The love begins (RagLak OS)

Laksh shouts on Ragini frustrated that he loves swara not her. Ragini was shattered and she was sad.
*Remember the scene where Laksh was wearing blue shirt and Ragini was in Yellow saree. How cute and romantic they are in that scene..!!*

So, Laksh feels guilty for shouting on Ragini. Ragini just enters the room and finds Laksh standing at the door of balcony. Ragini comes near bed and sets bed sheets. Laksh comes near her and holds her hand from back. Ragini amazes.

‘Ye moh moh ke daagee..’

Laksh puts the bed sheet aside and holds her hand. Ragini looks at him surprised still. Then, he cups her face. Ragini feels emotional. Laksh looks at her in guilty filled eyes and also somewhat love. He pulls her face little closer. Ragini feels shy and closes her eyes. Laksh moves closer to her… and he too closes his eyes.

‘hai rom rom ikataara..
Jo badalo mein se guzuze..’

They both have closed their eyes, now.. Laksh’s rough lips are ready to touch her soft lips. A shy filled smile creeps on her lips.

(now, an external sound disturbs Laksh. Imagine it has not disturbed him. Now, the story changes from here..!)

Ragini and Laksh’s lips reaches minimum distance, they can feel each other’s breath. Within seconds they both are going to have a lock of lips..!
Ragini’s lips starts shivering, and Laksh start sweating. Their both hearts are pumping too fast.
Now, slowly Laksh places his lips on Ragini’s. Ragini’s knee becomes weak, and now Laksh still presses his lips more on her flower petals like lips. Ragini feels emotional now. after having a gentle and smooth kiss, Laksh breaks it and looks at her. Ragini slowly opens her eyes which are teary.
Laksh straightly looks into her eyes and tears fall down from her eyes. Laksh wipes those tears from her cheek. Ragini now really feels to hug Laksh. She wanted this, only this, ‘his love’ from many days.. now finally, she got something..!! which she deserve..! Ragini moves a little near to him to hug, but stops being hesitated, what Laksh might feel…

Understanding her feelings, Laksh himself places his hands on her shoulder and gently takes her into his embrace. Ragini feels blissful now. she places her head on his heart. Laksh’s both hands are around her. a big smile appears on her face and also tears keep falling from her eyes still which wet his shirt. Her warm tears make him realize how Ragini wanted him all these days, how she loved him.

He remembers the past incidents, how Ragini used to look at him.. her innocent smiles. The way she was shy to face him, the way she was nervous to talk to him. And, her innocent words which used to make him smile.
Yes, it is that Ragini whom he is holding. The same Ragini who was shattered because of him and was hospitalized when a car hit her. Laksh closes his eyes in guilt again, and makes his hands tight around her. Ragini smile blooms more and she pushes her head more into his chest. Both are in a tight hug.

Laksh breaks the hug moving her little far holding her shoulders. Ragini looks at him in ‘why’ expression. Laksh smiles and lifts her up in his arms shocking her more. Ragini wraps her hands around his neck looking at him deeply and Laksh was also looking at her. Laksh takes her to bed and places her on it gently. Ragini was still looking at him surprised, ‘is it her Laksh, who is doing all this?’ Laksh places his one knee on bed Ragini closes her eyes tightly. Laksh comes over her. Ragini opens her eyes to lock with his. Laksh now, kisses her forehead.. and then he covers them in bed sheet.
Ragini wakes next morning and finds Laksh is sleeping beside her. Ragini smiles and touches his nose, he opens his eyes. Then, Ragini removes her hand being nervous what Laksh may feel? But Laksh pulls her hand and puts her hand on his cheek.

“come near me” Laksh says and Ragini goes close to him and he hugs her. then he kisses her cheek. Ragini keeps blushing.

After sometime,

Ragini goes into kitchen and she was very happy. All family members amaze to see Ragini like that. Ragini was cooking.. Parineetha and sujatha were also cooking.

Laksh stands at the door peeping in..

“chachi, maa is calling you..” Laksh says Sujatha leaves. “Bhabhi, I think bhayya is calling you..”

Pari laughs, “I know…” she leaves. Ragini giggles. Laksh comes near Ragini and hugs her from back.

“So, what are you cooking?”

Ragini is about to answer but, Laksh’s lips start crawling her neck making her nervous.

“Laksh, I have to cook..”
“yes, am I disturbing you?” he asks.

Laksh then slowly moves his mouth to her cheek.. Ragini turns back and hugs him tightly.

‘cooo’ the cooker whistle sound disturbs them. Laksh leaves kitchen rubbing his head and Ragini keeps chuckling.

Laksh comes out and sees Pari is talking with Adarsh.

“Bhabhi, there Ragini is struggling alone. And, you are talking here?” Laksh says.

Pari glares at Laksh and he bends his head. She laughs and goes into kitchen. Adarsh beats on Laksh’s head.


Guys, now Laksh has really started loving Ragini forgetting other. What will be his reaction after knowing Ragini’s truth?

So, he comes to know the truth in the same way.. but the change is Laksh is loving Ragini so, he don’t love swara anymore, and Ragini didn’t force for swasan marriage and she didn’t kidnap sumi. However Laksh is loving her now, she need not do all these things.

As swasan marriage was not going on, Laksh doesn’t call to Ragini to stop marriage. Instead of that, he meets Sanskar and gets to know what all happened from him.

Laksh gets shattered to listen this truth, but however his love on Ragini was not reduced a bit also. But, truth is he is feeling very annoyed that his Ragini has done all this.

But, unlike in the serial, he reacts very politely. He says this to all family members without knowing to Ragini. All gets furious on her, but Laksh asks not to lose anger on her. she is in her realization mode now. if all starts hating her, it depresses her more. So, all remains calm and however they accept swara. She goes back to baadi and shekar shomi becomes one. Laksh says that he is loving Ragini now.

So, now the story continues…

The day after knowing her truth, Ragini wakes and as usually goes into hall.. but all starts behaving abnormally with her. like not talking with her and not giving attention to her words.

Ragini was confused. Last night Laksh doesn’t come to house. He was upset with her. then he comes on morning. Ragini goes to him as soon as he came.

“Laksh, how was the meeting?” she asks.

Lak: good..!!

Rag: shall I bring coffee..??

Lak: no..!

Ragini feels little hurt as he was not responding properly. He was removing tie, she goes to him and tries to help. Laksh shows her hand to stop. Ragini shocks and keeps looking at him silently. Laksh takes towel and about to go into washroom, Ragini holds other end of it.

“what happened? Why are you angry with me?” she asks.

“No.. I’m not.” Laksh says and goes inside.

Ragini sighs. Laksh stands under the shower and gets upset. He remembers kissing Ragini, and he rubs his wet head.

Ragini was rubbing her palms thinking what has happened to all family, why all are avoiding her? as it was long time till Laksh went, Ragini knocks the door.

‘Laksh.. how long?”
‘leave me alone for a while ragini..!’ says laksh with little upset.
Ragini gets tears.

She then hears voices from down, ‘what? Swara agreed for marriage. It’s good..!!” Ap excites. “so swasan mrg will be soon.” Sujatha says. Ragini wipes her tears she goes down smilingly. She really feels happy by heart. All are discussing about the marriage.
‘wah maa, I’m so happy. So, soon we will be busy..!!” Ragini says, but no one pays attention to her words. Ragini silently moves away from there, her feelings are observed by Laksh. As, Ragini feels happy with this news she goes to her house to share her happiness only to receive rejection there also. But, no one says her the reason.

Ragini comes out with tears filled eyes and surprises to see Laksh who was standing before his car.
Ragini comes near him. “Laksh, why all are avoiding me? What did I do?”
Laksh cups her face. “leave it Ragini.”
“are you hiding anything from me?” she asks in tears. Laksh kisses her forehead,
“just, one thing Ragini. I won’t let the worry cross from me to you.” He says. Ragini remains silent.

Raglak reaches home. The day passes like that differently.

Next day.. all are arranging everything for engagement, Ragini also tries to do some work.. but all ignores her again. This time Ragini couldn’t stand this ignorance.

“what did I do? Why all are behaving with me like this?” she asks a loud. All looks at her.
Then Sujatha says out everything one by one. Ragini becomes shocked. Laksh comes to home just then after a small work and he is amazed to see Ragini is standing in between everyone as culprit. He understands. Laksh goes near Ragini and holds her, she is seemed completely broke down. She is not looking at anyone.

Laksh looks at everyone as, ‘why did you do this’ look. All bends their heads. Laksh takes her to the room. Ragini was silent still.

Lak: ragini.. talk something..
Rag: laksh, you know everything, and you were not angry with me..?
Lak: leave it Ragini. It’s over now.

Ragini hugs Laksh tightly, ‘I’m sorry Laksh. I did all that being..”
Laksh rubs her head, ‘I know.’
Ragini wrapping her hands around him, ‘you won’t leave me naa..’
Lak: I won’t leave you Ragini. I love you.
Ragini weeps silently in his embrace. Laksh thinks what to do for Ragini to make his family agree her.

“maa, papa, chachi, chote papa.. and all, it was me who was the reason for Ragini’s first pain. And, it was Sanskar who was reason for a change in her. whatever, Ragini’s innocence and love on me made to do her like this. she never expected swara would accept me. It has shattered her more. All situations went against to her and finally leaded her to do this. I’m taking whole responsibility for this. if, I wouldn’t have lied her for Sanskar when he acted mad, if I wouldn’t have rejected her saying that I love swara, Ragini would have never been like this. she was still the same Ragini who we love. I want to give Ragini chance and I want to wash my mistake too. I regret myself for not loving Ragini before. But, my only favor.. as you excuse me or Sanskar.. excuse Ragini also… please accept her..!!”

Laksh gives his speech. Ragini was standing beside him with bend head. All are silent. Laksh looks at everyone.

Ap comes near Ragini and Ragini holds Laksh’s hand tightly. Laksh looks at her.

Ap: at first we are really annoyed with you Ragini. But, there is chance for every mistake and we will give that chance to Ragini.

Ragini raises her head and looks at Ap in smile.

Ap: but, I want to give her a small punishment.

Ragini looks at her shocked…

Ap: she has to give us heir soon..!!

Laksh and Ragini smiles and all other family members too. Laksh drags Ragini near by her waist. He winks his eye, Ragini bends her head in shy.

The end….

Guys, I have written something which I got in mind. Just felt to write this while I was watching serial’s this track again. Hope, it’s not boring.


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