love beyond ages (episode 11)


A beautiful teenage girl comes in a beautiful lehenga to kapoor’s house calling as mamaji……
Ram is shown with a white beard and priya is in a stunning red and green saree….. both hear the girl’s voice and comes down…..they call her as swaraa……..
(swara is the daughter of bulbul and purab she is well cultured and more traditional)
swara: mamu……………..(hugs ram and priya)
Ram: have you prepared for your exams well?
swara:yes mamu …sure I will be the topper if u give the pen…
Priya: still u have not forget this a? always before going to exam u will get pen from your mamaji.
swara: ha mami that will be my lucky pen (and smiles) . by the way where is my choti sister and the your nautak putr
Ram: yes they are….
A beautiful hot girl comes and hugs swara…. And a more handsome guy comes and wishes her all d best………..swara thanks them and leaves…….
Priya: ok sanskaar and ananya come and have your breakfast.
Sanskar: ma I’m getting late for my hosp. I’ll have ma breakfast in the car itself just pack it and give…(he goes priya looks on……..)
Priya,ananya and ram have their breakfast and go for their respective works…..
Priya have a soul talk and FB is shown…………..

Scene 2
All the couples went to honeymoon……… and they returned happily………..
Leap of 3months……………
Mayuri (daughter of arnav-kushi) and naman (son of madhu-RK) is shown playing together. Priya comes there and they both hugs her…. Suddenly she faints and doc confirms her as pregnant… all are happy and days passesss……
Ishaani feels sad as she is not able to get pregnant and worries for it but rv convinces her as he is her son and she is his daughter and pacifies her but he also feel sad as they don’t have child……
After the godbharai function of priya bulbul and akshara get pregnant which make ishaani worry much..priya sees her and takes her to a doc and she does treatment…………
Same way pragya also gets pregnant and ishaani too…all are happy and they deiver their babies//….
(Their intro:
Mayuri-daughter of arnav-kushi
Naman-son of madhu-rk, love of naira
Sanskaar-son of ram-priya, love of swara
ananya-daughter of ram-priya
Manu- daughter of madhu-rk, love of naksh
Rithanya- daughter of rv-ishaani, loves prateek
Naksh-son of akshara-naitik, love of manu
Prateek-son of abhi-pragya, loves swara
Naira- daughter of akshara-naitik
Swara-daughter of bulbul –purab love of sanskar
Sanskaar, swara, ananya, mayuri, naman, manu, naksh, rithanya, naira
All study together and these 10 cousins wont leave each other and they had happy days………
It will revealed later the love of each other…..

Prateek will get jealous seeing swara and sanskar but he wont show it and be happy for his bro but still he has some misunderstanding and he neds swara…
(all the villains died in the jail due to fire accident but aliya escaped…she enters the kapoor mansion and sees everyone happy so she plots her next game.she uses prateek for that and still aliya needs to take place of bulbul)
Aliya:prateek I’m your aunt so u can talk to me freely. Y are u so sad
Prateek: nothing
Aliya: I know u loves swara
Prateek:yes but I cannot marry her
Aliya: y u can
Prateek: but how. Bhai will feel and everyone’s choice is bhai
Aliya: u can follow my idea , u can low the value of sanskar in this house
Prateek:I know I’m little younger than swara but I love her deeply.
Aliya: that;s not the prob dr. follow my advice(and tells him something. He nods yes)

The next day is holi……
All are throwing colours happily and enjoying suddenly prateek comes with full of colour but wears the shawl like sanskar….pushes bulbul, she falls and her head is injured everyone rush her to the hosp but she went to coma…..all are sad and worried and from that day ram did not play holi as he said that he will play holi when bulbul gets up and stays calm and in a stressed state. They all see the cctv video to catch the culprit and sees like sanskar but no one believe as everyone know about sanskar and bulbul’s relationship ..more than priya he regarded her as his mom…….but ram was angry with him and stopped talking to him.sanskar tried a lot to prove his innocence but failed and tells swara that u will marry someother guy and not sanskar, he takes her promise, she promises him after a long time
Aliya is so happy as bulbul is not here so she can become purab’s biwi and makes her next plan…..she mixes something in his juice and gives to him and shows fake concern to bulbul. She says she has changed and now she loves her sister much. Purab believes her and drinks milk. No one is in their home as swara went for some project work. He feels dizzy and goes to aliya thinking her as bulbul and hugs her from behind, aliya says I’m waiting for this and she feels happy , he carries her to the bedroom saying bulbul and removes her blouse knot and gently saree, he kisses her and she also kisses him and they both consummate……. Purab sleeps and aliya calls someone and tells him that my wish is fulfilled now release that girl..and she hugs purab and sleeps peacefully….suddenly purab gets and throws her out police comes and arrests her bulbul comes from behind….and tells aliya that he acted like this to rescue bulbul and don’t ever think to come between us. aliya asks him how did he find that this is her original bulbul.he answers her that I gave a ring to bulbul and that ring was missing from the girl who u made as fake bulbul and I understood your plan. She fumes and goes….all are happy once again and prateek apologizes to everyone and tells about aliya’s plan . pragya slaps him hard and says hereafter there is no relation between them but sanskar forgives him and goes. Ram apologizes to sanskar but he goes and from that time there is a cold war going between ram and sanskar…………..
FB ends,…………

Priya’s selftalk
Tomorrow is holi atleast tomorrow every prob in this house should solve and they should be happy…
She then goes to make arrangements…..
After sometime sanskar and swara goes dating as her college completed and next is marriage….
Naksh and manu goes to hotel to celebrate their love anniversary
Naman-naira goes to a temple where they 1st realized their love for eachother…..
Rithanya and prateek meet and they spend some time and rithanya proposes him and he also accepts and they both hug…..

Next day
All come for holi celebrations and happily throw colurs and plays . ram comes and hugs sanskar he too croies asking sry and he has hurted a lot they both forgive eachother and happily apply colors
All the pairs apply color to eachother and dance together as couples. Ananya and mayuri stands seeing them , sanskar kidd’s them and ananya says we both will dance as a couple and they both dance all are sooo happy
Again priya’s selftalk
Love….pyaar………….mohabattein…………ishq………… this has any ages………………..????????
And smiles……………seeing all the couples
Then they all take a groupfie….and screen freezes on the pic…………………………..

Show ends….

(thank you friends for your support and encouragement…..i will continue my other and new ff’s as my exams are over so please support me)

Credit to: supriya

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