Love, betray and Devakshi (Episode 3)

hello friends……..this is shrusvri………so here’s the 3rd episode.


Reaching Delhi’s Airport, Sonakshi reminsces all moments she spent with Dev… but suddenly she realises that Devakshi was not present there….
Sona:Rohan, Devakshi kaha hai??
Rohan who was attending his call….
Rohan(on phone): I’ll call you later..
Rohan(to Sona): Devakshi kaha gayi matlab? Tumhare saath hi toh thi…
Sona: Nahi! Mujhe laga tumhare saath thi..
Rohan: Nahi!
Rohan and Sona(together): Matlab wo kho gayi hai!!!
Sona: Ab kya karenge Rohan?
Rohan: Don’t worry main andar dekhta hoon..
Sona: Ok! Main bahar dekhti hoon…

Next Scene:
Devakshi: Pata nahi mumma aur Rohan kaha gaye…
(While moving backwards, she collides with a man….)
Devakshi: Aapko chalna nahi aata kya uncle!!! Agar chalna nahi aata toh ghar par baithna sikhye!!!
Man(with anger): Aapko bolne ki tameez nahi hai beta!!! Agar aapko bolne ki tameez nahi hai toh chup rehna sikhye!!!
Devakshi: Ek toh main already pareshan hoon aur aap…mujhe pls aap pareshan mat kijiye…
Man(with much concern): Kya aap apni maa se alag ho gaye ho?
Devakshi: Abhi aap gussa kar rahe the and now aap concern dikha rahe ho! Tumhi ekdum impossible!!!

(Listening to Bengali words, man looked at her surprised….)

Devakshi: One sec….One sec…..Aap…Aap toh THE LEADING BUISNESSMAN OF INDIA-MR. DEV DIXIT hai na….
Man: Yes! I am Dev Dixit…
(Devakshi in very much excitement hugged him and Dev feeled some special connection with her…)
Devakshi(still hugging): Main aapse milne hi toh Delhi aayi thi…wapas jane ke baad I’ll tell all my friends about you…
(Dev was surprised to listen all this …..
Devakshi breaks the hug…)
Devakshi: Aap mere bahut bare wale inspiration ho….Main apni mumma ko bula kar lati hoon aapse milne ke liye…
(Devakshi was going but suddenly stops)
Devakshi: But main toh apni mumma se alag ho gayi……(she starts crying)….. Mumma pata nahi kaha chali gayi…
(Dev sits on his knees and hugs her…)
Dev: Beta aise mat ro…mumma mil jayegi…….I’ll help you in finding your mumma….
Devakshi(with a smile): Sach mein!!!
Dev(smiles): Ha!!!

(Dev and Devakshi were holding hands and walking…..)
Dev(in childish way): Waise aapko pata hai aapse zyada cute koi fan nahi dekha maine apna….Hmm…Sachchi…..
Devakshi: Main toh ke saamne kuch nahi hoon…
Dev: Kyun?? Aap aise kyun bol rahe ho???
Devakshi: Mumma aapki mujhse zyaada cute aur badi wali fan hai…wo aapke saare articles padhti hai, chahe newspaper mein ho ya magazine mein…also, she has read your Biography- SOME COLOURS OF DEV DIXIT….
Dev: Achcha!!!! Fir toh aapki mumma se bhi milna padega!!!!
Devakshi: Ha bilkul!!!
Dev: Waise aap kitno dino ke liye yaha aaye ho!!!
Devakshi: Mumma bahut mushkil se maani thi wo bhi sirf ek din ke liye!!! Par mera aur Rohan ka plan hai ek mahine tak rukne ka and mumma ko manana is my duty…
Dev: Toh princess aapka birthday hai kab!!!!
Devakshi: Kal hai mera birthday!!

(Dev gets a call and he is busy talking on phone…In the mean time Rohan sees Devakshi and comes to her…)
Rohan: Kaha thi tu Devakshi? Itni mushkil se mili hai… Ab jaldi chal…
Devakshi(pointing towards Dev who is standing with his backside and talking on phone): Wo mujhe yaha lekar aaye hai… I should atleast thank him….
Rohan: But waha Sona bahut pareshan thi and mera phone bhi dead ho gaya hai….that is why chalo abhi..
(Devakshi was going with Rohan and Dev turns to see her when she turns and bids him bye…He smilely bids her bye..)
Dev: Pata nahi uske saath koi special connection kyun feel ho raha tha..(a smile appears on his face)

Ria(in mind): Bhaiya ko achanak se kya hua hai….inn 10 years mein bhaiya ne pehli baar aise smile kiya…!!!


  1. AnShIta

    |Registered Member

    The episode was simple awesome😍😍😍😍😍
    Loved Dev’s kind attitude towards Devakshi….awwwww😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
    Hope Dev and Sonakshi unite soon and the secrets are unfolded..
    Post soon!!!
    Love you😍😍😘😘😘😘

  2. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Super cute!!!❤️💕💘❣💓💗💗😍😍💟💖💖😘
    Unite devakshi soon😉
    Post soon😊
    Love love❤️

  3. Yashfeen

    |Registered Member

    Hey d epi ws really sweet..I lykd d bond…bt waiting for d union of devakshi definitely wid d help of our confident, bold, brave, small devakshi…

  4. Maleeha

    |Registered Member

    Omg……epic…and superb……😘😘☺️👍🏻😍💘😂❤️😘❤️💟🎀😍😘💖……Devakshi is seriously a sweetheart ❤️☺️😍😍🎀💘❣💝😍👍🏻……and Dev…Devakshi convo….😘👍🏻💘😍💋😘💞💟🔱……

  5. Latha

    Awwwwwesome. Loved Dev and devakshi convo. Devakshi …. sweetheart😘😘😘😘. I like Rohan’s character also very much. Post the next one soon.

  6. Nikki

    Kitna cute😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖👍

  7. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeeee epi dear😘👌👍👏 nd i loved d bond between devakshi nd dev which u have showen nd i wish that i could get some more moments of them nd i know now u r also planning for this only na… 😜😛😉so post soon dear as i’m dying to read ur next epi nd sorry for late comment

  8. Madhuri

    |Registered Member

    Wow superb epi. When dev and sona met first time they also scolded each other like this only. Cute moment between dev n devakshi😘😘😘😘😘

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