love beyond ages (episode 8)


Pragya reads the letter written by abhi and gets shocked………meanwhile priya watches the incident in tv and calls pragya. She cries bitterly and tells about suicide. Priya asks her to go to the cliff and she will also come there. Pragya then goes searching abhi. Ram also joins priya and they goes there. Abhi calls madhu …………
abhi: you was my bestiee and I love u always . till this moment u have taken decision by asking me but hereafter u have to take your own decision.
Madhu: but y?
abhi: because I’m gonna kill myself
Madhu: what?
abhi: yes. Please inform dadi about this and u have been with me in all my stages so I’m telling this to u
Madhu: but y r u doing like this?
abhi: because I spoiled a girl’s life , I’m ashamed of myself and I betrayed dadi by not following her teachings. I can’t face her so I’m doing this ..bye forever
madhu: listen abhi……….
(he cuts the call………….and he recollects his past of childhood, madhu’s friendship, priya’s marriage etc )
When he is about to fall , priya comes and holds his hand and she tells him that they both can die together
Abhi: what r u doing? Let me die
Priya: tek hai! Come lets fall
Abhi: y u?
Priya: because I’m your sister. Dadi regarded me as her own grand daughter and she gave me motherly affection and u considered me as your sister, friend now I cant live without my brother. So come lets die together.
Abhi: but didi?
Priya: what?
(priya then continues her emotional dialogues and her concern and make him realize )
Pragya: I’m sorry. This is all because of me only
(Just then bulbul, purab, naitik and madhu reaches there)
Madhu:abhi……………….(and hugs him)
Abhi: arey missworld I didn’t jump why r u crying?
Madhu: I wont talk to u hereafter.
Abhi: acha my angel wont be angry on me for too long
Madhu smiles and hugs him
Naitik, purab , ram : acha u can jump but after our marriage because marriage itself like this only………..
Bulbul and priya fumes and they apologize
Abhi apologizes to pragya and asks “ can we marry? Because this is my world. These are my people. These r the ones who loves me a lot . will u marry me?
Pragya with teary eyes says yes
Priya then takes them to a nearby temple and they marry all happily shower their blessings…………………..

At abhi’s house
With garlands abhi comes before dadi.
Priya tells her the whole incident. Dadi slaps abhi but she scolds how could he marry without her knowledge and asks them to call the girl. Pragya comes. Dadi gets shocked and happily hugs pragya
Dadi: I’m happy abhi
Abhi: dadi u know her before?
Dadi: yes she is the who saved my life.
she gave blood to me when I had accident 2 years before
(a fb is shown where dadi got an accident in london and everyone are looking for A-ve blood and after a great struggle they got the blood. After 2 days pragya met dadi and told that she is blood donor and took care of her while abhi was busy in his concert)
Abhi: thank you pragya
Pragya: it’s my duty
(they have a group hug)
Naitik: ok yaar its too late. Dadaji will scold us. We will leave now and everyone should come tomoorow for my engagement . we’ll meet there. Bye
They both leave and suddenly madhu feels dizzy . naitik asks her what happen but she tells nothing and all goes to their homes

In the road
Purab: tomorrow wear that pink lehenga
Bulbul: y should I wear what u tell? I wont wear
Purab: fine. And also pink wont suit you . it suits for aliya. She will be super hot in that costume
Bulbul: arey fine. Then marry her
Purab: sure bye
Bulbul then think to surprise him by wearing it
Purab thinks that he knows she will surprise him for sure and goes….

In ram’s room
Ram: I love you u r the angel not only for my life but also for everyone. I’m very proud of u
Priya: thanks and now sleep. Its already late. Good night.
Ram : good night

Scene 5
Next day. Naitik-akshara engagement
Akshara comes there in a beautiful violet lehenga naitik stares at her………………everyone comes and wishes them. Dadaji then calls pandit to come but he tells that today is not the good day and asks them y did they kept engagement on this day. He is shocked . pandit tells him that their maharaut is only next month.
He informs the family. All the relatives go. Akshara cries. Dadaji promises her that she will their bahu whatever happens and asks her to go home happily. All leave
After 1 month………naitik-akshara engagement
Akshara wears red lehenga and she looks more beautiful than before. Ishaani comes wearing black and sandal colour lehanga, bulbul in her pink lehenga to surprise purab, madhu wears blue lehenga ,priya and pragya both in a rich pearl studded saree and they look great. All the men stare at the women. They get shy.
Akshara-naitik engagement take place. They exchange their rings. Suddenly madhu feels dizzy and she goes to her room. She gets confused if she is pregnant and thinks about that night with rk. She then goes out and buys pregnancy kit and comes home without knowing to anyone . RK sees this and goes to her room. There she finds madhu crying and asks her what happen. She shows the instrument and he is shocked to know her pregnant and he also thinks of that night. Madhu tells him to inform the family about their marriage orelse they will be in trouble. But RK refuses as he is not ready for marriage and if everyone get to know that she is pregnant, he wont get the social award which is very prestigious and he will be the first Indian actor to receive the award. She cries and asks him what will she do bearing a child. After 2 months the stomach will show everyone. RV hears them and asks them what they are talking is true. They nodes yes. He is taken aback. RK tells his situation and tells him only he can help him in this situation. And asks for a promise. Rv also promises him. Rk tells his plan and that is muted. rv gets teary eyed and shocked………

Precap: dadaji asks madhu who is responsible for her condition, she points out at rv. Everyone are shocked. Ishaani is taken aback and she runs away……………

Credit to: supriya

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  1. Oh no… please yar change that don’t spoil madhu and rv images I love both of them lot so please…

    1. there is a twist so pls wait for an episode to watch it

  2. don’t do this yarrr……don’t spoil ranveer’s character

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes dear don’t spoil my Ranvi’s character.don’t want to see him in helpless condition.

  4. all character are present except arshi
    plz change story

    1. they are the main characters

  5. Pls make rk to accept the truth don’t make ishveer ‘s life in trouble

  6. pls dude don’t separate ISHVEER

  7. Make ishu know about the plan plzz

  8. Pls keep ishveer together and update soon!

  9. friends dnt get panic ….wait for next episode . there is an exciting twist ….

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