LoVe BeGiNs HeRe-Episode 4

Hey Guys…. Its me Rithuparna…. I’m back with episode 4…. Got a little busy travelling…. I’ll be regular from now on,,I promise u…. Thanx for ur love and support….

Naira:(on the labour room bed still in observation) when can I go to the room?

Dr: let me do the stitches… U can go after maybe 2 hrs…. Till that we will keep u in observation….

Naira: please let me go after 1 hr if that’s okay…

Someone is knocking on the room door
… The nurse moves the curtain of the door to see who it is…. Its the security…. Nurse enquires…

Security: a guy is askng for naira and when she can go to the room….

Naira:(security can only hear her) is it karthik? Ask him whether the baby needs me?

Nurse: if she needs u we shall first teach u how to feed her..
Security, tell him we shall get her to the room within one hour….

Scene shifts to the room

Akshara is carrying the baby n cuddling her…. She smiles seeing the baby’s face as if she remembers something

Akshara: she really reminds me of her mother…. She looks like naira when she was born….

Karthik: she is as beautiful as her mother too…

naitik: next chance is for naksh and keerthi….

a door knock is heard, karthik attends the door…. Naira is moved inside by a nurse, in a wheelchair… Naira is moved to a chair…. Akshara and naitik exits the room telling they’ll get lunch for karthik n naira.

Nurse places baby on nairas lap n she helps naira feed the baby. Nurse is about to leave.

Nurse: don’t forget to call us for any emergency.


Naira is seen feeding the baby.. She kisses her….

Karthik looks at naira…

Karthik: So Ms Rishikesh, let’s begin this new phase of life together… (Leans in and locks lip with naira)

Naira: (forcefully breaks kiss after sometime) let her feed….

Karthik: she will feed meanwhile her parents romance(kisses nairas forehead n d baby’s cheek)

Baby cries… Naira tries best to stop the cry but she doesn’t stop…. Naira also starts crying….

Naira: she doesn’t stop crying nomatter whatever I’m doing… Call the nurse karthik

Karthik: yes

Precap: baby is crying…. Nurse is getting injection ready….


  1. shilpa

    This ff brought a small smile on ur face
    I wish it was long plzz make next one long
    loved the episode. …thank u

  2. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Awsum …loved kaira’s new phase 😍😍
    Keep it a little more longer then it will be more enjoyable ..its just a suggestion 😉

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