Love, betray and Devakshi (Episode 5)

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(Devakshi and Rohan reaches Dev’s office)
Rohan(to receptionist): Excuse me, I’m Rohan Raichand and I have a meeting here.
Recepionist: Yes sir, you have to go that way..
Rohan: Actually wo mere saath ek bachchi aayi hai as her mom was not there
Receptionist: One minute sir…I’ll ask Tina ma’am about this…
(Receptionist calls Tina)
Receptionist: Ma’am actually Mr. Raichand has arrived and there is a lil girl with him..
Tina: Send both of them in my cabin
Receptionist: Ok ma’am!
Receptionist(to Rohan): Sir you have to go this way with her
Rohan: Ok thanks!
{Rohan and Devakshi comes to Tina’s cabin(which is open and just besid Dev’s cabin)}
Tina: Welcome sir!
Rohan: Thank you! But can you tell me where will she stay?
Tina: Don’t worry sir I’ll handle her
Rohan: Ok!
(Rohan was going towards Dev’s cabin and Ria was coming from Dev’s cabin…They both collide and all the files and papers from Ria’s hand falls on both of them….Then Rohan helps her in picking up the files and documents…)
Ria: Thanks!
Ria(to Tina): Bhaiya… no no I mean sir apne cabin mein nahi hai…
Rohan:Bhaiya? Wha do you mean by that???
Devakshi: Maasi, aap kya THE DEV DIXIT ki behan ho???
(Tina is confused)

Riya: ha, mein THE DEV DIXIT ki behan hu.
Rohan: phir tumne pehle kyu nahi bataya.
Riya: aise hi…… accha princess vaise aap yahan kya kar rahe ho?
Devakshi: yeh sab chodiye, aapko pata hai aaj Mr. DEV DIXIT ne meri bahut badi wali help ki.
Riya: kaise?
(devakshi tells her the whole incident)
Riya: accha devakshi, tum mere cabin mein jao mein aati hu. Aur rohan tum Mr. Dixit ke cabin mein jao who aate hi honge.
(rohan leaves)
Tina: riya, voh tumhe maasi kyu…………tum usse aur Mr. Raichand ko kaise jaanti ho aur voh sir ko kaise jaanti hai aur…….
Riya: bas,bas,bas! Take a deep breath.
(riya tells tina everthing about the past 10 years)
Tina: Ms.bose ne itna kuch tolerate kiya hai, itna suffer kiya hai apni beti ki parvarish karne mein kitni taklif(hardships) uthani padi hogi. I hope ishwari ma’am unhe accept kar le aur sir bhi unhe maaf kar de.
Riya: I too wish so. Yeh sab chodo jaa kar meeting ki tayaari karo.
(tina leaves and devakshi comes)
(sonakshi goes to meet her bhabhi and niece but stops thinking that unhone mujhe ghar se nikal diya mujhe paraya(disown) kar diya toh mera koi haq nahi hai unki zindagi mein dakal dene ka)
Devakshi: maasi, mein andar bore ho rahi hu.
Riya: devakshi, ye lo mera laptop anr sona di se video chat kar lo.
Devakshi: ok, thanks.
(riya leaves)
Devakshi: hi, mumma.
Sonakshi: Devakshi, tum kaha ho main itna pareshaan ho rahi hu sara hotel dekh liya tum kahi nahi ho.
Devakshi: mumma, mein rohan ke saath uski meeting mein aayi hu.
Sonakshi: rohan tumhe aise kaise leja sakta hai usse batana toh chahiye tha.
Devakshi: mumma, aap ghar par nahi the toh voh mujhe le aaya.
Sonakshi: okay.
(dev comes)
Dev: yeh chhote bacche mere office mein kaise?lets see.
(dev pats devakshi’s back)
(devakshi turns and sees dev)
Devakshi: hi, uncle.
(dev is shocked to see devakshi)
Dev: princess! Aap yahan kaise.
Devakshi: mein yahan apne dost rohan ke saath aayi hu.
Dev: dost……..aapka dost yahan?
Tina: morning sir. Mr. Rohan Raichand meeting ke liya aa gaye hai, he is waiting for you.
Dev: okay, I am coming.(thinking for a moment). Accha toh Mr. Raichand aapke dost hai.
Devakshi: ha, mere sabse acche wale dost.
Dev: accha theek hai………aap yahan wait kijiye. Tina take care of her aur inke liya pizza order karo.
Tina: right sir.
(dev leaves)
After meeting,
Rohan: so, the deal’s done.
Dev: yeah sure, by the way kya voh bacchi apke saath aayi hai?
Rohan: yeah, actually uski mom meri dost hai au rune kuch zaruri kaam se jana pada toh mein use apni saath le aaya. Is there any problem ? kya usne kuch kiya hai ?
Dev: oh no, it’s just that she’s really sweet.
Rohan:she told me ki kaise aapne uski airport mein help ki thi. Thanks for that.
Dev: no problem.
Rohan: ab jab aaapne hamari help ki hai so we have to repay it. Aaj princess ka birthday hai. Hum uska bbirthday celebrate kar rahe hai I would like to invite you there.
Dev: it’s really sweet but aaj main apni family ke saath dinner par jaa raha hu. Next time for sure.
Rohan: it’s okay, better luck next time.
(rohan leaves)
(sonakshi is worried, rohan and devakshi comes)
Sonakshi: rohan tum……..devakshi aap jakar apna homework finish kijiye aaj bahar jana hai na.
Devakshi: sure, mumma.
(devakshi goes)

Sonakshi: rohan tum devakshi ko ishwari enterprises lekar gaye the……………why?
Rohan: arre, tum ghar mein nahi thi, mujhe meeting mein jana tha issliye mein devakshi ko apne saath lekar gaya tha. Whats the big deal?
Sonakshi: the big deal is ki Dev……………kuch nahi agli baar se bata kar jana ki tum devakshi ko kaha lekar jaa rahe ho. I was worried.
Rohan: don’t worry, I will make sure of it.
Sonakshi: thanks, chalo lets get ready for the celebration.
Rohan: sure.
In the restaurant,
Rohan: so princess, aaj kya lengi aap?
Devakshi: mujhe pizza, burger, cold drink aur…………….
Sonakshi:No, bimar(sick) pad gayi toh.
(it is seen that dev with his family enters the same restaurant)
Dev: ma, aapko yeh jagah kaisi lagi?
Ishwari: acchi hai, par thodi mehangi hongi na.
Dev: ma…….aap bhi na. jo order karna hai kar lijiye.
Sonakshi: I will see if the cake is ready or not! And order all the things devakshi wanted.
Rohan: okay.
(Dev gets a call and he excuses himself for attending the call)
Dev was talking on his phone and sonakshi was walking towards the counter. Actually, they both were walking towards each other………..they both collide and dev’s phone falls down.
Sonakshi(picks the phone): I am sorry! I am sorry!
(she is hell-shocked to see dev there and dev is shocked to see sonakshi there).

PRECAP: dev hugs devakshi emotionally.

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