love beyond ages (episode 6)


Scene 1
The episode starts with RV and ishaani are shocked seeing bulbul’s face in the pic….and surprised y aliya wanted to make a mask of bulbul’s face….and discuss about that

Bulbul comes from behind and purab gets shocked seeing her…. bulbul says she is the one and the girl hugging says she us the real… he get confused and calls all the family members and friends to come there…

Rk and madhu starts romance and he asks her when she is going to be his biwi.. she says when the time comes…RK says time has come and shows a mangalsutra and asks her permission as they can marry there itself. She gets blushed and agrees. Both get married and he promises her whatever maybe the situation he will not leave alone……..she gets teary eyed and they consummate their marriage…bulbul calls RK but he does not respond….she get suspicious…………

Scene 4
RV calls bulbul but she does not respond and gets confused. Just then priya calls ishaani to come to the guest house. They both leave there… real bulbul cries and says she is the real one and asks ram wether he cannot feel his own sister…………. priya gets emotional and thinks something….fake bulbul also cries and says she is the real one…………

Scene 5
Abhi and pragya arrive together and see priya , rv, ishaani standing outside and goes to them asks what the matter is….rv and ishaani says the whole incident and priya gets confirmed that the fake bulbul is none other than aliya.. ishaani also agrees….then abhi in his usual style compliments priya that she is his sissy and will have little brain from him…all laughs and pragya says priya is great genius as she is also an MBA professor and knows many things….then abhi says” o hello aunty, i’m more intelligent than her
Pragya: acha then y didn’t u tell the solution first before priya and i’m not aunty. I’m just 24 yrs old and younger than u for 3 yrs
Abhi: o then u wear saree and u r luking like an aunty and starts fighting….
Priya says enough guys and go inside…
Scene 6

Ram: what is happening? Who is the fake ? please come forward. I’ll forgive you but if u r not coming out then i’ll punish you …..
Both the bulbul’s are standing quiet….
Priya goes near fake bulbul and shows fake concern and touches her face.. she understands that the face is not real and its a mask…… she says i believe u. U r my real sister inlaw bulbul and real bulbul says bhabi :i am the one” she says chup i’m going to punish u and goes to the table and took the knife all r shocked. She says she is going to punish the fake and throws it on fake all r shocked and rushes to her….and shocked to find out the mask . ishaani removes the mask from her face and all r shocked to see that is aliya………………..

Scene 8
At night, naitik and akshara mmet in a park and was about to talk but dadaji comes at the moment and scolds both of them as they should not meet before marriage and scolds akshara a lot naitik tries to talk in favour of akshara but he scolds him and asks him come to house….akshara gets sad and cries…

Scene 9
All scold aliya for betraying her sister. But she continues her emotional drama that anyone think of her feelings, desire and asks ram that he told he will set up a fashion world for her but he did not do he just thought about bulbul and everyone care only for her. But she does not deserve this. She is the one who killed her parents and says only after her birth , her mother died and shed crocodile tears….priya slaps her and says: bulbul told me everything how your mom killed her mom and everything. You just need only money but bulbul needs love and care than money…she deserves our love but u deserve only this
And slaps her harder….
Aliya: ram bhai see your patni is beating me like this and u r standing like an idol . i know even u married this middle class nautkani only becose of bulbul
Ram : shut up aliya. I love priya
Everyone r happy but priya is shocked..

Ram : bulbul is my own sister and if u plan any conspiracy against her i will not bear it and y she targeted purab
Aliya : becose i love purab. I heard your wife promising bulbul that she will let them marry and i thought to take purab to give the first defeat for bulbul but your patni spoiled everything and mrs ram how did u find that i’m fake
Priya: that is becose i know the difference between love and betrayal and says bulbul doesn’t like to wear blue colour dress but u wore.
Bulbul gets emotional and she hugs her saying maa….
All gets emotional. Police comes and ram asks them to arrest aliya. They do and goes…
Then all go to their homes…
Dadaji asks gayathri that y still madhu has not returned. She tells him that madhu has an important meeting so she stayed in her parlour itself. Dadaji scolds them and goes

Scene 10
Kapoor mansion:
Ram gifts priya an earing and they both gets surprised
Priya: shall i say 5 words
Ram: sure
Priya: thank you i love u
Ram: what?
Priya: thank you and i love it
Ram: no u said something else
Priya: nothing
And smiles she get blushed and tells ram that for today she sleep with bulbul as she is afraid
Ram says ok and thanks her for taking care of his family. Priya says they are mine family too
Ram: what i said to aliya is true. I’ll wait for your decision
She gets shy and goes

At morning
Madhu and RK wake up and she cries as she broke the promise made to dadaji
Rk consoles her and says he will talk to priya and will marry her soon and their marriage will be a star filled gala night. Madhu smiles and she she gets ready and leaves. She covers her mangalsutra with shawl….
Ishaani comes there after a while and says to rk about aliya. He gets fumed and says he wont leave her as she tried to harm his sister. She jokes him and says bye as she is having meeting in her dad’s office. He says ok and teases her as RV also comes and she gets blushed ad goes..
She finds a bracelet near the door and says it’s madhu’s and thinks how it came here….the screen freezes….

Precap:abhigya scenes, ishaveer scenes

(the next episode is for u guys who love ishaveer and abhigya)

Credit to: supriya

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