LOVE beyond the DEATH(os)

After three weeks..
I went out from my room only for mom’s sake.always i felt i need to die.though i am alive i know my itz can i live with my can sleep without his gd ngt can i wake up without my mornig kiss.i miss you badly honey.pls come to me.cant you see i am suffering this much.when you are alive you never let me cry… then why… why now?? Abhi…… i shout as much as possible loudly..

My mom came to my room.
Mom,what happened beti?are you alright.
I have’nt any mind to talk with my i said pls leave me can i be alright when my sole is not with i want my abhi.. i begin to cry badly and i felt my mom caressing my hair.
Mom,enough your mom i cant see you in this know na thanu is already arrested for her lifetime.i know thats not enough for you.but what to do could i give your abhi to you.. but i can do one thing.letz go your home.his memmories are still there are na.

It makes me cry mom
How could i go there.his smell is there.i cant bear that.when i felt his smell it reminds me all our memmories.he gave his life for me.thatz the most wrost thing.just after the week we married thanu planned to kill me.but mistakenly her goons killed my abhi. Thanu was already won mom.she took my life.

Next day my mom took me to the mm,i dont want to go there.but i cant see pain in my mom’s eyes.dadi and aliya hugged me and welcomed me. I silently came to mine & abhi’s room and close the door.
I felt his smell all over there..i felt even his warmth.yes i cried as much as i can.. i need my hudband.i need his love.i need his care.untill i have him i wont do anything for my self..
Miniutes hours passed. I didnt went out from my room
Dadi has sent foods by robin
But i didnt look at that even..i was sitting on the floor and closed my eyes by pining my head to the wall..

I felt someone caress my hair.but i dont want open my eyes.and its slready dark too..i love to be in dark becoz no one will know that i an crying.


I heard my fav word.but i thought itz just my imagination becoz i only dreamed about my abhi..

Fuggy open your eyes baba.i am with you only..

No that cant be happen.i opened my eyes.yes..itz my abhi.i said ,abhi…
A,yes fuggy i am here darling.i always be with you.i came for you. I cant leave you in this much pain.
I dont know what to do.. to cry or to abhi is here my love is here.. i hugged him tightly..but i didnt felt him insted of some coldness.but this is morethan enough.. he is here..

A,fuggy now please eat.i know now you are not eating properly.
I said,i cant abhi.pls let me be with you.i badly missed you.. i am not heart is now filled with your love.i dont want anything without you.
A,if you are not going to have your dinner i will leave you.

No i am eating.. pls dont leave me .. i said

A,ok but eat completly.then only i am going to be with you.

I asked abhi to wait untill i washed my Hands and i went to the kitchen

Dadi,pragya beti.. is everything seems to be very dull..

I thought tell about this.but i saw abhi’s shadow and he sgined me not to tell.i know im dull itz becouse i was with a ghost.but itz my husbnd na.whatz wrong. I said. Nothing like that dadi.i am sleepy.thats why..have your medicines dadi.. i am leaving.good night.
Dadi,good ngt beti.. you know what today i felt abhis smell everywhere..

I know the reason.. i smiled to my self and went to my room with few candles.
I locked the door and lighted up the cndles and turned of the lights.then only i can see him propely.if light is dim i can see him brighly.. i called my abhi…

A,hey fuggy i am here.i saw he is on bed.i jumped to bed and hugged him.this time i felt him more than previos time.

I, you are so bad left ne can i live without you.
A,i came for you na.see i am with you fuggy….
I said i need to be with him forever.he just noded his head without uttering anyword..

I kissed his forehead.. and i felt that he tighten his grip.. and he also began to kiss me.i closed my eyes and taste the feeling of his love.. i let everything to be happen with my husband as newly married couple.i didnt felt the differance that he is not alive…that night passed with lots of love and romance..

At morinig i woke up when sun rays touched my face.. i looked for abhi.. but i didnt see him.i though he is here though invisible bcoz sunlight… i felt bit differance.i felt that i becomes light.sooo relaxing. Then i stand up from our bed.. and i looked at our bed by thinking about last night..

Oh my godness… i am damnshok after i see the bed.. itz my it body is on the bed.. but my sole.
I cant understand.. onece someone kept hand on my sholder.its abhi…

A,fuggy now no one can separate us.even god even tanu.. i am here you are here
What eles we need than our love…

I felt very happy.. but bit sad about our mom and dadi bulbul suraj aliya…

A,i know what you are thinking.. we can look after them from being in heaven.
They always prayed for ourgoodness. This is it na.. come now letz go fuggy..

While holding his hand i asked “to where my rockstar??

He said “to our world,heaven”


Love never ends with death..

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  1. I am tears man…..I lived with this OS for a moment…..itz soooo touchy…..a gr8 theme n a gr8 story… u dr tina….keep updating OS

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    Awesome yaar one of the best os I have read and this story was quite different

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  11. Dimple(kanishka)

    Omg…very different and touching loved it

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  24. Nice os… Good concept yaar..

  25. Awesome

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