LoVe BeGiNs HeRe episode 6


Hii Guys, Its Rithuparna and im back with the sixth episode…thanx for your support….love u all….

Keerthi and Naksh enters…Keerthi has a torn dress…

akshara; baccho what happened to u? ur dress is all torn,did something happen?


naksh;(stops keerthi)maa, a group of goons used abusive words on keerthi while she was inside the airport…she was angry and stabbed back too…. they followed our car and tried to confront us and beat up keerthi…. i and the driver had beaten them up and we called the police….police came and arrested them…

akshara; oh dear keerthi, foolish men would say foolish things….we, who are wise should not react….coz we dont know what they do next out of their utter foolishness….

naira; i support keerthi di…women shouldnt go on avoiding men who use abusive words on them….its an insult, its hard to avoid that…

karthik; yes thats right

naitik;thank god nothingelse happened…

akshara; keerthi, ur dress is ruined,go inside and change…

keerthi smiles seeing the baby in the cradle and goes saying “aunty will be back juz now for u baby” meanwhile naksh takes her…

karthik is now near naira near her bed….he calls naira in a soft voice without noone else hearing but she is so damn caught up with the conversation between naksh,naitik,akshara and keerthi…. karthik now fedup calling pinches nairas ears.

naira; ouch!!


naira; karthik, what did u do that for?

karthik; poor papa didnt get his regular medicine today… mommy is not looking after pappa now….give one small medicine now, quick!!!

naira;they will see

karthik; no they wont, go ahead

naira; ok…(kisses on his cheek) and turn to see everybody looking at her smiling….

naksh: ahem…ahem…are we interrupting two love birds here?

keerthi: i guess we are…. im a bit tired too, lets go home…

a knock is heard….naksh attends the door and a nurse comes in

nurse; its time for babys first vaccine….bring her to the labour room… we will provide u a circular of vaccines and tests and their rates….you just see and inform us which vaccines and tests u prefer to do for baby….

karthik; ok, we dont have any specifications,take evry vaccine and test….

nurse;ok…bring her to the labour room…

akshara and naitik exits with the baby…keerthi and naksh follow them to go home waving kaira bye….

naira waves at them and karthik kindly pets her hair….naira looks at karthik and they have an eyelock….

karthik; i wasnt able to do this for a long time because of ur bump(hugs her tightly and forcefully)

naira squeezes his arms and hugs him back….

naira: i love u so much,papa

karthik:love u more than that mumma….

its been 4 days in hospital and naira and baby is about to be discharged….karthik returns after paying bills in the reception….naitik carries nairas belongings, akshara carries baby and enter a car….

They reach the house

naira; nihi, this is our house….u will be here from now on….

karthik; she will make our “home sweet home”

naitik and akshara together;yes she will…

akshara lays the baby on bed.naira sits beside the bed ,,,,naira watches the baby who turns whole body to one side….

naira;momma,see my baby turning on to the side,,,will she be able to roll over soon if she is able to turn whole baby sideways now?

akshara;nope she must be 3-4 months of age for that….u r really curious of nihi growing up na?i know, everybody is like that, even i was…. i used to watch u like this,…i wanted to adorn u,tried hard to make u look cuter…i was so excited to tie your hair waiting for it to grow longer….(tears swell up in eyes but naira wipes it and kisses her)

precap:everybody calling “nihi,nihi,…” worried….

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  1. Hales

    So cute kaira new parents scene n naksh n keerti nyc bonding …i stay up late just to read ur ff wen it comes up ! Waiting for the next ?

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u so much hales…. So glad to hear dat from u…. I love ur ff too….

  2. NYC one but try to give some wat long episode it’s very interesting grt job ya

    1. RithuparnA

      Can’t make that longer than this…. But I’ll try…. Glad that u like it… Thank u….

  3. Vrushy

    Great 🙂

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u vrushy…

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u sethi

  4. nyc but try to make it longer

    1. RithuparnA

      I’m quite busy these days… Dats d reason y I keep it short n brief…. I’ve made it longer dan it was always…. I’ll try again… Thank u…

  5. RithuparnA

    Guys, doesn’t this photo of the girl seem familiar to u? Can Someone find any specialty in the pic of that lil gal?

    1. AnjanaRahul

      Is dat a morphed pic? That girl really looks like naira and karthik….?

      1. RithuparnA

        Yes it is…. Good observation…. ✌?

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