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thank u for ur immense support and pls keep supporting us . I think my ff would not survive among urs as u r all extremely goooooooooooood writers!
ok now lets start

(guys I am gonna call the house of neil as rg as my sis used)
the screen opens at rg and a girl is shown dancing(barathanatyam ) and an elder woman is singing (song is unnai kaanadu naan from vishwaroopam )
and the girl is none other that pragya and she ends the performance with a graceful pose in half sit and her hands raissed diagonally up in the air
then a man comes there and hugs her and that person is neil
Neil : wow what a performance ! adutha vaara competitonukku redya irukkeya??(are u ready for the next week’s competation?

Pragya : haan appa naan ready! akka engappa? (ya dad I am ready by the way where is sis?)
Ragini : ava innum thunigittu than iruuka . Madamukku 9 maniku thana vidyum (she is still snoring n her bed . normally the sun rises at 9 for her nah)
Tanu : (woke u and came down sleepily) amma coffee?
Ragini : ennama ivvalavu seekerama enthiruchutte? (dear how did u wake up so early in morning?)
Tanu : ma marunthuteengala innaku Neha chitthi varaporanga avangala naanthana airportlla irunthu pick up pannanum(ma did u forget abut Neha aunty as she is arriving today and I hav to go and pick her up )
Ragini: oh my god ! naan sekerum poi veeda ready paananum avalukku samacchu vaikanum apparam oh evvalavu vela …na pooraen (oh I have to cook for her get her room ready and god there is so much f work …im leaving
Tanu : Maaa ! en coffee

Neil : viduma ava ennake tharala …ava sis varathalla romba excit aitta ! va namma coffe shop polam ! (leave it dear let us go to coffeshop !)
tanu : pragya nee innaku engaiyathu poonuma? (pragya do u want to go somewhere today?)
Pragya : ama akka ennai poora valiyila dance classla erakki vitturunga !(ya sis pls drop me in dance class today)
Tanu : seri !

a person is sleeping and a woman is waking him up!
Priya : Mr Kapoor uttiye nah uttiye !(mr Kapoor pls wake up)
Ram : sone do nah priya . .main kal ke lie bahut kaam kiya tha (pirya allow me to sleep I did a lot of work yesterday)
Priya : mr Kapoor uttiye . its 9 aaj apke liye ek imp meeting hai nah (mr. Kapoor pls get up as u have an imp meeting today nah)
Ram : priya mei janta hoon aur meeting 11 baje me tei so pls let me sleep now
Priya : ek min ji me abbhi aayi (one mi I would return now)
priya bring water and pours it on rams face and ram sits up and shouts at her and they start their nhok jhok. abhi entrs their room at tht time )
abhi: oh aap dono phir shuru kardiya. me is moosibat ko sort out karna padega (oh u both started again.. now I have to solve this trouble)
abhi goes to his room and brought his guitar and came ans started singing matagasti from tamasha
hearing this song they both stopped their fight and started laughing at that time bulbul comes there
Bulbul : Bhai! mamma! papa ! I got admission havard university ! and began dancing around
Priya : wow my beti is going to us !ok when au gonna leave to us ?
Bulbul : ma within a week ! yeah !
on hearing this abhi gets sad and bulbul sees this
Abhi : u will leave nah (with a childish face) tu muje chodd kar challi gayi
Bulbul : Bhai ! oh come on grow up … ther is skype and every thing nah so we can talk to each other
Ram : beta tum nivi bua ke gar me stay kar. unki beta bi same unversity mei pad raha hai. so it’ll be easy nah
Bulbul : ok guys its 9 aur meri classes ki time ho gayi so me chalti hoon … Bye!
abhi : hey doll wait !
Bulbul : kyun Bhai
Abhi : me tumko drop kartha hoon
Bulbul : teeka Bhai

a lady is talking in phone with some one
Nivi : han Bhai ….agle hafta mein ok Bhai…teeke….bye ….take care
Aman : nivi who is on phone
Nivi : aman it was Ram bhaiyya and he told that bulbul is coming over here for studies and shes got admission in havards
Aliya : wow ma bulbul di is gonna come here I am soo happy ! mei Bhai ko batati hoon (and runs towards purab)
Purab : what Aliya ? tum pagalon ki tarah gar pe kyun ghoomti hoon ?
Aliya : Bhai ! bulbul di is gonna come here ! and shes got the admission in havards ! yeah !
purab : (in his mind ) Oh my goodness this madam of lectures is gonna drone me with lectures in both home and university …. hey bagwan bacchane muje!

hey guyz how was my epi and pls forgive my mistakes as I don’t know hndhi to that much level and credits to my akka as she helped me a lot in her tight schedule to make this ff and pls do comment more and shower more of ur luv for us
bye !!!!

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  8. sorry guys for disappointing u and I promise to translate everything in inenglish the next episode. actually I thought u all would be knowing hindhi so ididnt do that but thistime I would definitely do that

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