love beyond ages (episode 9)

The episode starts with RK telling him about his plan and shocked…………….then the three of them go down.
Just then madhu’s mom comes down and all the relatives leave as the function is over. She shows madhu the ointment and asks her weather she got any burn wounds.she nods yes. Everyone look on and ask her how she got fire in her hand. She looks silent. Dadaji asks her who is responsible for her situation. She points out RV shocking everyone. Dadaji asks how ? RV tells him that they were playing by throwing flowers. That time mistakenly she got injured by diyas. All are relieved.
Naitik : arey u should have played with ishaani na?
RV: y?
Naitik: she is your fiancée.’
RV: bhai she is my fiancée but your sister is my bhabi. So bhabi-devar relationship is different na
All are shocked by this…..
Dadaji: what are you saying?
RV: yes RK and madhu are in love with each other
Ishaani: arey RK u didn’t even told me na wait I’m not going to invite u for my wedding
RK: arey pagal , u don’t want to invite me. It is my bro wedding and I will be there.
Ishaani: acha but now u r going to get punishment from me.(she beats him with stick and they happily hug each other and say congrats)
Dadaji: wait . I didn’t say ok then y r u celebrating?
Priya: dadaji u consider me as your daughter. Please agree for my sake. They both really love each other. Even after naitik’s shaadi I was about to tell but RV told now itself. Please dadaji they look a great pair.
Dadaji: ok I agree , but who will talk about marriage from the groom side? Because I like madhu to get married along with naitik itself. But his grandmom is not here so who will talk?
Priya: I’ll talk, as I’m his bhabi as well as his mom.
Dadaji: acha I’ll call pandit and the maharaut for this two jodi’s will be fixed
Priya: not two its three
Dadaji: three? Who is the other Jodi?
Priya: it is nautak devarji RV-ishaani.
(ishaani nd rv are surprised and they thank priya)
Dadaji calls pandit and fixes the marriage date. The marriage date falls on april 1. All are happy and they sing and dance together.

Arnav: kushi I’m going to tell u a great news.
Kushi: kya?
Aranav: pack our stuff as we are going to attend the maha-shaadi.
Kushi: kya ?
Arnav: yes on april 1 , naitik-akshara, rv-ishaani, rk-madhu shaadi
Kushi: acha we’ll go there
Arnav: I’m happy because there everybody will take care of u as in our house everyone went to haridwar
Kushi:yes priya didi will take care of me , dnt wrry.
(suddenly priya calls)
Priya: arey kushi, how are you?
Kushi: I’m fine how are you?
Priya: I’m fine. I hope arnav has told you everything, so come tomorrow itself. I have to talk to my brother
Kushi: acha, didi-bhai talks are not over a?
Priya:ha ha, I’m so happy kushi as u are going to be mother and I’m going to be buva
(kushi is then shown as 2month pregnant)
Kushi: ah didi. Ok didi bye we will meet tomorrow
Priya: bye

Intro of villains
Aliya: thank u guys for bringing me out of jail.
Rithika: o hello , I don’t want your thanks , I hope u know what I need.
Chirag: ya aliya we all believe you,.
Sultan: whatever happens we will succeed in our mission.
Tanu: yes now they are going to see me in a differnrt avatar.
Sneha: yes we will get our love in any cause.
Tanu:yes I’m going to get my abhi back.
Sneha:me naitik
Sultan: I’m going to drag madhu out of mandap
Chirag: I’ll get more money
Rithika:I’ll get the status of RV’s wife
Aliya: I’ll marry purab and bulbul will be out of kapoor’s mansion.
(they all smile wickedly)

At the hospital
Madhu: doctor when can I abort?
Doctor: you can come tomorrow.
Madhu: thank you doctor.
Just then priya sees madhu in hosp and wonders what she is doing here
Priya: madhu, what are you doing here?
Madhu:didi I have problem so I came because shaadi is nearing na everything should be fine no so nly.
Priya:ok madhu, you go home, I came here to see my friend .
Madhu:bye didi.
Priya thinks that madhu is hiding something and goes to the doctor. She is her friend.
Doc: hey priya wat a asurprise
Priya: hi, I need a favor
Doc: sure tell me?
Priya: what is madhu doing here?
Doc: she is pregnant.
Priya: what ?
Doc: yes she is going to get married itseems so she is aborting the baby.
Priya in shock leaves the hospital
She calls ram and informs everything , ram fumes in anger but he tells that madhu is not that type of girl and they decide to talk to RK and madhu about this….

Scene 5
Someone calls ishaani and tells her that they are going to kill her love. Ishaani shockingly asks who is he. He tells her the address and asks her to come if she wants to see her pyaar RV for the last time. She is shocked and runs…
Everyone are shocked. RV comes and asks y she is running like this and he goes behind.

Precap: priya asks about pregnancy of madhu. Madhu tells her something which shocks priya. Aliya, tanu mixes poison in bulbul, pragya’s milk. RV is tied and get beaten up. Ishaani cries. Sultan threatens madhu, sneha sends some pic to akshara shocking her

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    nice dear……..but so much confusion yaar…………in epi.-7 the precap was different and today you given some different ????????


    sorry dear my confusion is solved…………now i understood it………….

    1. sry dr for making u confuse

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice.waiting for next.
    U just scared us by previous precap.l never thought u will do like this. I like ur writing skill.

    1. sry dr for making u scare and tanq

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Sorry???? I funnily said my dear.l am saying that u r superb.

  4. awesome but pragya father dont no. about abhigya marriage : yaa he know

    1. that u will c n d next episode

  5. awesome episode update regularly so we culd enjoy more really nice episode

    1. sure dr but the ff is nearing its climax

  6. Nice so many villains in this story yar…

  7. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    hope ishveer would not fall in danger because of this villains

    1. nope next episode will be an exciting twist for all d jodis

  8. U can bring my fav deepapli from MEIEJ

    1. i cant get dr. what serial is this?

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