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I am exteremely sorry as due to exams I could not update my ff and my mother banned all the entertainment resources for a week due to my akka’s exam. Actually she is facing board for the frst time and so all entertainment like tv internet were banned in our home . They all were n their respective places but we could not use them as if we did so we would get punishment from our parents(but at some times we did use them and we read some of ur ff’s but the time wasn’t enough to type an ff). My akka’s next exam is English and she finished all her portions so my mother allowed us to use these and I am extremely sorry

Guyz ! I’ve read all of ur ff’s and we have commented at sometimes and u all r really doing a very good job and pls forgive us for thismuch late update and continue showering all ur luv for us

returning back to the epi

(guys to be clear neil’s family know hindhi while vikram’s family know tamil)
Neha and vikram arrive at the airport and neil , tanu receive them
Tanu : chitthi ! eppadi irukeenga! mr sidumunchi vallaya?(massi ! how r u ? didn’t mr arrogant come )
Vikram : yen paiyyana patthi appadiellam pesatha . Avan evvalavu sirichukitte eruppan theriuma ?(Hey ! Don’t tease my son ! he has an ever smiling fce thet all wouldnot get easily )
Tanu : athuthan thriume chittapa(areey uncle we all know that na )
Neil : ok vikram nama kelambalam illana veede ranagalam aaidum(ok come vikram lets go soon or else our house would become a battle field )
Neha: mama ! itha na akkatta sonnena enna aagumnu theriuma?(jiju ! if I tell this to di then I think u would know its side effects)
Neil : amma thaye ! nee ethuvum solla vendam . Ragini enakku kaliala irundu cofeeye tharala . Itha nee sonnena enakku sappadum kedakadu poola irukke!(oh meri ma ! pls don’t say this to ur di as she didn’t even give me a cup of coffee since evening . If u tell this then I woul not get food for my entire life !)
Tanu : ok ! kelambalam ! (ok lets leave )
Ragini comes and hugs Neha emotionally and Neha to responds all other family members come there and all have their fun and chit chats with coffee. At that time pragya comes and stands pantind near the door
Pragya : Amma !
then all the family mmbers rush towards her to see what happenend to her
Pragya : amma ! ennaku ennaku IIM Ahemadabadlla seat kedacchirucchu! (ma ! I got my seat in IIM Ahemedabad):
Tanu : really
Pragya nods her head and the whole family hav a group hug
ragini : ippa enakku romba santhoshama irukku ana nee hostella thane thanganum Apparam ennaku first day? (I am so happy 4 u but u hav to stay in hostel and ….when does the institute starts?)

Pragya : tomorrow ma !
Ragini : what ! tomorrow …… eppadi ?
Pragya : ma athu letter dance classuku 1 vaarathukku munadiye vanthurucchu ana avangathan enkitta thara maranthutanga (ma actually the letter arrived a week before to my dance class but they forgot to give it to me)
Neil : its Ok ma I would help u and u can leave by tomorrow
Pragya : ok appa!

at that time tanu gets a call and goes . After some times she comes and tells to ragini that she has got a new assignment in delhi and she has to go for it and she also tells tht she would be returning after 3 weeks
Neha : what is this ! nanga varumpothu thanippadi nadakkanuma ! (what is this . Should this all happen when we arrive here)
Vikram and Neha in chorus : Ennam eppadi panreengale ma !(why r u doing lke this yaar)
Pragya : paravalla chitthi ! actually neenga neela kootitu varathatunla ithu ungalukku punishment(massi , u desrve this punishment as u didn’t bring neel with u )
Neha : avanukku law collegla seat kedacchirucchulla athanalathan avan varamattenuttn (he refused to come as he got seat in the law college and what can I do 4 that ma ?)
Neil : ok ok ! tima waste pannathinga poi things ellam pack pannunga . Apparam poora neerathula ithakkanum athakaunumnu sollikittu irukka koodathu!(ok girls come on pack up ur thing and get ready soon and don’t forget to pack all ur things otherwise u would get tensed in the nick of time)


Priya : beta tum tumhare sabi saman pack kiya ya nahi (beta , did you pack all your things r not ?)
Abhi : kis liye ma ? (for what ma ?)
Priya : beta , tumahare admission ke bare me tu bhool gayi . (beta did u forget about ur admission )
Abhi : kya ma …..kis admission …. yaad agaye …I got admission in IIM Ahemedab nah ma …….packing toh aap kar lo ma (what ma ….which admission ….I remember ….I got admission in IIM Ahemedabad na ….Ma u do the packing ) and leaves from there

no percap

guys I know it is a very short epi and as it is a late night I could only give this much and pls forgive me for all the mistake and I promise to give long epi tomorrow

Credit to: rithi

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