more thing there are no villans in my ff for now (there are possibilities for their entry in future)and pls comment and tell whether I sould continue or not and guys I am gonna use some amount of tamil and hindi (I don’t know gujrati) in my ff . and pls do comment and forgive me if I did and mistake
should I continue ??????????????????

Credit to: Rithi

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    Please continue soon
    One doubt
    Aap rithi arora so you must be a punjabi but how do you know Tamil and know all Hindi serials in Tamil.

    1. no I am not a Punjabi I am a Malayalee and my original name is itself rithi arora. I actually donot know the reason for having the surname as arora but this is my original name

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  16. I am a Tamil person. I suggest that you don’t make the Kumar family brahmin. Because not all Tamil people are Brahmins. Only like 1% of them are. Plus if you make them Brahmin it would be like Ishita’s family in yhm. They don’t eat meat and stuff it wouldn’t really go together with Abhi the rockstar who is a panjabi. Like make them regular Tamil so that there aren’t much differences between the couple

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