love beyond ages (episode 7)


RK studios:
Ishaani gets confused seeing madhu’s bracelet and decides to ask madhu itself. Just then madhu comes after getting freshen up and shocked to see ishaani
Madhu:ishaani wat r u doing here?
Ishaani: well I came to see RK and wat r u doing here?
Madhu: Im the new hair stylist so I’m here.
Ishaani: oh kk I thought something else and sorry for doubting you. Here’s your bracelet.
Madhu: thank you yaar
Ishaani:ok bye. I have to leave now.

Scene 2
At meeting
RV and Ishaani are seated opposite and make faces during meeting. Ram and ishaani’s dad sees it
Ram: rv if you are not interested in the meeting, you can leave.
RV: no bhai . I’m ok
Ram: are you sure?
Rv: pakka sure.
They both continue to pull their legs under the table but accidently she pulls ram’s leg. All the board members sees them and smiles except one member…………then rv and ishaani come to their senses. Ishaani’s dad asks her to go and even ram asks rv to go. They both excuse and leave……………

Scene 3
In the road (they both travelling in their car just then they see a wonderful sight on the highways of mountains so they get down the car and decides to enjoy there)
Rv: wow betterhalf, your idea was fantastic. You know I was very bored there…………..anywayz we escaped
Ishaani: arey , then you did this for escaping. You didn’t do this for me right . ok fine bye go and enjoy lonely.
He pulls her and hugs her , silently goes near her ears and whispers I love you…she gets blushed and hugs him tightly…………..ishaani was wearing a clip on her hair, he gently removes it and her hair flies in air , he watches it and tells this is the most wonderful sight he has ever seen…………..
Ishaani: you are the most romantic guy I have ever seen
Just then rain comes they both dance together (tum hi ho plays)
Just then someone comes and points gun at them , they are shocked to see tribal people has rounded them and rv and ishaani gets afraid seeing them. They says that they had come for sightseeing but they drag them to their king

Scene 4
In the tribal village
King: what were you both doing at this time? You know this is our place and we won’t any outsiders to come into our village.
Ishaani: maf kijiye we didn’t know and we just came by mistake.
Rv: yes please let us go everyone will get tensed if we are not going to our homes
King: are you both married?
Rv: no y?
King: do your elders has any mannerism, sending an unmarried boy and girl together?
Ishaani: we are going to engaged.
King: no I wont believe you people will cook up stories.
( a man comes and says due to rainfall all their lands are flooded and the roads are also damaged )
Rv and ishaani are shocked to hear this
They tells how they will go?
King: k no problem you can stay here till the wether becomes normal
Rv: thank you . ok I’ll call my family and inform them
(he calls and informs priya everything she tells ok and asks them to be safe)
King: but you have one condition for staying here?
Ishaani: kya condition?
king: you both should get married now
rv: what? This is not possible
king: you only told you are going to get engaged so what is the problem in getting married?
Ishaani: but we need the blessings of elders
King: we are here no. we will celebrate your marriage in a grand way .
Rv tells ok as they have no other choice she also agrees
Everyone in the village is busy in making the preparations for their wedding…………

Scene 5
In the recording studio
Abhi: pragya u has to sing with soul
Music director: arey tum chup. She is singing correctly. You practice your lines…
Abhi:I’m the rockstar and I know more about music… whatever you want give me the lyric paper…
Pragya thinks that he is so selfish and proud of himself one day he will be thrown to land
Music director calls abhi as pragya’s portion are over
Abhi starts to sing but his singing was horrible. The director scolds him and he takes many chances but fails everytime. Pragya laughs seing him. He gets fumed and finally he sings correctly and goes out angrily. Pragya also goes out and teases
Pragya: o mr.rockstar, what happened? Why did you take many chances?
Abhi: because I didn’t want you to go home early
Pragya: what are you saying?
Abhi: yes no one is in the studio and I’m a boy , you are a girl
Pragya:ah u r a boy only, now what is there in that?
Abhi: don’t you get scared as I may do something with you( and he locks the door, pragya gets afraid)
Pragya: what are you doing? Open the door
Abhi: nope. I just wanna know your feelings for me. Tell me
Pragya: I don’t have any feelings for you
Abhi: you are lying tell me
Pragya: ok I like your singing and I have a crush on you
Abhi gets closer and she closes her eyes he gently kisses her and removes her earings and kisses her she also hugs him and kisses him. Just then he pushes her and says are you got hurt?
Pragya: no
Abhi: then ok and make your heart ready to bear a wonderful news
Pragya: what news?
Abhi: the words which you have been longing for?
Pragya: which words?
Abhi: I hate you
Pragya gets shocked and teary eyed and asks him then y did he came closer
Abhi: because to hurt you
Pragya: but y?
Abhi: from morning you have hurted me a lot so I thought to hurt you
Pragya: you played with my feelings
Abhi: even you played with my voice. I know how you repaired mike (fb is shown how pragya sets mike rongly)
Pragya: but………..
Just then press people break the door and come in and take their photos abhi asks them what they are doing here and who called them
Reporters: we have rights to peep anywhere sir and what are you doing with this lady at night ? you are so cheap
And he blabbers. Abhi gets angry and he beats everyone and asks them to go as they are practicing for their upcoming song. Reporters believe him and go…
Pragya with teary eyed goes form there in a shocked state
Abhi gets emotional seeing her and thinks what he has done and he blames himself for being so cheap and he feels ashamed so he decides to kill himself and writes a letter that he is going to suicide by falling from cliff and goes
Pragya then comes back and to take her purse and sees the letter she gets shocked and teary face as abhi has written his feelings for her in that and screen freezes on her shocked face………….

Precap:abhi and pragya marry in a temple in front of ram, priya, madhu , bulbul, naitik, purab
Madhu later takes pregnancy test……………….naitik-akshara, rk with teary face gets a promise from rv….he gets shocked…..

(friends you can suggest me any negative role which you like.and that will be the negative role for my ff also. I have left a space for that character and please comment the person for negative role)

Credit to: supriya

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