LoVe BeGiNs HeRe-Episode 1

Hey guys… nice to meet u… Im Rithuparna and i present to u a fan fiction on kaira romance…. hope u like it….

it is night and the shadow of a pregnant lady is seen… she is rubbing her big bump saying “Junior Mendak, come out soon, we are waiting for u”

Now we see a gentlemanly figure approaching the pregnant lady and asking “what are u telling to my baby, Ms Rishikesh?”

Naira; dont just disturb our conversation like that… give me time to talk to my baby…

Karthik; poor papa would also like to talk as well… how about a kiss?
karthik kisses her tummy as well as her cheek…

karthik; cant wait 1 more month for u, niharika, come to papa soon,okay?

naira; do u really think its a girl n u found a name too? what will u call if its a boy?

karthik; it wont be a boy n i know it..

naira; r u some kind of God to foresee the future? u must have used this supernatural power of yours for making money…

karthik; its not anything supernatural but my instincts tell me its a girl…

naira; lets just wait n see…
hey…. its kicking… ooh that hurts… (touches tummy) what are u doing there?….r u gonna come out?

Karthik; lemme see(puts his ear towards her stomach and feels the movements….) i think shes dancing…. she will become a dancer like her mom…

Naira: she should better….its better to be like her mommy than her buddhu dad….

karthik: you!!!(takes a newspaper,folds it and actions to beat her, smiling)

Precap: hospital is shown…. doctor tells that the baby is dead…


  1. shilpa

    WTH was smiling all the way through the story and then u throw a bomb with precap..yaar serial mey sadness ff mey bhi sadness please aisa mat karo…
    I loved this married version of kaira…

  2. anjali

    WOWO awesome story
    precap should be dream plzzz
    make it long a bit

    ps–I am also fan of shivangi since her episodica and begusarai…

    • RithuparnA



      thank u so much….no i wont disappoint u coz its just a twist…ill upload epi 2 today….hope ull love it…

      btw i too loved her role in begusarai….i love her acting n almost all her costumes shed worn….especially that one yrkkh karthiks dream sequence in church with naira dressed like an angel….

  3. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Hey rithuparna ….its so awsum …i could just imagin kaira as parents …its lovely…keep it long n sweet ….precap is really sad 😢 …hope its a dream

  4. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Rithuparna one request plz try to be regular ….it will be really more interesting n would be easy to connect to if u post as regular as possible atleast alternate days! ☺

  5. RithuparnA



    hey guys, glad that u all liked this episode of mine….ive updated a new episode too… im at ur side n ill nvr disappoint u….keep supporting, ur support gives me motivation to write better…thank u so much n love u all….

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