love beyond ages (episode 3)


guys 2nd episode will be on tomorrow now 3ed episode is available

The episode starts with RV and ishaani doing kanyadhan for priya and ram………….
All smile and all are very happy.. then the pandit asks the couple to take pheras around fire… they take 7 pheras , all others are happily throwing flowers and after this pandit tells the marriage is over …..they both smile and say in heart that their relation is something deep than the husband-wife relation….
RV and ishaani silently go away from there and their romance start …… they both exchange garlands and rv make ishaani wear a chain saying that this is the mangalsutra. Ishaani is happy and gets teary eyed…… rv says hereafter no tears should well up in her eyes she smiles and hugs him….. (any romantic song which u like plays) they get intimated and someone from behind take pic of them and thinks in heart that no one can snatch my pyar from me……………..face is not shown….bulbul comes and asks y r u wearing garlands and teases them……
Abhi talking in his phone and accidently gets colloid with pragya and the kumkum in her hand gets scattered in her forehead and shockingly sees abhi….he is also shockingly sees and he is stunned with her beauty……..pragya is surprised as she is a huge fan of abhi and morethan that she is happy inside as kumkum is filled her hairline indirectly by abhi……… akshara comes , pragya makes excuse and goes…
She teases abhi that he got his pair itseems. He also tells yes and also he tells that he thought he will meet only after a week but he saw his biwi now itself and she has become his biwi already as kumkum is filled her hairline…..and laughs…
Akshara:y r u laughing ?
Abhi: see how is she . she is very hot, s*xy and at the same time she is looking like a typical Indian girl….if I get chance to sing with her how it will be? But for me only aunty is available to sing..
Akshara:bhai she is also a singer itseems
Abhi: what ? is this true? And moreover who is she?
Akshara:she came from London for recording. She is the neighbour of priya bhabi
Abhi: really then see my marriage will happen in a month. I will win her heart and she will be mine

Akshara: anyway all the best. Now come we’ll go orelse they will get worried about us
Meanwhile pragya talks to bulbul about abhi
Bulbul: didi y r u blushing?
Pragya:nothing dr.
Bulbul: then wat about the sindoor in your hairline and u have to tell me if u think me as your sister
Pragya tells the whole incident and blushes
Pragya: I like abhi a lot
Bulbul: oooo what u like in our abhi bhai …his singing, or beauty
Pragya: no morethan that I like something in him . I feel that I have some deep bond with him
Madhu joins them
Madhu:so u love him right
Pragya: no no I just like him that’s it
Madhu:no your eyes is saying something else .say me the truth. If u have any feelings for him please tell me becose I’m his bestiee and he’ll hear what I say , so I talk in behalf of u and also I have been seeing u from morning and I think u r the right choice for him…..
Pragya:nothing like that. After my recordings I’ll go to London so dnt imagine anything and come lets go. Priya’s bidaai may start…
All goes to priya’s house and she cries vigoursly hugging purab and bidaai starts . purab, naitik goes down as they cant control their tears. Akshara and bulbul also goes to see them and they console them.
Then priya goes to kapoor mansion and is welcomed by a beautiful girl aliya (she is the cousin of ram, she hates bulbul) . all the rituals start, both priya and ram find the ring together ishaani and bulbul teases them but aliya doent care that much. She is a spoiled brat and she needs just money.
Dadi says that their suhagrat is after 3 days and now priya can sleep with bulbul and she takes her
Next morning at 5am
A beautiful bhajan is heard to everyone and come down , they sees priya doing arthi and singing
All will be happy and surprised and dadi says mahalakshmi has come to their house……
Bulbul compliments priya and she also hugs bulbul and says she is her dear sisterinlaw and hugs. Aliya fumes seeing this and thinks middle class drama is a high voltage drama and thinks when will it end…

She thinks how bhai choosed her and it might be bulbul who forced bhai to marry her…digusting bulbul….
Priya sees aliya fuming at bulbul and thinks what is going in between them and asks bulbul about this. Bulbul says that aliya is her cousin and they just need money.. her mother killed our mom for the sake of marrying our dad becose her mom was a widow that time…but unfortunately dad died of heart attack and she hates me a lot becose I have born in rich family and she is not…
Priya thinks that money does lot of changes in relation and thinks……………….
Dadi then sends ram and priya to priya’s house for ritual….and sends bulbul, aliya little early itself as purab doesn’t know anything. RV and RK teases bulbul and says to dadi that she should get married becose purab has more demand among girls. She says funny and goes. Aliya thinks who is purab and y all are talking about him. Bulbul gets a call and says to aliya to go there and she’ll join later as she s having a important job. Aliya says fine and she goes there…..
Aliya then sees that bulbul has left her phone but she went already and decides to check who is purab and what relation does he have with bulbul…. She then sees a selfie of purab and bulbul , falls in luv with purab and says the marriage will happen only with her and not with bulbul and she goes into dream with purab and thinks now no one will be there so she will go and impress purab sothat he marries her and not bulbul. She goes to priya’s house and sees the decoration and thinks this is her sasuraal and she steps and she lits the diya saying that she s the mahalakshmi of this house and searches for purab but he is bathing so she decides to make sweet to impress him. She makes sweet and goes to see wether purab came or not . she enters purab’s room and gets shocked…………….screen freezes on her shocked face…..

Precap: purab kisses bulbul but she comes from behind and shocked………ram and priya goes for a walk and talk about their likes and dislikes…………rajshree goes to naitik’s house and fixes marriage with akshara………….abhi and pragya starts their usual nokjok fights….. RK makes madhu jealous by acting in a romantic seen before her………………..RV and ishaani goes for a candle light dinner and sees aliya talking to a guy and shocked……………………..

Credit to: supriya

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