LoVe BeGiNs HeRe episode 5


Baby is crying violently and naira too cries along with her…. Meanwhile karthik calls a nurse and the nurse checks the baby…. She undoes the baby’s cloth diapers….

Nurse: she cried coz her diaper was wet…. See as new parents you must know that a baby cries mainly for 4 reasons-hunger/thirst, gastric trouble, sleep and a wet diaper…. If it is seen that either one of these is the cause, kindly consult a dr…

Naira: thank u sister…. (Gets the baby from the nurses hand)

Karthik closes the door after nurse goes.. Then there is another knock and a smiling akshara and naitik enters with a bag of food for naira and karthik…

Akshara: naira I’ll look after the baby meanwhile u both have food

Karthik: maa jiji and paa ji, let’s mention her as nihi in short as I wish to name her niharika… It is good na? What do u think? Any suggestions?

Naira:I love that name… Mendak is not bad at selection of names?

Karthik: hmm ?but I went wrong in choosing the right partner, I guess

Naira: u!! (Looks at karthik coldly but smiles at a laughing akshara and naitik)

Akshara: if its fine for both of u den will we have any different opinion..?

Naitik: so we have a new member named Niharika… Its as sweet as my cutie is….

The baby now smiles and akshara kisses her and ties a new diaper….

Scene shifts to an airport

Naksh is seen waiting for someone…. A new flight arrives…. Naksh looks at his watch…. He moves towards the exit…. A crowd of people comes out from the airport and a smiling keerthi comes moving a big suitcase…. Keerthi comes and hugs naksh…. Naksh kisses her….

Keerthi: I missed u so much…. Its been so long

Naksh: same here…. Just quit everything there and come here… Let ur pap recruit somebodyelse…. U work in our company from now on if u really want a work…

Keerthi: I’m not going back, I’ve talked that with pappa….

Naksh: wow that’s great… Thank goodness….

Keerthi: let me see my niece let’s go!

They walk towards the car… Enter it and goes….

Scene shifts to the hospital

Nurse: naira has an injection….

Naira: I’m sorry sis but can u do dat later?

Nurse: no, it must be taken now… Nows the time…

Naira shows her hand and closes her eyes

Karthik: looks like somebody fears injection

Naira: who? U?

Karthik: everybody knows wo that is….

Everybody laughs….

Keerthi and naksh enters…. Keerthi has a torn dress…

Precap: 2 goons follow a car….

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  1. Vrushy

    Good one 🙂

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u vrushy

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u mihi

  2. Hales

    Nyc one!??

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u hales

  3. Anyan

    Really nice..

    1. RithuparnA

      Thnx anyan….

  4. Oh some twist yaar…
    plzz include kaira scenes more
    good one

  5. Oh some twist yaar…
    plzz include kaira scenes more
    good one

    1. RithuparnA

      Yup dear n thank u so much

  6. Renee

    nice one ,the next waiting for the next..

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  7. Sethidisha002

    i love it

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