Love, betray and Devakshi (Episode 11)


hi guys Shrusvri here……so sorry for the delay……. didn’t get the time to post….
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Sonakshi: No
Devakshi: Mumma,aap please Mr.Dixit ko pasta lene di jiya na
Dev: No princess,agar aap pasta nahi khoge toh main bhi nahi kahuga
Devakshi: Mr.Dixit, please…..meri vajah se aapko yeh jooth bolna pada……So its my fault not yours
Dev: No Devakshi,iss mein maine bhi aapka saath diya tha… we’re together aur yeh sach hai.
(Sona is confused,so is everyone)
Sonakashi:wait up,kaunsa jooth aur kaisa sach,come on tell me….Devakshi
Devakshi:(worried)nahi mumma kuch nahi
Sonakshi: Don’tlie…..
(Devakshi sighs dev)
(Devakshi takes the pasta bowl and run)
(Sonakshi runs behind her)(Dev smiles)
Sonakshi: Devakshi, no pasta…..Tell me kya chupa rahi ho tum mujhe
Devakshi:Mumma first catch me if you can
Sonakshi: accha yeh baat hai
(Devakshi passes the bowlto Dev and run)
Sonakshi runs behind them and rohan comes)
(She collides with Rohan and he prevents her to fall,a cherhing moment takes place)
(Dev feels uncomfortable seeing them,Sona andRohan share an eyelock)

Rohan: Sona,careful ya,you’ll get hurt….
(Dev is super jealous)
Rohan: kya hua?tum log bhaag kyu rahe ho
Devakshi: Mumma,pasta mere paas hain mujhepakdo…
Devakshi: Iwill give you chocolate stop…
(Devakshi is tempted)
Dev: Come on,devakshi…..I willtake you out for dinner….jo maan kare le lena……abhi bhaago
(Devakshi runs)
Sonakshi: Rohan please help me….
Rohan: Mai kya help karu yetum donoma beti ke beech ki baathai…….
Sonakshi: Tum bhi Rohan …….. Koi baat nahi main khud hi pakad lungi apni beti k
(Sonakshi was running behind Devakshi and this time,she collides with Dev…..Dev holds her but her leg gets twisted)
Sona: ahhhh……ouch…..
Dev(still holding sona): what happened?Sonakshi,are you alright???
(Sonakshi was unable tp stand ,i.e.,Dev lifts herand puts her on the sofa)
Dev(shouting): jaldi! Koi first aid box,lao,koidoctor ko bulao yaaarrrr….
(Rohan brings the first aid box)
(Dev sprays Volini and Sonakshi resists)
Dev:Come on Sona,mein jaanta wo hu ki tumhe yeh sab lagna nahi pasand but lagalo please ….
Sonashi: nahi Dev, mujhe dard ho raha hai
Dev: iss liye yeh sab lagate hain, ab baccho ke tarrah mat react karo

(Ishwari looks on so as Rohan)
Devakshi: mumma
Sona: Nahi Devakshi, main yeh nahi laga sakti
Dev: Jab tumhara accident hua tha tab tum aise baccho ki tarrah nahi react kar rahi thi
Sonakshi: ha because uss time main hosh mein nahi thi
Devakshi: kaun sa accident mumma?aapko kyu hua tha
Sonakshi(changes her expression): Mr.Dixit kaun sa accident.I am good mera koi accident nahi hua.
(Dev applies the Ointment and Rohan takes Sona to her room)(Devakshi suspiciouslygoes to her room)

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