LoVe BeGiNs HeRe-Episode 3

Hi, its me Rithuparna…. I’m back with the third part

Karthik and naira are eating icecream… Karthik is so into eating icecream that he barely notices naira…. Naira notices this without him returning gaze n she smiles naughtily

Naira:(with arms on her bump) ouch

Karthik: naira, what’s wrong? Any problem?

Naira: ouch!!

Karthik:(runs to naira) naira, r u having pain???

Naira:(chuckles) he he he… U r handsome when u r worried, mendak…. N I love seeing u worrying about me….

Karthik:(angry but suppressing anger)naira, this isn’t funny…. Quit it… I was really worried for a moment there…. Coz ur duedate isn’t even close….

Naira: (laughs but puts her hands again back on the bump) ouch! Oh! Ouch…. Karthik she’s coming out…. It hurts….

Karthik: look naira, do u think ill believe u again… Quit it, I’m done with ur silly pranks….

Naira: Karthik it hurts so much…. I’m telling the truth now, get me to the hospital fast….

Karthik:naira ok ok, I believe u, sheesh….

Naira:I’m sorry about what I did bfr but nw I’m seriously in pain, believe me(pained face… She is about to fall down from chair )

Karthik who seemed to have believed her now holds her hand…. Gets her moving on her leg…. Catches an auto n goes for the hospital…. They reach hospital…. Naira is crying hard… The hospital employees bring a stretcher n naira is rushed into the labour room… Karthik is crying n informs akshara and naitik the news.

Its been about an hour or so since naira has been rushed in…. Akshara n naitik arrive n karthik runs to naitik n hugs him…. The doctor arrives n following him a nurse is there with a baby in hand

Dr: congrats its a girl…

Karthik: oh kanha…. I’m the happiest pap in the whole wld….

Akshara:(holds the baby in her arms)Im a grandmother now…. Time travels quickly right? (Cries n wipes tears)

Naitik: ow isn’t this my cute lik princess?

Precap: naira n baby r crying


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