love beyond ages (episode 4)

The episode starts with priya telling RV about pyaar, relations and family etc. she asks him to accept ishaani as everybody should be given second chance. Rv smiles and says thank you MAA as bhabi is regarded as MAA . priya gets emotional and hugs him…………
They both come down and Abhi starts singing and he asks all the couples to dance together.Ram-priya dances , Bulbul-purab dances and all compliment them. Suddenly a romantic song is played and everyone with surprise see Arnav and kushi’s romantic performance and says they are the best….
After the performance they greet ram and priya and all share a happy moment……
The London bridge is shown…..yes its London….

A big award ceremony is going on and they announce the best single album of the year as MERI PYAAR ….. . all gets happy and a girl who is very hot and beautiful is shown receiving award and she says about the importance and rich culture of INDIA … and also she wishes to go there…..and she is PRAGYA…(she is a classical singer who got settled in UK)…….
The scene shifts to KAPOOR MANSION

There ishaani feels sad and tells ram that rv is not even talking to her and cries.priya and rv comes there and rv tells priya that today he is lucky to see the love for me in ishaani’s eyes which he longed for. He goes near ishaani and touches him. Seeing him she wipes her tears and he says to ram that he wants to get married after his marriage. Ram tells sure but he asks him for bride….rv smilingly says that the bride is before your eyes and he eyes ishaani…ram and ishaani are shocked and surprised . ishaani asks wether he is saying true or for play. He then proposes her saying that you are my ashiqui and how he will live without her. They both get teary eyed and hugs….(tum hi ho plays…….)

Ram and priya smiles seeing them and talks about love and have an eyelock that their thoughts are similar…(bade ache lagate hain… plays) RV tells bhayya and bhabi please end your romance soon and he thanks priya. Priya says to him that “you considered me as your mom so I have to be justice to my son no so no thanks between a mom and son” rv, ram and ishaani smiles and Ram and RV goes inside. Ishaani then hugs priya and says her thank you and also says that she is feeling priya like her own sis..they get emotional and hugs….

Then all happily decides to dance… RK, madhu, akshara, naitik didn’t dance as they are not having pair.

Rajshree suggests naitik and akshara can dance as they make a gud pair. Akshara and naitik have a eyelock and they go to the stage. RK asks madhu that can we pair up. First madhu resists then agrees. Madhu knew already that rk is in love with her and she also loves rk but she didn’t tell him anything..all the couples dance and they kidd abhi for not having any pair..he tells everyone that he feels like he is going to meet his biwi in a week.
In London pragya gets a call from Indian music director for singing a song..pragya happily agrees and she pack her things to go to india and her dad went to buy tickets.

The same music director calls abhi and says that the recording is in a week and tells him that female singer is from London and also she is a classical singer and an Indian. Abhi tells ok and cuts call . he tells bulbul to see his fate that he is going to sing with a aunty who sings bhajan and laughs…..they both have a cute talk.
All will be busy in their work . ram comes to priya and says thanks for making things successful in his life and asks her to promise him that she wont leave him alone. Priya promises and says hereafter more than ram-sita, ram-priya pair will be talked everywhere…………………(bade ache lagate hain plays_)

Then all leave for their homes and all the pairs will have eyelock and abhi teases them its enough and asks everyone to come. All wish good night and leave……………..
Pragya comes to india and she stays in the same apartment in which priya stays as its her old home . priya sees her and they talk and they become friends . priya invites pragya for her wedding . pragya says with pleasure and at evening all get ready for wedding .

pragya makes priya to get ready and she asks about priya’s parents . priya says that they both died in an accident and she lives with her brother and asks about pragya’s parents. She tells her that they didn’t come and also she feels that she have a sacred bond with her. Priya also feels the same. All go to the mandap . bulbul says this is a very special day for her as she is going to get a bhabi come mom and laughs……marriage rituals start and pandit asks bulbul for making wear the pink shawl (I dono what it is as I’m a telugu so sorry for that). Then pandit calls priya’s parents to do kanyadhan. Priya gets teary eyed and says her parents are no more…..and asks can purab do but pandit asks did he married or have any fiancée . priya says no and even purab. Bulbul gets sad hearing this….rv says he will do kanyadhan with ishaani . all smiles and bulbul asks bhai when did this happen. Rv says everything will happen in the correct time and do kanyadhan. Priya gets emotional seeing RV …..the screen freezes on her smiling face……………

Precap:ram and priya take pheras fulfilling all the promises….bulbul-purab have a cute fight, RV-ishaani have a intimate romance and someone will take their pictures. Abhi comes and collides with pragya and he is stunned with pragya’s beauty and pragya also shocked seeing Abhi as he is her favourite…and both have an eyelock………………..

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  1. Wow ,grt
    I mean it was amazing and i m really thankful to God for giving me good company (coz mg mother tongue us Telugu as well)..
    And could u pls upload ur next episode soon…

    1. i’m also thankful to god for giving nice company

      1. Hey nice to hear that ur mother tongue is Telugu.. Even my mother tongue also Telugu…
        Nice episode supriya.. Waiting for next part???

  2. marvelous story

  3. Woww nvr epi

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow ishveer scenes.especially last part.

    1. tanq sana

  5. Why are you restarting episode 2. Didn’t you already wrote it. It is pretty much the same but just a bit more detailed

  6. Nice yaar…..but y is der a change in epi 2,3,4??

    1. sry guys due to technical prob i updated 2nd episode so sry for tht

  7. awesome episode loved to the core update daily na

    1. sure……..

  8. Wow superb yar… waiting for rishballa and abhigya scenes…

  9. Soooo interesting…..

  10. interesting episode.
    you’re balancing all the characters well.

    1. tanq and even u can suggest me what u like

  11. Superb yaar… Really I don’t prefer 4 more character from diff serials BT really tz ff changed my thoughts n I felt tat these type of ff i mean many lead couples 4m diff serial also vl be a rocking one nu.. Really superb n rocking yaar…

    1. tanq i’ll make sure u wont get any confusion with these pairs

  12. Marvellous ,,,, really loved it,,,,,

  13. Too gud .. Diff plot of abhigya

    1. ya many more surprises are yet to come

  14. IshuRV(Pranjali die heartedly loves Ishveer)

    too good

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